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Illegal Aliens Behind 3,000 Murders In Texas

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas told Sean Hannity that illegal aliens are behind an estimated 8,000 sexual assaults, 3,000 homicides, and about 642,000 total crimes in his state alone.

From our source we read:

Rick Perry on the Texas Border - Illegal Aliens CrossingSEAN HANNITY, HOST: Joining me now to outline his plan to actually send the National Guard to the border, Texas Governor Rick Perry. Governor, welcome back. Good to see you, sir.

GOV. RICK PERRY, R-TEXAS: Yes, sir. Thank you, Sean.

HANNITY: Have you heard from the president at all since you met with him when I was down with you on the border? Has he gotten back in contact with you?

PERRY: No. Obviously, we’re moving ahead. We’re not going to wait for the federal government, whether it’s the administration or for Washington, D.C. For that matter. The crisis is full-blown. Everyone understands what the issue is here.

And not only have we been dealing with this for a number of years now, it’s come to the point where the details of the criminal activities have become so clear that we no longer can wait for Washington to secure the border. And Texas is going to do it with our law enforcement and with our National Guard.

HANNITY: You know, Governor, I just see this pattern, a lack of urgency by the president! We have a crisis at the border. We’ve got our closest ally in Israel under fire in a ground war and we’re lecturing them to pull back after 1,600 rockets have fired in. We got a VA where our vets are dying, and nothing has happened in the two months since that has been announced. And on top of that, you know, you have Sergeant Tahmooressi’s rotting in a prison. He needs medical attention.

What’s going on? Where’s the president’s urgency here? Does that not shock you?

PERRY: Well, there certainly seems to be a hesitancy to act by this administration, but I can’t get into the president’s mind. I don’t know what he’s thinking. All I have to work with is what reality is.

And the reality is that Texas citizens are being put in jeopardy by this porous border. And Texans no longer, and I think Americans no longer can see a border that is open for the type of individuals that are coming across.

Sean, there have been over the course of the last five years, since the fall of ’08, over 203,000 individuals who have come into Texas illegally that have been booked into our county jails. Those individuals have been accounted for over 3,000 homicides and over 8,000 sexual assaults.

We can’t afford to wait for Washington to secure this border. We’ve had enough, and we’re going to secure the southern border.

HANNITY: Governor, you know, I’ve been down to the border, everywhere from San Diego to the Rio Grande twice now. And my — the time that I spent with you in the briefing before we went out on a helicopter tour and out with the border patrol, the Texas border patrol, was very revealing. You had a Navy SEAL. I think his name was J.J., if I’m not mistaken, you know, gave a presentation — 642,000 crimes, some of them real serious crimes, like you’re mentioning here, in seven years against Texas citizens by illegal immigrants.

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