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Inept American Middle-East Foreign policy

Dr. A. H. Krieg | We never really had hopes and aspirations for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, but never in our wildest dreams did we ever consider the present catastrophic situation. Hillary’s qualifications for the position of Secretary of State are not all that un-similar to those of Barack Hussein Obama’s for the presidency mediocrity seeks accomplices. Neither person has the appropriate background or training for their present employment as has become painfully obvious in the last three and a half years.

America’s foreign policy has been the product of “Study Groups” at the Council for Foreign Relations; whose quarterly published “Foreign Affairs” is CFR’s lead publication. Foreign Affairs normally telegraphs what the intended policies relating to various issues are to be for the immediate future. 68th street or if you prefer the Pratt House in NYC has been the primary source of American foreign policy since FDR’s presidency. A subtle change began with the inclusion of many AIPAC (American Israeli pubic Affairs Committee) members occurred in the late 50’s. America’s zionist and Likud directed Israeli/American dual nationals participation in CFR as well as the Middle East desks of the State Department, in the late 50’s simply exploded. Israel became a nation in 1948, directly after Harry Truman accepted a $500,000 gift from Jewish donors to the DNC for the recognition of Israel as a nation. America then recognized Israel as the first nation in the world to do so.

Middle East MapAs background, it is imperative for the reader to realize that Palestine which was previously independent and after that an adjunct to the Byzantine Empire never had a Hebrew population exceeding 15% of the total regional population. Likewise important is the fact that in WWI the Turkish empire Ottoman Empire was allied to Germany. The British commander General, later Marshall Allenby, was at a standstill in Palestine against the Ottoman Turks. England was tied up in Europe and Allenby had to find a means to increase his military strength and thus made a treaty with the Palestinans to become allied to the British Empire. The price of that was the granting by the British crown to Palestinans self rule and nationhood in perpetuity if the Ottomans were defeated. With his new Palestinian allies Allenby quickly defeated the Ottoman Turks.

The situation for England after the war (WWI) was almost a bad as for the Germans. England was broke. They had two options, they could borrow funds from the Americans the richest nation in the world or they could borrow money from Lord Rothschild the richest man in the world who also happened to be the president of the World Zionist Federation. The Crown not wanting to be in perpetual foreign debt settled on Rothschild, who after all had purchased a title making him a British Lord. There was just one little string Rothschild demanded and received, the Ballfour Declaration, named after lord Ballfour that granted Jews the right to settle in Palestine. O, yes, the exact same real estate the British had granted to the Palestinans, an agreement whose ink was still wet. A small but pertinent side issue is that England never once owned a square inch of Palestine and had no right to give it to anyone.

These are little historic facts conveniently lost to the zionists managing American foreign policy along with annalists at the CFR, as well as State. It is however one of two unrelated but important issues underlying the entire Middle East situation. The second of them being that well over 95% of the Jews living in Israel and settling in Israel are Ashkenazi converts to Judaism that came from the Caucuses where they were driven out by the indigenous population after their conversion to Judaism in the 6th to the 8th century AD. Theses converts eventual settled in Prussia, Poland and Eastern Russia, where they gradually became the scourge of the region. So hated were they that over 150 city-states eventually banned them. They’re rabbinical (lawyers) who had replaced the original Jewish (Hebrew) priest class (Kohanim) that were hereditary, were eliminated by the Rabbis who then came to be exclusively Ashkenazi (convert) Jews. While all this information can easily be verified in the Jewish encyclopedia is conveniently buried in history just as is the Allenby treaty.

Now lets understand that American foreign policy is now produced in Jerusalem, or might as well be, because all the actors at CFR and State are Ashkenazi Jews, most of whom are dual nationals. Into this conundrum we introduce one other factor. Erez Yisrael translated is Greater Israel it stems from the zionist movement that began with Theodor Herzel the first president of the World Zionist Federation, (1897) but only came to notice in the 1960’s and 70’s when Likud and zionists became enthralled with expanding Israel to take over the entire Middle East. Regardless of the validity of this movement, it is huge and every Arab alive is cognizant of it, thus making it an enormous factor in Middle East politics. Erez Yisrael according to zionists and Likud consists of: Palestine, Gaza, The West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq to the Euphrates River and north to the Turkish Border, and the Egyptian Sinai to about the Suez Canal. Even a small child can see that this is ridiculous it is a region whose population is over 15 times that of Israel and a land mass equally larger.

Also overlooked is the fact that the Ashkenazim have absolutely no territorial or property rights in the entire Middle East, being Jewish converts that originally resided in the Caucuses, and thereafter in Europe and never anyplace in the Middle East.

Now that we have exposed the historic facts that are hidden by the media we are able to objectively address the issue of American foreign policy as articulated by the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and president Obama. Notwithstanding that they are inheritors of a system put in place by FDR and begun by president Wilson at the turn of the 20th century. The aggressive stance taken by AIPAC since the 1948 establishment of Israel and its recognition by president Truman has simply sealed the issue. Beginning in the 50’s Jewish influence in American foreign policy began to accelerate and by 1960 had mushroomed into becoming the major factor influencing American political decisions relating to the Middle East. By 1990 AIPAC was the dominant actor, more accurately director of American Middle East policy. By the 90’s all Middle East desks at State were headed by Israeli dual nationals and American foreign policy became directed for the sole benefit of Israel and to the detriment of America.

