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Lawrence O’Donnell: “Bachmann’s Voters Are Ignorant Because They’re White”

Posted by P.J. Salvatore | This is actual content on MSNBC. Lawrence O’Donnell doing his best Shocked Olbermann impersonation about the racial makeup of Michele Bachmann’s district, because race is the only thing that matters to progressives such as O’Donnell, apparently.

“What makes those voters so ignorant? Well, for starters, they are whiter than the average district.”

Lawrence O’Donnell is such a breath of fresh air in punditry; whereas most individuals have an inkling of what they’re speaking of when they open their mouths, O’Donnell doesn’t. He fearlessly allows whatever is floating around the fog of his mind to tumble from his mouth with a Shatner-esque delivery. You may think that his pauses are for dramatic effect, nay, it’s O’Donnell’s mind working overtime in an effort to string together a proper sentence before the words escape his lips. Sometimes he’s even successful at it.

If O’Donnell is so worried about voting districts, then perhaps he should ask why certain states are trying desperately to segregate redistrict all the black people into one district by themselves, but that would require an effort beyond that of sitting doe-eyed behind a desk and opining.

White People Are Ignorant

"White people are ignorant."

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  1. Christopher says:

    Yes, Lawrence O'Donnell. A typical leftist who has grown up and feels guilty that he went to a private all-male high school in outer whitelandia (current tution $31,000/year). O'Donnell went on to graduate from the majority male and overwhelmingly white private Harvard University. No public school education for this cultural marxist.

    O'Donnell married a white woman and has two white children, thus causing irreparable harm to his congressional district by adding more ignorant white voters.

    The only racial minority O'Donnell has come into contact with was the black door man he used in his MSNBC cable show promotional.

    O'Donnell's on-air mental breakdowns are always good for a laugh.

  2. tma_sierrahills says:

    Today Snow White = Typhoid Mary.

    The last time I happened to catch Lawrence O'Donnell on television he was on the 'McLaughlin Group,' almost spontaneously combusting, or "dissing," as Eleanor Clift criticized–and that's when you KNOW you've fallen off the Left side of the globe–Mormons.

    No doubt Mormons remain too dangerously White, a genetically based ailment for which our government decades ago thoughtfully implemented a surefire cure. Practically weekly Census Bureau revelations, as approving press reports from places like California, Texas, Virginia and Maryland attest , the planned cure is working at a spectacularly successful speed. Yet still not fast enough for anti-White haters like Lawrence O'Donnell.
    – – – –
    Border Enforcement + Immigration Moratorium = Job, Crime and Eco Sanity

  3. James_in_SoCal says:

    Where is the call for him to resign after such a racist attack?!? Where are the protests?

    Anyone up for a writ-in campaign?

  4. JamesinUSA says:

    The very fact that these people such as O'Donnell find it necessary to demonize white males, only reveals how much the Left fears the average racially concious white man. The very idea of a massive white voting block has these people wetting their sheets at night in sweat just thinking about the day that some individual whether man or woman might actually mobilize folks against what they know to be only a handfull of leftest idiots that have fooled the masses into believing that their program for America is a good thing.
    It's as if they're scared to death that some small white boy is suddenly going to point at them and yell "The Emperor Has No Cloths"! And that just as suddenly, everyone will see that the Marxist in this nation are morally and intellectually bankrupt. and should be given forty lashes with a bullwhip!