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Greg Johnson Interviews Matthew Heimbach

Matthew Heimbach is a Senior at Towson University in Maryland. He is the founder of Towson’s White Student Union, which recently sponsored a speech by Jared Taylor on White Identity. Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents-Radio

Topics include:

  • How to form a White Student Union
  • The reaction of the Towson University administration, faculty, and student body to the White Student Union
  • Matt on his racial awakening
  • The reaction of his family to his racial awakening and activism
  • How the broader pro-white movement has helped or hindered the Towson White Student Union
  • How activists can deal with discouragement and burn out
  • How people in college towns can help White Student Unions to form and sustain themselves
  • How you can help the Towson White Student Union
[audio:|titles=Matthew Heimbach on Counter-Currents]

Published: October 8, 2012 | This entry was posted in Counter-Currents Radio and tagged Counter-Currents Radio, Greg Johnson, Jared Taylor, Matthew Heimbach, podcasts, Towson University, white activism, White Student Union.

There are only two choices. Multicultural conflict or Nationalism.

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  1. John Davis says:

    Translation of previous post in Swedish:

    Now Matthew Heimbach that student association already had 2000 members. Listen to feature HERE. A few days ago lectured Jared Taylor for the white student association. Association

    Thank you Google Translator. Anyways, Mathew Heimbach has guts. I support you 100% in your efforts. Good luck to you, sir.

  2. […] nu Matthew Heimbach att studentföreningen redan fått 2000 medlemmar. Lyssna på inslaget HÄR. För några dagar sedan föreläste Jared Taylor för den vita studentföreningen. Föreningen […]