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Gun Shows Drawing Record Crowds – Party Members Attend

Members and supporters of the American Freedom Party helped with a booth at the Collectors West gun show in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, April 20th. Filling about half the tabletop with party related literature and displaying an old banner, party activists settled in for a day of conversation amongst themselves and with as many passersby as they could entice to stop by for a pamphlet or to look at the books, shirts, and other materials available for sale at the booth.

The Party’s Over for Democrats and Republicans

It is hard to imagine a more interesting place to engage in revolutionary politics than a room full of Second Amendment supporters, but as our luck would have it (and luckily for America) the majority of shoppers and vendors at the Portland Expo Center tended toward patriotic political leanings and, by all reports, were friendly and open-minded during encounters with party activists.

Visitors At The Gun Show

While having roughly a dozen personal conversations and passing out over a hundred pieces of literature cannot compare with the scope and reach of establishment media and their professionally tailored propaganda, American Freedom Party activists nevertheless maintain that what they are doing is having an impact, as much on themselves as on those they speak and meet with. Frank Anderson, one of the activist trio and a recent participant in previous party functions had this to say:

“Every day I become a little more nervous about the future. Our people are increasingly marginalized politically. The majority of whites are refusing to organize while there is still an opportunity to resolve our problems through the political process. Our nation is being overrun by immigrants at the same time that our own people cannot find work or afford homes of their own. To me, these circumstances are mind-boggling, but there is only so much I can do. I can join nationalist organizations, and perform activism on their behalf. That is what I did at the gun show.”

Literature Samples

To contact American Freedom Party members in Oregon or to work with party members in another locale, please email the AFP national office: HERE

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White Americans should push back! Change your party allegiance to the American Freedom Party. A Nationalist party that shares the customs and heritage of the European American people. We need a Nationalist Party interested in defending our borders, preserving our language and promoting our culture. The American Freedom Party is not beholden to foreign governments, special interest groups, nor Wall Street. The American Freedom Party is for America First!

The American Freedom Party (AFP)–formerly The American Third Position Party (A3P)–supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the anti-Western Democrat and Republican parties. Join a Nationalist Party that puts America first, The American Freedom Party! American Freedom Party

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