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Jewish Republicans Say ‘No’ to Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) issued a statement regarding its upcoming Presidential Candidates Forum and as to why Ron Paul is not invited. RJC Executive Director, Matt Brooks, is reported to have said this morning that candidate Ron Paul has “misguided and extreme views” as to the reason Paul was not invited even though seven other Republican candidates will be there along with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the event’s key note speaker.

Ron PaulMr. Brook’s biggest issue with the candidate seems to be how Congressman Paul feels Israel can now stand on its own two feet and does not need American financial aid – especially since America is broke. Israel is a powerful force with a strong economy and a strong defense, however Paul was not isolating Israel in his foreign policy, Paul is suggesting removing nearly all foreign aid to countries around the globe – something very popular with Republicans. So then it is hard to understand Mr. Brook’s problem with at least allowing the attendees to the Forum to hear Congressman Paul out.

Congressman Paul is interested in freeing up trade restrictions found acround the world – inclusive of those bound by highly restrictive and so-called “Free Trade Agreements” – including Israel. This would be a net positive policy for American and Israeli relations, however the RJC members will not be able to hear Paul’s side of the story due to Mr. Brook’s assumptive nature. Ron Paul’s foreign policy is not discriminatory, however the RJC exclusion of Paul certainly is.

Only in the “bizarro” world of modern day America is it considered “misguided and extreme” to put US interests first. The RJC boasting about its censorship of “open and honest debate” only underscores the fact that Paul doesn’t sell out his country and sets him apart from the statist establishment candidates he opposes.

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