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Golden Dawn New York Shipment of Donations Arrive in Greece

Thanks to everyone involved in donating! Just recently our comrades in Athens received a huge freight shipment (about 3 tons so far) from us here at Golden Dawn New York. The items from this shipment will be distributed in Attica Square in Central Athens on July 24th, below is an announcement for the upcoming event:

GoldenDawnWe have received donations from all over the US and even as far away as Australia! and we cannot stress enough how much of a difference your donations will make for the people of Greece and the local neighborhoods around Attica Square!

Like many places in the center of Athens, Attica Square was once a peaceful residential area with many small businesses and families, by around 2007, the area around the square had become infested with mostly Bangladeshi, Afghan and African illegal immigrants, who used the square to sleep in, sell drugs and to rob the elderly people walking near it. Golden Dawn stepped in and since that time after much work, the area around the square has improved dramatically, and next week this same area will be used to distribute aid to the people Greek politicians care about the least.

We will continue our efforts, and we urge all of you to keep helping with the struggle, we will be announcing a new initiative very shortly and we will continue to fight until the final victory! [Source: XAmerica Website]

The Greek diaspora as well as those concerned with Western civilization will not stay inactive as the most vulnerable elements of our people lack basic necessities, so that this rotten system can continue to feed the malicious, greedy, and incompetent parasites at the top.

Items that are expensive but necessary for small children are as follows:

  • Baby Foods (sealed and with significant shelf life, Gerber etc.)
  • Infant Formula (Sealed)
  • Diapers
  • Gift Cards that can be used at establishments (Supermarkets, Department stores) that sell these items.

If you cannot purchase local NY area supermarket gift cards, you can purchase prepaid gift cards (any denomination) such as these online:

Mail to:

38-11 Ditmars Blvd Box # 438
Astoria, NY 11105

Email: Send An Email
Tel : (347)625-9238

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