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Jewish Media Disinformation

By Earl P. Holt III

Hillary Clinton — head of the organized crime wing of the “Democrat” Party — recently stated at Dartmouth (paraphrase) “Vladimir Putin has died and gone to heaven having President Donald Trump in office.” This has been a recurring narrative for the two years Donald Trump has been President.

The disgraced former Secretary of State continued by stating that she considers it a badge of honor that she “apparently really annoyed” Vladimir Putin while Secretary of State, because she was ”standing up for American values.”

The false narrative that the Russians preferred the election of Donald Trump to that of Hillary Clinton is a classic example of Jews’ Media disinformation, and never made any sense in the real world.

That’s because as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton arranged the sale of 20% of precious U.S. Uranium reserves to Russia in return for $145 Million in contributions to the Clinton Family Crime Foundation. To their delight, the Russians learned that Hillary was bribable.

In orchestrating this Uranium One deal, not only did Hillary Clinton demonstrate a willingness to engage in traitorous acts against the U.S., but in the process, SHE ALSO MADE HERSELF QUITE VULNERABLE TO BLACKMAIL BY PUTIN AND THE RUSSIANS BECAUSE OF ITS ILLEGAL NATURE.

It should be obvious by now that the Mueller investigation was a tactic used to divert public attention away from the endless scandals of the Obama Administration – including Hillary’s Uranium One deal — and designed to put President Trump on the defensive.

This is particularly true of upper-echelon officials from Justice, State, the CIA and NSA and who “signed-off” on Hillary’s Uranium One deal to avoid jeopardizing their professional ambitions.

As is probably the case with most disinformation concocted by the treacherous Jewish Media, it was only believed by the low-grade morons, traitors, ignoramuses and communists who mistakenly call themselves “Democrats.”

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