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Lunch with A3P Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller

Dan Poole via | While vacationing last week in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I had the wonderful privilege of meeting American Third Position Presidential candidate Merlin Miller face to face. Merlin and I had lunch right in downtown Gatlinburg. Here is a short report on how our meeting went:

Merlin is just as impressive in person as he is on camera. He doesn’t stutter at all and is very clearly a polished speaker. It would be a true delight to see a man like him stick it to Barack “Teleprompter” Obama in a debate.

But more importantly then his superb speaking skills and charming personality, Merlin stands on the right side of the issues. He gave me a signed copy of his short booklet, Our Vision for America, which articulates both his policy positions and those of the American Third Position party.

Contrary to the hot garbage you might have read from discredited groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, A3P is not a hate group. In fact, Merlin’s policy subscriptions on the economy would undoubtedly strike a chord with residents of Detroit and the state of Michigan. Here’s what he said on Page 35 of his book “Our Vision For America”

A3P supports “fair trade” as opposed to the so-called “free trade” policies which have led to the systematic deindustrialization of America. Until about 1970, Americans produced almost all of the products that they consumed. Unfair imports from Third World countries must be restricted, rather than facilitated, to permit domestic industries to once again compete. This can be done through tariffs and quotas at home along with diplomatic pressure abroad. Under this “America First” system, the U.S. would withdraw from NAFTA, GATT and the WTO.” Manufacturing expertise and technology relies on a nation’s ability to produce innovators and skilled workers, and it is the responsibility of our communities to develop a productive labor pool, rather than importing it from other countries, or off-shoring production. A strong manufacturing base is absolutely necessary for a world power to sustain itself.

Vision for AmericaMerlin and the A3P clearly share the deeply held economic values which have permeated Southeast Michigan ever since manufacturing jobs in the once-thriving auto industry were outsourced.

Hardly a day goes by in SE Michigan where you don’t see a bumper sticker which says, “Out of a job yet? Keep buying Foreign!” Merlin’s specific policy prescriptions for the economy certainly fall in line with that kind of “America First” slogan. His economic beliefs are thus a winning ticket.

Furthermore, Merlin is the exact opposite of the “racist skinhead” that the SPLC always freaks out about. He is a professional businessman who runs a professional company. When we had lunch, he wore a stars-and-stripes-clad shirt which said on the front: “The answer to 1984 is 1776.”

So-called Progressives always drone on about how you can’t just stereotype a person – you have to get to know him or her. And yet, they smear and destroy the reputation of honorable patriots like Merlin Miller before getting to know them.

“But Poole, we don’t bother getting to know people like Merlin because they are racist!” That’s your problem, not his problem or the problem of anyone else who holds his views. Moreover, stop pretending like you have an ounce of tolerance for views which contradict your anti-white ideology.

In summary, my lunch with Merlin was an enlightening experience, and hopefully one of these days a Presidential candidate like him and a party like A3P become viable political alternatives.

Dan Poole is a 2012 graduate of Oakland University, with a BA in Political Science and a Minor in History. A former intern for the Milford Times with dozens of published articles, Dan has a passion for politics and ideology that he loves to express in writing.

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