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Multiculturalism For Europeans, Not For Israel

Israel has started shipping African “refugees” out of the Jewish state and dumping them in Sweden—saying that Israel “cannot afford to absorb tens of thousands of Africans because it will affect the Jewish nature of the state.”

Of course, they don’t say — nor care — what it will do to the “Swedish nature of the Swedish state.” [Or the American state!]

The astonishing “agreement” to start shipping unwanted Africans from Israel to Sweden has been ignored by the controlled media, and news of it was only leaked in a small two-paragraph story on Ynetnews, the online English language Israeli news website of Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s most-read newspaper.

According to the Ynetnews article, titled “Asylum seekers sent to Sweden in previous weeks” and published on January 7, 2014, the Israeli “Interior Ministry reported Tuesday that dozens of Eritrean asylum seekers were flown to Sweden in the last few weeks. This is the first time the asylum seekers went to Sweden.

“Minister Gideon Sa’ar arranged the transfer with the Swedish government and the UN’s refugee agency. Each asylum seeker received a $3,500 grant,” the short article concluded.

The Jewish Supremacists also argue that having non-Jews in Israel “threatens the Jewish nature of the state.”

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned in May 2012 that his country needed to prevent “illegal infiltrators flooding the country.

“If we don’t stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state,” Netanyahu said.

In November 2012, Interior Minister Eli Yishai was quoted by Ynetnews as saying that the wholesale arrests of Africans in Israel “are not meant to be against the infiltrators, but rather to preserve the nature of the Zionist Jewish state of Israel.”

Yishai added that the primary goal was “to return the infiltrators from Eritrea and south Sudan to their countries, despite the difficulties mounted by the so-called human rights groups.”

The efforts to get the Africans to return to their origin has apparently not been that successful, and now it seems that Israel has struck a deal with tiny Sweden to take the unwanted Africans instead.

Israel has a total population of around seven million, of whom some six million are Jews. Sweden has a population of around nine million, of whom around seven million are European Swedes.

There is therefore, no logical reason why hundreds of thousands of Africans represents any more of a threat to Israel than to Sweden; in fact, they do to both countries—but it seems that the Jewish Supremacists are quite happy to dump the Africans in Sweden rather than tolerate them in Israel.

This hypocrisy over race is not something new — last year it was revealed that Israel had started using DNA tests on potential immigrants to make sure that they were racially of Jewish descent before letting them enter the Jewish state.

If any other nation on earth barred Jews based on DNA tests, these same Jews would be calling for war against that nation, crying “Nazism.” The Jewish Supremacists can however carry out such a policy without fear of censure—an indication of their control over the governments and media of the West.

So what exactly is wrong if America sends back “infiltrators” to keep our European character?

[Source | The New Observer]

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  1. Father's Initiative- says:

    On Friday, January 17; I was listening to NPR News Radio. They were discussing refugees from War-torn Mideastern countries such as Syria. These refugees were initially sent to Turkey, then Greece. But, nobody wanted them. They tried sending the refugees to Italy, but only Germany would accept them. NPR gave a brief interview with a German Minister of Foreign Affairs. He boasted of personally already accepting 10,000 refugees into Germany. His next comment inadvertently revealed valuable information. This Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that “back during World War II, many Germans fled into the safety of neighboring countries. So, we must return the favor and help those refugees currently in need”. {paraphrased}. He’s Jewish. And, he also intends to spend the remainder of his life welcoming thousands of new refugees. By his own admission; The 10,000 which he’s already responsible for bringing into Germany isn’t nearly enough. Zionists aren’t trying to create tolerance. But instead, they prey upon those who don’t actively defend themselves.

  2. Atlee Yarrow says:

    I guess self-awareness wasn't enough for identity? There tends to be a higher degree of racism in Isn't real and using DNA testing! Imagine the outcry in the USA if civil rights lawyers had to defend case after case. Where's the antifa now when they should be outside the Isn't real embassy protesting "racist". Oh wait, but they write such good mind control liberal books for higher education, right?