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Merlin Miller And A3P On The Ballot In New Jersey

The American Third Position Party (A3P) has just received the exciting news that our presidential candidate, Merlin Miller, and the American Third Position Party will officially be listed on the New Jersey ballot in November. Again, this is the first time in 20 years that a political party — representing the values and interests of White Americans — has placed its presidential candidate on the ballot in any of the 50 states except Colorado. Congratulations to candidate Merlin Miller.

Merlin Miller, July 7, 2011The A3P Metro New York chapter obtained the necessary electors and gathered almost 1000 petition signatures for submission to the state division of elections. A3P-Metro has been spearheading Merlin’s campaign in the Northeastern United States. New Jersey is well-known for its Revolutionary War history, and as a hub for scientific, medical and industrial innovation.

New Jersey is home to a high concentration of both highly-educated and highly-skilled White voters of all social classes. They also represent a unique collection of backgrounds, being descended from virtually every country in Europe. Many of the folks we interacted with were enthusiastic about having a viable independent political party that explicitly represents the interest of White Americans.

New Jersey is the second of a handful of states where the A3P anticipates successfully placing a Merlin Miller on the presidential ballot. Our rank-and-file members continue to be energized for more widespread ballot access activism throughout America. Special thanks to our volunteers and those supporters in New Jersey who helped pay volunteers to collect petition signatures.

[Many states have prohibitive ballot access requirements for small parties to overcome. We will pursue write-in status for those states. More to follow…]

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  1. New Jersey Voter says:

    I am a bit late. But, congratulations anyway! As a supporter of the American Third Position party, Its proud to have a Presidential candidate on the New Jersey ballot. I expect that one day, our representative will become the President of the United States.

  2. crusader says:

    Magnificent news. Not from New Jersey, but I will be sure to write Miller and Abernethy in where I live.

  3. JamesinUSA says:

    This is great news indeed!

  4. Harry Bertram says:

    A very special thanks to Matt who help in the effort in New Jersey!