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“Migration Spreads Terrorism” says Hungarian Government

Reported by The New Observer — The “migration wave” currently being experienced in Europe goes “hand in hand” with the spread of terrorism, the parliamentary leader of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has said. It also goes “hand in hand” with migrant rape.

Speaking at a press conference in Debrecen, Kósa Lajos asked, “What else must happen for the European Union leaders to recognize that their migration policy is untenable?”

Kósa Lajos of Hungary

Kósa, referring to terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, and Nice, said that “expressing condolences is no longer sufficient. Europe has changed once and for all.

“Brussels should give up its position focusing on removing barriers to immigrants,” he said, adding that all terrorist attacks in Europe had some links to immigrants and “radical Islam.”

Furthermore, the attempted coup d’état in Turkey, he said, suggests that “the European Union should not assign the task of protecting its borders to others.”

Kósa stressed the need for “viable solutions” in handling migration, for which he called Hungary the best example.

Antal Rogán from Hungary

At the same time, Hungarian cabinet office chief Antal Rogán said in an interview on public radio that “Europe must come to grips with the fact that the danger of terrorism is growing with the arrival of more migrants.”

Commenting on the terrorist attack in Nice, he said Brussels must weigh a radical change of the European “refugee” policy at present and stop immigration, because the current one offers “an incentive for immigration.”

“All signs point to the failure of Western Europe to integrate immigrants, which is why more migrants should not be let into Europe, rather migration must be halted,” he said.

“In much of Europe, people are against migration, but it appears that Brussels does not want to hear the voice of the people,” Rogán said.

Hungary is the first EU member state ready to listen to the opinion of the people, which is why there will be a referendum on October 2 in which the country can decide whether to accept Brussels’ ultimatum, he added.

Rogán said migrants continue to push along Hungary’s border in spite of a fence and Hungary being one of the strongest protectors of European borders. “Despite it being hard to cross the border into Hungary illegally, attempts are still being continuously made,” he said.

He pointed out that Hungary still has official channels for submitting “applications for refugee status,” but added that “90 percent of arrivals have no right to make such an application under Hungarian law or EU rules.”

He noted that more than one million people in Libya alone are waiting to come to Europe, while another three to four million potential immigrants are in Turkish refugee camps.

“Europe needs to concentrate on protecting its borders, not on distributing immigrants,” he said.

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