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Merlin Miller and AFP at Freedompalooza 2013

Merlin Miller, AFP’s presidential candidate in 2012, addressed a receptive audience at the recent Freedompalooza festival in eastern Pennsylvania. AFP activists also spoke with many of the attendees who expressed interest in our party. This full-day outdoor event was held at a popular local establishment, located in rolling country hills by the magnificent Delaware River.

James Traficant Freedompalooza 2013
Former Congressman James Traficant and veteran patriot activist Jim Condit also spoke to the appreciative crowd. Displaying our AFP banner, we set up a table to meet and greet like-minded attendees. People eagerly scooped up copies of our campaign literature, promotional brochures, and the latest issue of the Nationalist Times.

AFP Freedompalooza 2013
Freedompalooza is an annual festival committed to the fight for freedom and exposing the leftist establishment through speakers, music and vendors dedicated to helping Americans work towards a better future. We encourage A3P activists throughout the country to engage our people at similar implicitly white events. As anticipated, Merlin’s speech and our conspicuous table drew a welcome response at this patriotic gathering.

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