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“Michael are the Republicans really that stupid?” “Yes they are,” said Sally, “I know first hand!”

“Michael are the Republicans really that stupid?” “Yes they are” said Sally I know first hand!

Why would anyone with any common sense allow every presidential debate to take place in a majority Jewish (most of who are Democrats) venue?

Why would Republicans allow four progressives to moderate every debate?

Why was Candy Crowley allowed to turn that debate into one between her and Obama against Romney?

Why did Romney not pursue the Benghazi incident?

Why did Romney never actively attack Obama for his ‘Fast & Furious’ executive order or Holder?

Why did Romney sit there like a bump on a log in the last debate?

Why did no one peruse Biden’s pathetic performance in the VP debate?

Why did Romney’s campaign people turn away provided proof of Obama’s purchase and use of of cocaine?

Why was Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango an illegal immigrant living in subsidized housing in MA and on welfare never brought up?

Why was his uncle arrested for drunk driving and an illegal immigrant on welfare never brought up?

Why did Republicans allow radical feminist Gloria Allred a platform against Romney, when everyone knew that she hated Romney because he testified for her husband at her divorce, testimony that she by the way accepted as the truthful?

Why was Sandra Fluke a 31 year-old student not challenged regarding a $9.00 per month birth control cost?

Why has no one said a word about the fact that Obama lost every state that requires a photo ID, Florida suggests but does not require.

Why has no one asked what happened to the missing 16 million white votes?

Why has no one asked why thousands of military votes were not counted?

Why were the forged birth certificate, Occidental records, Columbia records, Harvard records, and Passport application of Obama not mentioned at the debate?

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