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No More EU “Migrant Distribution” for Austria

Austria has officially announced that it will not accept any Third World invaders pretending to be refugees into its territory in terms of the European Union’s “migrant distribution quota” system.

Speaking in an interview published in the Bild newspaper in Germany, Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s new chancellor, said that “refugees” should be helped in their own countries rather than being encouraged to come to Europe.

Kurz, the leader of the conservative Austrian Peoples’ Party (ÖVP), has recently formed a government with the anti-invasion Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ).

Kurz called for an end to “failed” attempts to achieve a quota system for distributing the fake “asylum seekers” around the European Union.

The announcement formally aligns Austria with Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, three other EU member states who have refused to take part in the Angela Merkel plan.

“Forcing states to take refugees doesn’t take Europe any further. The discussion makes no sense,” Kurz said.

“Migrants who set off for Europe don’t want to go to Bulgaria or Hungary. They want to go to Germany, Austria or Sweden.”

Instead of doubling down on what he termed a “failed” policy, Kurz called for the EU to support, “perhaps militarily”, efforts to help the Third Worlders in their countries of origin or in neighboring states.

“If that isn’t possible, then they should be helped in safe areas on their own continent”, he said.

“The EU should support that, perhaps even organize it, and back it militarily”.

“If we continue on this path, we will only further divide the European Union. Member States should decide for themselves whether and how many people they will take in.”

According to Eurostat, 60 percent of all the Third World invaders landing in Europe—thanks to the race-denying liberal policies of the western European nations—end up asking for “asylum” in Germany.

In short, Kurz continued, the aberrations between the EU’s refugee and migration policies need to be urgently corrected. “The boundaries between asylum and economic migration are blurred at present.”

“We can longer just take in anyone who travels illegally to the EU with the help of a smuggler,” he said, adding that the “political will to enforce such a policy now exists”—an apparent reference to the fact that nearly 60 percent of the Austrian electorate supports his coalition government.

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