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Nationalist Ideas on the March in the USA?

The British National Party writes:

British National Party

“Thanks to the Hollywood lie machine, the stereotypical image of ethnically loyal white Americans is fixed by ‘anti-racist’, anti-white poison such as the film “American History X.”

In fact, the movement in the USA includes some of the most intellectually vibrant groupings in the white world.

As yet, this isn’t translating into electorally effective nationalism, but there are signs that it may do in the not too distant future.

The American Freedom Party in particular is worth keeping an eye on for the future.

In the meantime though, intellectually serious nationalists in Britain and elsewhere in the English-speaking world may like to take a look at videos of the main speakers at the US-based National Policy Institute’s 2013 conference, “After the Fall.”

This is now online and streamable through YouTube. Regular readers will already probably have enjoyed speeches by Dr Sunic after his guest appearance at last year’s BNP Conference in Blackpool.

Alain de Benoist, in particular is notable as a key founding figure in the development in the 1970s of the French ‘New Right’.

The full line-up now available online is as follows:

Alain de Benoist, “The Question of Identity”

Roman Bernard, “The Children of Oedipus”

Sam Dickson, “America: The God That Failed”

Jack Donovan, “Becoming the New Barbarians”

Alex Kurtagic, “The End of the World As We Know It”

Piero San Giorgio, “The Center Cannot Hold”

Tomislav Sunic, “Tragic Identity”

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Comments (2)

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  1. corpusinnominata says:

    @ Sheila Spink

    And let's remember a quote from MEP Marine Le Pen of Front National:

    "It's not about left vs right it's about globalism vs nationalism."

    Never have truer words been spoken with regard to the current political dichotomy.
    But of course I do paraphrase as her statement would have been made in the French

  2. sheila spink says:

    Nationalism versus Globalism is set to become the new political duality in the 21st century.

    There is a wide variety of ways in which a sense of nationalist identity is manifest in the world today. We bond with others of the same ethnicity, skin colour, religion, nation state, indigenous origin in a geographic location etc. The concept of 'Race' can mean different things to different people. Diaspora communities (such as from the old Soviet Union) can retain an affiliation to the home land, even independent of precise ethnicity and their current location.

    At this stage in the public debate, which is now worldwide, I appeal to all contributors to allow these different voices to be heard, deliberately to facilitate a discussion on Nationalism. We should define the terms when campaigning for our own particular cause but remember that in another part of the world the imperative to survive may be based on entirely different parameters.

    I see the common enemy as an aggressive multiculturalism based on pluralism across all social factors, mass migration, enforced miscegenation through media pressure and so on. I don't know if we have a word for this yet, but here in the UK we call it the New World Order.