Meanwhile in NYC the CFR had also succumbed to the same sort of takeover by which Jewish interests now dominated most CFR study groups especially those with issues relating to the Middle East. This was in no small way helped by the NY Times, and the NY media giants of ABC. CBS, NBC, Newsweek, Time, US News and World Report, and the Washington Post etc. who are owned or controlled by identical interests. The underlying issue for all those zionists is always Eretz Yisrael, it being the driving force of Israeli policy and thus also American foreign policy. How is this possible? There are scores of Israeli, zionist funded think tanks and policy institutes whose faux intellectuals dominate the political policy scenes in Washington as well as NYC. Some of these are: The New Jerusalem Foundation financed by Moshe Talansky of LI, NY a 501 (c) (3), Project for a new American Century, Washington DC, head by William Kristol, ACRP Ariel Center for Policy Research, BSCSS Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, GLORIA The Global Research in International Affairs Center, INSS Institute for National Security Studies, ITCT The International Institute for Counter Terrorism, IPF Israel Policy Forum, JINSA Jewish Institute for Security Affairs, SRI Stephen Roth Institute, Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace, INCUR Institute for Jewish & Community Research, IDI Israel Democracy Institute, JPPPI Jewish People Policy Planning Institute, Myers-JC-Brookdale Institute, Traub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, and of course the ever predominate AIPAC.

These organization in concert with the “lamestream media” many of whose leading editors and publishers are members of one or more of the aforementioned organizations, control the dialogue, and thus policy instituted by our as well as that of Israel’s governments. Likud (The war party) is the primary representative of zionism in Israel and therefore is the Israeli operator of these policies. The fact that many of these organizations share personnel with CFR as well as State is a well-known fact. Thus Jewish think tanks develop policy introduce it to the Study Groups at CFR, that then is furthered by State as American foreign policy. The primary and most obvious issue now relates on the fulcrum of who is favored by these zionist produced polices. Zionists as well as Jews will tell you that they are one and the same, that in fact policy beneficial to Israel is policy advantageous to America, nothing could be further from the truth.

Israel has a well-known internationalist outlook based on several tenets. Not least among those is the fact that the entire communist movement was Jewish in foundation and management and that the communist movement was always internationalist. The fact that zionists are Reformed Jews is not to be overlooked because reformed Jews most definitely are in violent opposition to conservative and Hassidic Jews that in many cases are arduously opposed to zionism. These tenets are; in order of importance, Eretz Yisrael, Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East, removal of all non-Jews from Gaza and the West Bank, the expulsion of Christians and Muslim from, Lebanon, Jordan, most of Iraq, Syria, The Sinai of Egypt, and a portion of Saudi Arabia. This horrific pipe dream is at the root of all Middle East turmoil. It has been the driving force of American and Israeli foreign policy since 9-11. It is without question the reason for all the turmoil in the Middle East.

Centering on American policy, but clearly understanding where it is made, we can now examine the social political situation of the Middle East, as it now exists. The fact that external to established government’s rule influences have been the driving force behind recent changes in the Middle East as well as in America which is undeniable. What I am saying is that the “Arab Spring” is an entirely foreign introduced invention in all of the nations that have succumbed to these revolutions, which are no more homegrown than the Russian revolution was. The agitation for radical change worldwide has been and remains totally nondescript in that the revolutionary’s direction and what the resulting change is to be, is always hidden from view. In Russia it was a Jewish takeover of the state and in the Middle East almost 100 years later it is a Jewish organized destabilization of opposing government’s (Lebanon repeatedly) in order to allow the Eretz Yisrael hegemony to come to fruition. The degree by which America, and American military has been employed by the Jewish mini-state is undeniably awesome.

The primary problem with these zionist induced foreign policies is that they are disadvantageous to American interst. Before Israel we had no enemies in the Middle East now we have no friends. And as seen in the past few months the actions have not been particularly advantageous to Israel either. In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the most strongly opposed to an Israeli state political faction, is on the verge of taking control of the goverment. In Libya that had a strong anti-Western government but an authority that was very beneficial to the population has become anarchy without any legitimate operating government. Syria is in the midst of a foreign agitated and US, British and Israeli militarily supported insurrection that if successful in toppling the Assad regime will result in the same sort of anarchy as Libya with the caveat that all the minority Christian and Alawite mebers of that nation will suffer the fate of the Christians in Egypt. Now with a substantial Russian military presence as well as Turkish naval presence the shift to Russia by Syria is imminent. Good Job Hillary! Iraq in which America’s surrogate war against a stable and long lasting government has resulted in three million refugees, one million deaths, horrific cancer explosions due to depleted uranium munitions by America, the situation could not be worse. Open hostility toward America is now commonplace and the average Iraqi will tell you without prompting that he was far better off under Sadam Hussein than under the present government.

After the departure of the larger American military units thing began deterioration all over Iraq. The situation is now one of civil war. The Construction of a 104-acre, $750 million 15,000 employee American embassy in Baghdad, which I choose to call Hillarie’s folly, is the pinnacle of extravagance and American imperialism. It represents the largest foreign mission of any nation in world history. We can’t really blame the lady she does as she it told to do. I simply wonder whom the idiot is that came up with the idea, and even more so who approved it, have we now embarked on Eretz America? Is this embassy to be the center of American and Israeli hegemony in the Middle East? As usual our State Department and its edicts produced on 68th st. issued from the 7th floor leave us with more questions than answers.

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