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Hungary Considers Building a Physical Barrier to Stop Immigrants

The PM of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, announces this Friday that the Hungarian government considers building a physical barrier on the southern border of the country in order to stop illegal immigrants from entering the EU.

Unlike many other EU countries that border non EU states, Hungary wants to fight the current wave of illegal immigrants invading Europe. A major inflow channel for illegal immigrants into EU territory goes through the non EU member Serbia. A country that Hungary shares a border with.

The number of illegal immigrants who’ve entered EU territory through Hungary since January is already at 54.000. A number that exceeds the whole-year-figures of 2014. The situation is so bad that the Hungarian government expects the number of illegal immigrants coming into EU territory to reach 130.000 in 2015.

Hungary's PM Viktor Orban wants to stop immigrants.To tighten the grip even more in an effort to actually do something compared to countries like Sweden, the Hungarian government has submitted a bill to the parliament that if passed would mean that not a single immigrant who’s crossed a safe country on their way to Hungary would be able to qualify for asylum. The definition of a safe country is a country in which the immigrant would not face any danger to their life or other imminent danger such as persecution.

One of the great fears for the Hungarians is that immigrant swamped nations such as Austria and Germany would send back thousands of illegals to Hungary, where they were first found to have entered the EU. This is allowed according to EU rules.

The new bill if passed would open up the possibility for Hungary to classify illegal immigrants for what most of them are, social welfare tourists. The classification would be economic migrant, meaning a person who’s only motivation to enter the country is economic and social benefits. The bill would also allow the Hungarian government to expel these individuals.

Furthermore, Orbán argues that the EU should reinstate Greece’s status as a safe country, something Greece isn’t considering at the moment due to its economic crisis. Ironically as Orbán points out, half of Europe go on vacation to Greece, which should mean that it indeed is a safe country.

Orbán also suggest that immigrant camps should be set up outside the borders of the EU allowing the process to happen there. It would also allow each EU country to pick whoever they want or don’t want to enter.

Orbán should be given a show of support from across Europe. He is currently fighting against the delusional mob that is 90 % of Europe’s political elite and he needs to know that the people of Europe stand behind him.

[Source: WSJ]

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