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HUD’s New Diversity Scheme: Affirmative Fair Housing

Social engineering. According to HUD, long-term solutions include “helping people gain access to different neighborhoods and channeling investments into under-served areas.” The mapping tool may guide development and zoning decisions, for example.

In a July 16 speech to the NAACP, Donovan said the American Dream still isn’t within equal reach of all communities. He lamented the lack of diversity in America’s boardrooms, schools, and the nation’s “strongest neighborhoods.”

“We have got to shape a future where ladders of opportunity are available for all Americans,” Donovan said. “For African Americans, this is critically important. Historically, for this community, the rungs on these ladders have been too far apart -– making it harder to reach the middle class.”

Prosperous Suburbs are now ‘racist’ and in the name of Diversity – Obama plans on identifying every neighborhood in America by race-population and ‘rectifying’ ”geospatial discrimination’.

Housing Secretary Donovan: HUD Is Publishing Census Data On Race For Nation’s Neighborhoods To Help “Expand Access To High Opportunity Neighborhoods And Draw Attention To Investment Possibilities In Underserved Communities.” From Sec. Shaun Donovan’s July 16 speech before the NAACP (emphasis added):

That guy’s so prog-nuts that I can’t believe he hasn’t been promoted to the EPA.

In all honesty, I’d be ok with trying Donovan’s idea — provided the first communities “every American is able to choose to live in” starts with the neighborhoods of John Kerry, Eric Holder, Shaun Donovan, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and all the rest. [Michelle Malkin]

That’s why I am proud to announce that this week we will publish a new rule to bring affirmatively further fair housing into the 21st century. This rule focuses on the traditional tenets of discrimination — and also gets at the essential issues of access to opportunity so imperative to 21st century equity.

Specifically, this new rule will:
[list type=square] [item]provide a clear definition of what it means to affirmatively further fair housing;[/item] [item]outline a standard framework with well-defined parameters; and[/item] [item]offer targeted guidance and assistance to help grantees complete this assessment.[/item] [/list]

Perhaps most important — for the first time ever — HUD is providing data for every neighborhood in the nation, detailing what access African American families, and other members of protected classes, have to the community assets I talked about earlier — including jobs, schools and transit.

With this data and the improved AFFH process, we can expand access to high opportunity neighborhoods and draw attention to investment possibilities in underserved communities. [Prepared Remarks of Secretary Shaun Donovan Before the NAACP’s 104th Annual Convention,, 7/16/13]

New Rule Aims To Identify Neighborhoods Lacking Access To “Education, Employment, Low-Poverty, Transportation, And Environmental Health.” From HUD’s proposed rule:

HUD will provide states, local governments, insular areas, and public housing agencies (PHAs), as well as the communities they serve, with data on patterns of integration and segregation; racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty; access to education, employment, low-poverty, transportation, and environmental health, among other critical assets; disproportionate housing needs based on the classes protected under the Fair Housing Act; data on individuals with disabilities and families with children; and discrimination. From these data, program participants will evaluate their present environment to assess fair housing issues, identify the primary determinants that account for those issues, and set forth fair housing priorities and goals. [Federal Register, 7/19/13]

We’ve tried to make home ownership possible for more people, but that helped bring about the housing crisis from which we are only now recovering. We’ve funded an entire department of government — Housing and Urban Development — employing over 9,000 people. Nevertheless, many urban neighborhoods are half-deserted and still completely segregated. [Patriot Ledger]

Fair Housing And Civil Liberties Groups Applaud The Rule

Coalition Of National Civil Rights Organizations Laud The New Rule. A July 19 press release issued jointly by twelve civil rights groups noted the proposed HUD rule “does not create any new obligations for recipients of HUD funding” and would “provide greater clarity and certainty for recipients of HUD funding, the housing industry, and the public at large about what the law means and what they can do.” From the release:

Diverse, inclusive communities with access to good jobs, schools, health care, transportation, and housing are crucial to our nation’s prosperity in the 21st century. A hard-learned lesson from the recent economic crisis is that when some of our communities are targeted for discriminatory practices, all of our communities are detrimentally affected. Our global competitiveness is challenged when all of our communities do not have the opportunity to succeed together.

The proposed regulation released by HUD today does not create any new obligations for recipients of HUD funding as this provision of the law has been on the books for 45 years. This regulation gives HUD the opportunity to provide greater clarity and certainty for recipients of HUD funding, the housing industry, and the public at large about what the law means and what they can and must do to help achieve its goals. [, 7/19/13]

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt: HUD Rule Is A ‘Punishment’ Pushing “Diversity, For Diversity’s Sake.” On the July 24 edition of Fox News’ America Live, Fox figures Shannon Bream and Chris Stirewalt said of the HUD rule:

STIREWALT: This is, if you will, a report card, a scorecard for the administration and for housing regulators to look at how well communities are doing at being integrated. In the old days, the idea was punishing people who excluded minorities from majority white neighborhoods, whether they used now illegal covenants in property transfers, you may not sell to people of this type or that type, or realtors who refused to show certain houses to African-American families. Those things have been illegal since the mid-60s.

This is something different than that. This says they want to encourage diversity — for diversity’s sake, in some cases — in neighborhoods. So it’s not just about punishing people for keeping folks out, it’s about punishing people for failing to bring folks in.

BREAM: Okay, so if we see a large concentration of say an all-white neighborhood, the feds now suggesting they want to encourage some diversity there, they want to see different color dots there. But what about in reverse? If we see neighborhoods in which minorities have chosen that they have commonality and that they live together, will they also be pushing those communities to integrate to also be more racially diverse?

STIREWALT: One would think not. [Fox News, America Live, 7/24/13]

Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin: New HUD Rule Is “Tyranny.” On the July 22 edition of Levin’s radio show, Levin argued that the HUD rule is a form of “communism” and declared that “tyranny is here.” From The Mark Levin Show:

As you know, as Shaun Donovan, the Secretary of HUD whom I’ve never heard of before, ‘It’s a 21st century approach to fair housing.’ Sure it is. I think they call it communism.


Folks, I’m trying to tell you something … It’s here. It’s here. Tyranny is here. And it’s spreading. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Mark Levin Show, 7/22/13]

Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich: HUD Rule Is “Social Engineering;” Fair Housing Act “Has Done Nothing For Poor Urban Communities” But “Keep Them Poor.” Pavlich, a Fox News contributor and news editor at, decried the new HUD rule as a “big government” attempt at social engineering. She wrote:

With the recent bankruptcy filing by Detroit, you’d think governments everywhere would take a step back a re-evaluate central planning. Instead, the federal government is doing the opposite through a new social engineering program that will map every community in the country, all in the name of diversity.


The American Dream doesn’t exist in big government and bureaucratically bloated cities and communities because it doesn’t have an opportunity to exist. This regulation will make it worse. The only thing that public housing has done for poor urban communities in the past 50 years is keep them poor. There’s nothing “fair” about it. Bringing new ideas and the free market into communities and neighborhood improves them, not central HUD planning and government funding from Washington. [, 7/23/13]

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  1. HJ11 says:

    It's a crime against humanity to force a distinct people into conditions that can harm them (to paraphrase the Convention on Genocide). This is what is going on with this forcing diversity on White people. The goal is to blend away White people by having every White family have non-Whites in the family. No more pure Whites is what they want.*

    *No, don't give me that stuff about there being no pure races. It's just silly, because of course there are no pure forms of any life, as the word "pure" is often defined, since we all came from that first molecule of DNA. But, I maintain that there are pure Whites. Whites who have no non-Whites in their family trees for many, many generations.