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Gun Violence. Why?

Dr. A. H. Krieg | Extraordinary events in 2012 of horrendous gun violence seem to be the new paradigm of the 21st century. From Scandinavia, and England to central Europe to America it has become a fact of daily life. It’s about time we as a society looked at this issue critically and stopped blaming guns, inanimate objects, for the actions of mad men. Before even addressing the cause think of yourself as a parent approaching his child’s school. Which signs would make you feel safer for your child, “All Weapons are prohibited on these premises” or “Staff is armed and gun trained, attempts to harm children will be met with deadly force.”

The fact is that, commencing in the 60’s, psychiatrists leading the liberal political left have been in charge of America’s social agenda. They have stricken God from the schools, instead of ethics and morals they teach moral relativism, the entire society has been perverted through misinterpretation of the first amendment to believe that gay is OK, that violence is fine, that the new way is better. The liberals have constructed the lie of “separation of church and state” a phrase that is not existent in American law. They have orchestrated a consorted and relentlessly attacked Christianity, Christmas, Easter, and every other Christian practice for the exclusive benefit of a tiny minority. Atheists are the spearhead of efforts to remove God, goodness, honesty, morals, and ethics from the entire society. Agnostics passively support the effort and Cultural Marxists champion it.

The first and primary understanding being that restricting gun access has been proven not to work, England per example has extremely restrictive gun laws and has had the same type of terror. World wide there are most likely more guns than people. Gun laws serve the one purpose of disarming honest people, criminals, governments and murderers don’t care about laws in the first place, and thus gun laws impact only honest people.

The boy scouts, and NRA have taught education in guns. The NEA and AFT labor unions along which thousands of PC educrats have blocked an excellent video program produced by the NRA for schools, to teach children about guns, gun safety, and never to touch a gun without adult supervision. States and the federal government have been at the forefront of locally, state and federally enacted laws to restrict firearm possession within schools and colleges. How has this worked out? Not very well! How much longer will it be for our society to reject the Cultural Maxims that is responsible for all this violence, and develop some backbone?

America in general is a very sick country socially. Consider that is perfectly OK to air TV programs of axe murders, and untold carnage but it is not allowed to show a women’s breast. These people are sick! Movies in general have become so loud and so violent that I have not gone to the movies in years, and am very selective with TV programing; I have no interest in senseless violence. Another fact is the video games that most young boys are addicted to. I have seen any number of them, whose only purpose is to kill as many people as possible, the more you kill the greater the point awards. I have heard members of that pseudoscience psychiatry claim that these games have no effect on children, rubbish that is why no two psychiatrists ever agree on any one case, that’s why psychiatry is a pseudoscience. The fact is that these games desensitize young people inducing them to act violently, in fact acting out their imaginary game in real life.

The fact however is much deeper than just that. The entire Western World has turned away from God or if you prefer goodness and toward evil. Leaders in our government have decided the society needs a nanny state because all at once it has been determined by government leaders, the same idiots destroying western economies, that we, as individuals are far too stupid to fend for ourselves.

Almost all of this can be laid at the feet of educators, physiatrists, and the ever socially deviant government bureaucracy.

Education has failed us in so many ways it is difficult to dramatize it. I would begin with Carter’s enacted Department of Education October 1979. From 1908 to 1975 in a span of 67 years congress gearing up for a national federal education bureaucracy introduced no less than 130 bills relating to education. The effort that had begun in 1838 had taken root in that time. From it’s enactment as a government agency in ’79 to 2012 student competency on average fell from first in the world to 34th in the world. During that time God, and the Bible were removed. Religious education, comparative religion, moral and ethical behavior courses, biology, American government, geography, economics, all bit the dust. Replaced with PC adapted crap like social studies, health (learning to put condoms on bananas) never mind comparative religions, or American government, which totally disappeared. Things are so bad in 2012 that when asked in a 6th grade class if it was wrong to cheat on tests or in any way whatever, over 86% of the questioned students, most about 11 years old, said not if you don’t get caught. In the absence of ability to discern right from wrong, good from bad, death from murder, why is anyone surprised by these heinous acts, especially when combined with astoundingly violent video games?

Guns do not cause gun violence in Western Society, nor does gun availability; it is caused by a sick society who in perfectly predictable manner chooses to blame inanimate objects for the failure of society, rather then to teach their young rational moral and ethical behavior.

We can lay all this at the feet of the liberal establishment and media that is the carrier of these Cultural Marxist policies which are tearing Western Society to shreds. At least one large group has taken notice, Islam’s animate opposition to Western society, and culture is based on these facts. No one in Islam is opposed to our freedoms, what they oppose and rightly so, is moral relativism, Political Correctness, and Cultural Marxism, which are grist to carriers of the policies’ that enables this sort of horrific violence. The first act of the American government in Iraq was to allow Internet and TV streaming of pornography. Why not? After all it is one of Americas largest and most profitable industries. With this we only have one remaining question: Where are America’s Christian religious leaders in this fight?

As Dr. R. E. Sutherland puts it, “Today I know that the ‘progressive mind” is nothing but a “control freak” that lust for power over others. It is not freedom loving. It does not love humanity. It does not understand a Creator of the creation. It is hateful, albeit holds a false-front of “Christian Compassion” for those with less.” To which I can add that progressives’ intent is to solve our problems by throwing you’re taken by force of law wealth, and giving it to those they feel to be in need of it. They never ever give their own to anyone or anything if they can avoid it.

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Dr. Adrian KriegAdrian Krieg was born in St. Gallen Switzerland. He attended HS Pembroke Academy (Suncook NH) class valedictorian. He also attended Elmhurst College, University of Mexico (San Miguel De Allende campus). Dr. Krieg is a certified Manufacturing Engineer. (CMFGE) U.S. Army Message center, Bi-lingual communications, served with nuclear artillery in Germany top-secret clearance. World University Cultural doctorate in Manufacturing Science. Dr. Krieg holds many U.S. Patents. Presently he is Co-Chair Political Science Department World University Roundtable and Director of The American Third Position Party (A3P.

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