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Insane College Making Insane Whiteness Accusation

The black Marxist purveyors of the pejoratives “whiteness” and “white privilege” are at it again with an epic vengeance.

Case in point is black professor James Harrison, who teaches at Portland Community College in Oregon where he recently gave a lecture titled, “Imagine A World Without Whiteness.”

To start with, PCC is not some ivy league bastion of anti-white leftism, like Harvard University or Syracuse, so take Harrison’s academic credentials with a grain of salt, or pepper.

It’s ironic that Harrison based the title of his seminar on the late white John Lennon, whose iconic single, “Imagine,” conjured up a world in which all people lived peacefully as “equals” without property, without countries, and without religion — in other words, without much of anything.

Commie nirvana.

Harrison thinks the problem is the white power structure. If you get rid of the power structure, he argues, peace is then possible.

Or, so he imagines.

“And how do we get to that good world is the question — a world without conflict. And to me, my interpretation of these words, is it would be a world, or U.S., without whiteness, in terms of the power structure,” Harrison said.

Translation: no power for you white people.

“Can there be a world without whiteness, a world in which white privilege doesn’t exist?” Harrison asked his audience and then answered his own question. “My answer is yes, we can, because it’s happened before, and it all revolves around individuals taking small steps to dismantle and demolish the whole concept.”

Harrison took the gloves off, so here’s the bare-knuckled response:

True, it’s happened before — in Haiti, where the slaughter of the white French colonials by the slave population was total. Today, Haiti is dirt-and-butter poor and culturally backward — an economic basket case, whose inhabitants dream of coming to America.

It also happened in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and in South Africa. Both countries were established by European settlers and later overthrown by rising black majorities, but only with the active support of Marxist political movements and Western governments. The Marxist tyrant Robert Mugabe has ruled over Zimbabwe with an iron fist since the country’s inception and today presides over an economy dominated by runaway hyperinflation.

In South Africa, the Marxist African National Congress promised “racial reconciliation” with the fall of Apartheid, and gullible Westerners ate it up. The reality is that whites are now a politically marginalized minority and white farmers — the bread basket of South Africa — are being killed by the thousands and their land expropriated by the ANC government.

Imagine A World Without Whiteness? Imagine America ruled by leftist tyrants, political cliques, drug lords, war lords, criminals and armed gangs, as this seems to be the long-term result of the disappearance of “whiteness.”

Do you think college professors like James Harrison are preaching hatred when they talk about ending “whiteness?” Sound off on this topic by posting your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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