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It’s Over!

Dr. A. H. Krieg | Today November 7th 2012, I have seen the end of America! “Now, is the winter of our discontent.” Welcome now, the entitlement society that is enabled by government to your earnings! Audrey Krieg

Not many Americans have any experience with socialist governments so let me explain from personal familiarities exactly what you may expect out of the coming four years. Let me make this simple, the same thing happened in England after WWII resulting in the “brain drain” when my wife, among thousands others, fled England, their home, for nations more accommodating to self-starters. Additionally, the government began a long process of nationalizing industries [GM, Chrysler, AEG the start for us], which resulted in the collapse of most nationalized producers. Just one thing before we begin, I personally think that there is something very strange about the outcome of this election. I know over 200 people in Florida; from Tampa to Jacksonville to Miami, five are black and the only ones who voted for Obama. Voting was over double that of 2008, I simply do not believe the results. It behooves us all to understand that the takers are now in charge and the givers are the losers. In socialist society, Greece, France, Spain, Italy for example those who fail are rewarded, by the fool socialists in charge, and all for the sake of envy, they produce a society in which all are losers. Socialist governments go belly up when the producer’s money is consumed.

I have asked myself, my wife has asked, how could there be so many brainless Americans who don’t gives a damn about; unemployed 23 million, food stamps 47 million, illegal immigrants 25 million, green card holders 5 million, a national debt of $16+ trillion, welfare 10 million, gasoline and foodstuffs doubling in four years. How could our fellow citizens re-elect a president whose entire four-year term was spent playing golf and vacationing with an occasional blaming others for his created situation and campaigning for reelection. How could they forget Fast and Furious, and Benghazi? Do they realize that Obama will probably appoint two more ultra leftist Supreme Court Justices? We live in a nation of fools!

In the end, the reelected president is not the problem, whatever policies he makes can be undone by a new administration. The problem is that the Sheeple have changed, the demographics have changed, and the attitude of the electorate has differed. This is no longer my country, or that of my parents it is a new paradigm, with which I am unfamiliar. America has turned brown, and socialist, blaming the medium is counterproductive, it is the ghost who is the problem. It is an uneducated, lazy, and stupid electorate that is to blame, along with the government education that produced it, and that is a problem to which I have no immediate solution, because it is not until we reach “Rock Bottom” suffer cold and hunger that we shall see CHANGE!

This election was a divergence of positions and issues directed at specific demographic groups. Obama appealed to blacks, Hispanics, those under 29, government workers, single women, welfare, bureaucrats, food stamp recipients, and in general terms takers not creators, the entire campaign was directed at an average intelligence of IQ 85 and educational level of a fifth grader. This is based on content and linguistic examination. Obama is the candidate of the under and un-educated, the stupid and loafers. Romney took the high road but those underachievers and brown, and younger citizens represent a larger societal segment, Romney directed his campaign at a level of freshman high school, and an IQ of 105; which population base is not of sufficient size to win. The basic variance is Obama for socialism/communism, Romney for free enterprise, self-reliance, and freedom, capitalism. The lazy will pick socialism/communism every time.

Things will have to get much worse before any change can be achieved. CHANGE only occurs in the lower strata of society when things get so bad that food, and shelter becomes the major issue of consideration. When HOPE is lost, then communist propaganda words like FORWARD and REVENGE are left behind. Anyone suffering the delusion that the Obama policies will improve the economy had better wake up. From 2009 to 2012 Obama could not even produce a budget that passed his Democrat controlled Senate. The Senate, which will continue under Harry Reid and also produced no budget in the last three years, will continue to bottle up House legislation; Reid has bottled up 30 House bills, refusing a vote on any of them, and he was re-elected!
In my opinion Obama will destroy America, which I believe has been his plan all along. The actions of the last 5 years all point to a collapse of our economy, and the socialization of it, to the benefit of the same elite who control Europe. Queen Victoria’s Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said it best; “those in elected office are forever the servants of those who provide for their vice’s” Obama is nothing but George Soros’s (Geoergi Schwartz’s) puppet. One of Obama’s favorite authors Saul D. Alinsky, a hard core communist that wrote Rules for Radicals, another pair of communists were Cloward-Piven who produced a political strategy, all peruse the destruction of a free economy through bankruptcy caused by overspending.

So what might we anticipate in the coming four years?

