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Native Americans Were Not Victims of Genocide

Guest Post by Robert Litoff | Regarding the claim that the native Americans were the victims of genocide, I wish to provide the following information.

The native Americans who lived in what is now the contiguous 48 states had a very low population density to begin with, not like in what is now Latin America where there were the Aztecs, Incas etc. and where most of the present population are still in largely of native American ancestry (except for Argentina, Costa Rica and Brazil.)

While many native Americans died of disease brought from Europe, this was not done intentionally. There was a sincere attempt to bring the native American peoples into European culture and Christianity. The Wampanoags who were the native Americans who went to the 1st Thanksgiving began to re-learn their language in 1993 after 150 years of not being able to speak it. The language had not been lost because there were still Bibles and other documents written in their language.

VP Ely Samuel ParkerCol. (later Gen.) Ely Samuel Parker (pictured at left) who wrote the document of surrender which Gen. Robert E. Lee signed at Appomattox was a full-blooded Seneca. However, he married a white woman. Charles Brent Curtis who was vice president of the U.S.A. from 1929 to 1933 was a member of the Kansa (Kaw) Indian Nation. He came close to becoming president; he was Pres. Hoover’s principle opponent for the nomination for the presidency before the Republican Party selected Pres. Hoover. as their candidate for president. V. Pres. Curtis was mostly of white ancestry, but his mother from whom he got his Amerindian ancestry taught him the Kansa language from birth, so he was fluent in the Kansa language. And, he lived on a reservation for a few years after his mother passed away. But, both his Indian and his white grandparents decided that it would be better for him to be raised as a white man than as an Indian. So, from then on, he was raised by his white grandparents.

Now, we can almost always know who is a Mexican-American just by looking. If Mexican-Americans were white like the Spaniards, why would this be so? And, just as the gene pools of the populations of the peoples who consider themselves to be native Americans have been affected by intermarriage with whites, the native American population must have been reduced by Amerindians who marrieds whites and whose descendents were assimilated in the white population or who married blacks and whose descendents were assimilated into to tho black population. I suppose that our native peoples will continue to intermarry with non-native people and there will be fewer and fewer pure blooded native peoples and fewer and fewer native people here who can be readily recognized as native peoples.

Even the Jews with their strong taboo against intermarriage are having difficulty preventing intermarriage with non-Jews in America without the shtetls and ghettos in which they lived in Europe. And, I do not think that our native peoples have a taboo against intermarriage with others as do the Jews. So, I suspect that, perhaps, the people who are called white, Hispanic, Mexicans are more Amerindian than the people we call American-Indians. I really think that for the most part Mexico is composed of native peoples with a Spanish veneer. Despite efforts of previous Mexican governments to replace native languages with Spanish, languages such as Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, is still spoken and is now being taught to Mexico City employees and at some of Mexico’s universities and Yale Univ.

The main reason why the U.S.A and Mexico developed so differently was due to the density of their native populations. The natives of Mexico already had cities and a much higher population density than the native peoples of what is now the U.S.A. So, Cortez could conquer Mexico, but the native peoples could not be displaced there. And, Cortez could not have been successful in his victory over the Aztecs had it not been for the fact that many of the native peoples joined his side and saw the arrival of the Spaniards as their big chance to overthrow the Aztecs. President Jefferson might have been a cultural white supremacist, but he was not a racist white supremacist regarding the native peoples, He thought that they could be Anglicized and then assimilated into the Anglo-American society.

The story of Pocahantas was true, except, possibly for the part about Pocahantas saving John Smith by throwing herself over John Smith. But, this story was also good propaganda for those who agreed with President Jefferson because it is the story of a native woman who becomes a Christian and adopts the English way so well that she become a noble woman in the English royal court. The idea of having schools to teach our native peoples how to become like Europeans-Americans was really done, not to harm them, but to save them. Even the now Ivy League Dartmouth College began as an school for native peoples. The truth is that, if one culture comes into contact with a culture which is stronger, the first culture must adapt in order to survive. When Japan came into contact with the western peoples, their leadership decided that they must westernize if they did not want to become a colony of a European nation nor dominated by a European nation. So, the Japanese westernized, adopted western dress and got rid of the shogunate and samurai. And, developed a highly disciplined western style military so well that they defeated the Russian army and sunk the Russian fleet in the Russo-Japanese War—one of the greatest military upsets in history.

During the 45 year reign of Emperor Mutsuhito, Japan accomplished in 45 years what it took Europe to accomplish to 4 centuries. The loss of land and the decrease in the number of languages spoken is not unique to native Americans. What is now Portugal, Spain, France and England were all Celtic lands. And, in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, English has replaced their native languages as the language which is commonly used. If you really concerned about our native peoples, I think that you should be concerned about the out-of-wedlock birth rate which has been caused by our welfare system which pays poor people not to get married. The out-of-wedlock birthrate for black Americans is now about 70%. But, the out-of-wedlock birthrate for black Americans in 1900 was 10%, about half the present out-of-wedlock birthrate for white Americans. The out-of-wedlock birthrate for native Americans is now 64%. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a historical record for the out-of-wedlock birthrates for our native peoples, but my guess has to be that there has probably been a great increase in the out-of-wedlock birthrate for our native peoples like there has been for black Americans due to our welfare system. Out-of-wedlock births are not an alternative lifestyle; it is a degenerate life style. The out-of-wedlock birthrate for America from 1916 to 1920 was 2.2% which was lower than the out-of-wedlock birthrates for every nation in Europe for those years. I do not know whether or not the 2.2% figure included black Americans or was a figure for white Americans only. Today, Japan has and out-of-wedlock birthrate of 1%, the lowest in the industrialized world. In 1900, the out-of-wedlock birthrate in Japan was 8.8%, almost the same as it was for black Americans in that year. The best thing which could happen for both native Americans and black Americans would be for them to reduce their out-of-wedlock birthrates to more normal levels. Thank you.

There are no better people to run America than European American people. European peoples should be able to organize and advance their own interests just like every other group.

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  4. SimplyFred says:

    Fact is, these 'native americans' gave syphillis to the Northern Europeans who were foolish enough to 'socialize'.

    • American3P says:

      Limbaugh points out that ‘native Americans’ gave Europeans smoking tobacco which resulted in lung cancer and related health disorders.

      The politically correct crowd would have one believe that ‘native Americans’ were a sterilized and uncontaminated population.

  5. Scott Shumaker says:

    I have been pointing this out for quite some time. Also, atheists who use the 'genocide of the Canaanites' argument against God are wrong for the same reason. The Israelites simply bred the Canaanites out of existance.