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Hungary Rejects ‘UN Refugee Pact’ Pact as Well: “It Creates a Security Risk We Cannot Tolerate”

As it has done with the United Nations’ migration pact, Hungary rejects the organisation’s global refugee pact as well, the foreign minister said on Friday, arguing that the document was dangerous and could encourage more migration.

Simultaneously with its Global Compact for Migration, the UN has drafted a “sister document”, the Global Compact on Refugees, Peter Szijjarto told a press conference. This pact, he said, was about “bringing in through a back door whoever they can’t bring in through the main gate with the migration pact”. Though this package is about refugees, there have been a number of debates recently about “how they can try to classify as refugees those who arrive as illegal migrants”, Szijjarto said.

Over the recent period “we have had plenty of debates with UN bureaucrats on who can be classified as a refugee. We are well aware that what we are facing is an illegal migrant crisis rather than a refugee crisis,” he said.

Szijjarto said there are serious international endeavours for bringing illegal migrants into Europe and North America. It is not by chance that the United States has rejected both compacts, he said. As refugee issues have been regulated by plenty of international conventions, there is no need for “bypassing the UN member states” with another pact and forcing them to accept illegal migrants re-classified as refugees.

The “buzzword” of the document is sharing burdens, as it was when the European Union tried to impose migrant quotas on its member states, the minister said. For this reason, Hungary insisted on inserting the “voluntary principle” into the text but its proposal was rejected. “This was a telltale sign”, Szijjarto said.

The refugee compact requires the member states to allow refugees the travel “freely and without control” within the country, while arrests and detentions should be cut back, Szijjarto said. This is an attempt to render illegal border crossings inconsequential, “and thus create a security risk we cannot tolerate”, he said.

According to conservative estimates, about 30 to 35 million people live “in the immediate vicinity of Europe” in conditions that could prompt them to leave for the EU “at any time”. The UN’s compacts on migration and refugees would encourage them. Therefore, Hungary will vote against the global refugee pact on December 17, Szijjarto said.

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