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Golden Dawn New York Conference 2014

From the Golden Dawn website:

“Yesterday evening [Sunday, October 26, 2014], various members from different Greek Societies, Philhellenes, and Members of Golden Dawn New York were all in attendance to hear EuroParliament Member General Giorgos Epitideios and other key members of Golden Dawn speak on the issues facing our homeland and answer questions to Greeks of the Diaspora.”

Athens Square Park

Golden Dawn NY Conference

This weekend, the Golden Dawn New York Division, Golden Dawn’s Member in the European Parliament General Giorgos Epitideios, along with West Attica Division Leader Michalis Giannagkonas toured the streets of Astoria with a warm reception from the Greek-American community.

Golden Dawn NY Conference © Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn NY Conference © Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Audience © Golden Dawn

St. Irene I Copyright 2014 © Golden Dawn

Unlike traditional political parties we stay true to our ideals as an association for the people, we walked with the General and met with regular working class Greeks, answering questions they had about the issues we face in our homeland.

General Georgios Epitedios

We ran into supporters wherever we went, even a few Greek supporters visiting Astoria themselves.

Athens Cafe Copyright © 2014 Golden Dawn

In the local cafe in the center of Astoria we had coffee and spoke with more people inside who were interested in what we had to say on a variety of issues.

Friendship at the Cafe

Golden Dawn NY Conference

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