  1. As indicated by Fast and Furious and policies in Illinois especially in Chicago, Obama’s hometown, we can anticipate a massive assault on the second amendment. Probable attacks on the NRA in the from of IRS audits, attacks on the Second Amendment Foundation with IRS audits, banning of semiautomatic rifles, banning of gun magazines of more than ten bullets, and lots of other draconian issues. (The success of Chicago’s anti-gun policy is apparent in the Oct. 27 weekend, 49 shot 9 killed, Chicago is more dangerous than Kabul)
  2. The continuation of dollar devaluation through inflation, leading to the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Additional downgrades of America’s credit rating. Probable 30+% inflation, gas prices by 2015 of $ 8 per gal. A National Debt by 2016 of $32 trillion.
  3. Massive increases of government spending at a minimum of $1.7 trillion per year. Healthcare costs skyrocketing to $1 trillion per year. Spending carryovers from 2012 of over $ 200 billion. $40 billion monthly (1/2 trillion in 12 months) mandated spending through 2013 just printed money backed by nothing. (Medical costs for 2011 were $ 835 billion they double every 7 years)
  4. The continued failure of foreign policy through increased violence in the Middle East. Further growth of Islamic fundamentalism and the Muslim Brotherhood. Expanded assassinations with drones, of Obama identified terrorists. Expansion of wars in the Middle East most likely with Syria and Iran.
  5. Massive attacks on the Internet, and free speech. The development of cybersecurity in the fake support of anti-terrorism. The opening of a new NSA managed security operation, which is actually a violation of the 4th and 1st amendments, cataloguing every American. Attacks on free speech through the use of controlling social media by restricting individual and group access to the Internet, something that is already operational. The control of web content. Restriction of Internet IP’s whose allocation will be turned over to an international body.
  6. Two more leftist Supreme Court justices turning the Supreme Court into an leftist majority that will internationalize American jurisprudence, destroy what ever little is left of the constitution, and complete America’s journey to socialism.
  7. With the already eliminated right to Habeas Corpus and the elimination of the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, eight, ninth and tenth portion of the Bill of Rights through enactment of the American Patriot Act, and the enactment of NDAA that eliminates the Posse Commutates Act we can expect a massive assault on civil liberties. The use of the American military to implement government actions. All socialist governments in history that enacted such laws have used them. Once they run out of other people’s monies they march toward totalitarianism to keep themselves in power. There is no historic exception to this rule.
  8. The expansion of power vested in the UN will grow dramatically. The “Globalist Dynamic” will oversee the abandonment of American Sovereignty. With the two new Supreme Court Justices in place the International Court at The Hague in Holland will gradually replace our own Supreme Court. American jurisprudence will be supplanted with International laws.
  9. Foreign policy will continue to be dominated by “Study Groups” of the CFR who will continue to make American foreign policy.
  10. In general terms the world’s leading secret and semi-secret organizations CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) TC (Trilateral Commission) Bilderbergers, WEF (World Economic Forum) The Order, RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs. Chatham House) and others will come to dominate American policy to a much greater degree than heretofore. In the Obama administration’s first tem the American military was totally politicized, all new flag officers are CFR members, the entire cabinet is CFR or TC or Bilderberger or all three.
  11. Reelection rates for Republocrats will rise from 87% to over 93%. There will be no tort reform, Obamacare will raise national medical costs by billions, medical services will continue to decline, and free-market options will be eliminated in favor of ever-bigger government. By 2016 when our national debt tops $32 trillion the American economy, which will be in hyperinflation, will collapse.
  12. The regulatory juggernaut that began on the first day of the Obama administration will be greatly expanded to destroy American free enterprise of every sort. Any company successful will be relentlessly attacked by over-regulation. This will destroy jobs and foster business nationalizations.
  13. Green energy in the form of solar and wind electric energy production, and electric cars all of which are non-competitive on the marketplace, without huge government subsidies (your paid taxes) will be expanded. These are the very policies that have brought Spain to bankruptcy. They will waste billions more, (six billion of bankruptcy’s in first term) drive fuel prices through the roof, eliminate coal as an energy product, eliminate Alaskan oil production, prevent the Keystone pipeline from Canada forcing Canada to sell their oil to China, drive all costs of energy and food up, and reek havoc with the entire economy.
  14. There will be amnesty for 25 million illegal immigrants. This will almost immediately bankrupt the entire welfare systems including Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, and Social Security.


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  1. safes says:

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  2. Joseph says:

    For all the valid points in there, there was some crap, too. Inflation? You mean, like how we've been spinning our wheels since the recession just to prevent M2 from dropping?
    The problem is that our deficits aren't leading to new infrastructure, R&D, or real assets- What we can expect from Obama is cutting more non-entitlement spending, reducing M2 and a double-dip recession. If we hit this fiscal cliff, we can expect to see massive deflation, and good luck growing your way out of a recession when the real value of your liabilities suddenly shoots up.

  3. Guest says:

    Why can't it all happen now, I am tired of waiting

  4. No_never says:

    I think you mean "IP addresses" not "IPOs" above.