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Hillary Clinton First Presidential Candidate Proposing to Abolish U.S. Borders

Republican nominee Donald Trump addressed the stakes of the 2016 election and delineated the differences between his immigration plan and Hillary Clinton’s at an luncheon to honor “America’s most forgotten families”– the victims of illegal alien crime.

“Your cause and your stories are ignored by our political establishment because they are determined to keep our borders open at any cost,” Trump told attendees of the Remembrance Project luncheon on Saturday. “To them your presence is just too inconvenient. That’s all it is, it’s an inconvenience.”

Presidential Candidate

Trump noted that Hillary Clinton has repeatedly refused to meet with the angel mothers and fathers, who have been forced to bury their loved ones as a result of our open borders.

“She will never hear your stories. She will never share your pain. She will only meet with the donors and the special interests and the open border advocates,” Trump said.

“Hillary Clinton is the… first person to ever run for presidency of a country effectively proposing to abolish the borders around the country that she’s supposed to be representing,” Trump explained. He went on to say:

But the media doesn’t want you to know that. So they’ll never ask her any questions about her plan. [It] won’t be talked about at the debate… like how she’ll afford to give lifetime welfare and entitlements to illegal immigrants, or how many people will be victimized because of the illegal immigrants that will be released from federal custody… She’s not asked to explain what she’ll say to the American workers who lose their jobs as she prints out millions of work permits for those here against the law.

Trump pointed out that he recently received the endorsement of the nation’s border patrol agents, who have “warned that Hillary Clinton’s [immigration] plan would put the entire country in grave danger… They called it ‘radical,’ ‘deeply dangerous’ and warned it would trigger ‘an unprecedented crisis,’” Trump said, adding:

Her plan calls for total amnesty in the first 100 days, which means Obamacare, social security, and Medicare for illegal immigrants. Her plan calls for catch-and-release on the border, sanctuary cities, ignoring visa overstays, closing detentions centers and a virtual end to immigration enforcement in the United States of America. Hillary Clinton has even announced that she plans to go around Congress and implement amnesty by executive order violating our Constitution and putting the entire nation in grave peril.

During his address, Trump discussed the crime statistics that frequently go ignored by corporate media, as well as Hillary Clinton’s record of failing to crack down on illegal alien crime. He said:

Since 2013 the Obama administration has allowed 300,000 criminal aliens to return back into the United States and its communities. According to a report from the Boston Globe, from the year 2008 thorough 2014, nearly 13,000 criminal aliens were released back into U.S. communities because their home countries would not take them back… Most of these 13,000 releases occurred on Hillary Clinton’s watch. She had the power to stop it cold and she didn’t. Now my opponent will never meet with you. [She has] no interest. You know that because you’ve been trying for a long time, for years.

In particular, Trump focused on a recent case that took place earlier this month in which a Laotian illegal alien shot and critically wounded two correctional officers in California. Trump explained that the illegal alien would not have been in the country if Clinton had taken action and enforced federal law while she was Secretary of State. Trump said:

A few days ago, two correctional officers in California were critically wounded after being shot by an illegal immigrant who overstayed his visa. This individual was convicted of child rape and was slated to be deported, but his home country refused to take him back. He was simply too bad, too tough, too evil. They said we refuse to take him back. One of the victims has six children, is an air force veteran, and a high school football coach. The other victim is a mother and a grandmother. When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State the matter of this country… refusing to take back their deported citizens came before Hillary Clinton’s desk. But she failed to take forceful action and ignored the federal law requiring her to suspend visas to countries that don’t take back their citizens. She didn’t want to get involved. Politicians. Politicians.

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