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Obama for America by Obama!

Critique: A new 20-page booklet about Obama by Obama!

“A Plan for Jobs & Middle-Class Security”

By: President Barack Obama

Page 3
This touted to be “All encompassing” booklet deals with a host of issues across the entire spectrum of the economic and social scene. The real story begins on Page 3 with the following errors:

“Over the last 31 months American business has created 5.2 million new jobs” Well, not quite from Jan 2008 to November 2012, 345,000 fewer Americans have jobs.

“Independent” (but unnamed) economists project that our economy will create an additional 12 million jobs in the next four years” (how?) Do; please introduce us to those soothsayers! “…to strengthen the Middle Class security (?) By making smart investments in education and training, growing small business, promoting technology and innovation, and reducing the deficit” How do you do that your own budget projects a deficit for $20 trillion by 2016? Wow! How does the middle class benefit from shoveling even more money to educrats, training whom for what, promoting technology, and reducing the deficit? It sounds great but is clueless!

Reviving American Manufacturing.
“Obama’s policies have created nearly 500,000 jobs in the last 31 months” Rubbish! Free Trade policies from Clinton to Obama have destroyed 10 million manufacturing jobs and closed 45,000 manufacturing businesses. Question? “Do those 500,000 jobs include or exclude the 12 green energy projects that cost $ 6 billion and went belly up?

Energy made in America.
Well, that must include the 19% reduction in drilling on federal lands, the refusal to allow the Keystone pipeline, the shutting down of drilling in the gulf, the blockage of Alaskan production, EPA refusal to grant refinery expansion, draconian EPA regulations for coal, oil, refining, electric generation, and the spending of untold billions on losing green energy projects. Along with newly proposed energy taxes.

Growing small Business.
OK, you must be kidding! “Class Warfare, All must pay their equal share, Tax the Rich, You didn’t create that, Increase the capital gains tax”. Regulate them all out of business, what you can’t regulate tax! This has been the most anti-business administration of American history. The vitriolic hatred of these communist for any employer, businessman, or job creator is unbelievable. Additionally this is the first American administration with less than 5% business people in it. The lowest in American history.

Quality Education.
Education has nothing to do with the federal government. Before the creation of the Department of Education under Democrat Carter in the 70,s we were number one in the world, today we are number 34. Education should be a local issue all the federal involvement has done is to lower every aspect of education and in higher education drive costs through the roof. “100,000 math and science teachers. Not the job of Obama or the government, we know why he wants more teachers they are all vote democrat.

Cutting the deficit by more that $4 trillion.
From the silly to the sublime. Obama increased the federal deficit by over $ 5 trillion in four years, and his own budget projections over the coming four years indicates a growth of the national debt to $ 20 trillion. Where the hell are the $4 trillion in cuts? Obama’s budget proposals for 2012, deficit 1.326 trillion 2013, 901.4 Billion, 2014, $667 Billion, 2015, $609 billion and 2016 $634.8 billion, considering a projected Obamacare cost of $835 billion 2012, rising to 1.2 trillion by 2016 that is a preposterous pipe dream.

Putting you in charge of your healthcare.
Obamacare is a one size fits all nationalized healthcare system intended to drive private insurance companies out of the industry. A healthcare panel of 15 appointed bureaucrats will make determination of eligibility. This in fact has happened in every nation that implemented such a system including Russia, England, Ireland, France, etc. all of them had to rescind benefits because they proved unaffordable. All healthcare costs have dramatically risen since the inception of Obamacare.

Protecting Retirement Security.
This is utterly ridiculous; do these people live in another universe? American’s IRA’s 401K’s, and any other retirement investments they have, fallen by at least 40% since these fools took office. “…Has put forth a specific plan to of balanced spending,…” we suppose that includes the $ 5 trillion in additional debt he accumulated in four years. “….4 trillion in deficit reductions…” where how what the hell is he talking about?

Page4-“We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt”
Well actually Chrysler was purchased by Fiat, (Italy) who announced in October 2012 that they would be transferring Jeep production to China in 2013. On GM the American bondholders were screwed, and the union was empowered, the taxpayers are left holding the bag for about $ 34 billion, GM has announced that they will be moving their R & D department from Detroit to China. GM has opened 11 assembly plants in China and 4 production plants and scuttle has it that they will be opening another 11 plants in China in the coming four years. That gets the union screwed, the taxpayers screwed, and America screwed all in two swift terms in office. Had GM gone through chapter 11 bankruptcies nobody would have gotten screwed and they would be making cars here; as of 2012, 7 out of 10 GM products are already made outside the USA.

“I will not stand by when our competitors don’t play by the rules”
Just kidding. Go to any Wall Mart, K Mart, Target, and find an American made product! Free Trade for Panama, Columbia, and South Korea? Do tell us how American labor, which on average costs $35 per hrs. is going to compete with labor in those nations whose cost is under half that?

Page 5-Reviving American Manufacturing
It is positively astounding that a man who could not set up to produce a pencil has the gall to address this issue. He picked GE, CEO Jeffrey E. Immelt to be the chairman of his business council that has not met since March 2012. GE, by the way is one of Americas largest jobs out-sourcers. The ludicrous assertion that Obama has created 500,000 manufacturing jobs since Jan 2010 is disproved by the fact that we have over 345,000 less people gainfully employed now than in 2008. The claim of 31 months of job growth is an illusion based on falsified statistical information from many government departments. Requirement for job growth is 144,000 new jobs per month to keep up with new job applications, we have hardly met that in any month, and as of Nov. 2012 we have just over 23 million unemployed. The claim of 5.2 million new jobs is ridiculous, unemployment has been steady at over 22 million for two years. The rescue of GM is another lie. GM now produces 7 out of 10 cars outside the USA, has opened 11 assembly pants and 4 drive train plants and 2,400 GM dealerships in China, announced the transfer of their R& D department from Detroit to China and inside sources at GM indicated that they plan to move another 11 plants to China in 2013 to 2015. All that Obama did at GM was to transfer ownership from legitimate bondholder to the United Auto Workers union and the government, in the process screwing American taxpayers out of $34 billion.

Then there is the free trade agreement with S. Korea, Panama, and Columbia, wonderful, NAFTA and CAFTA screwed America out of 10 million manufacturing jobs and 43,000 production plants, this further expansion of free trade will accelerate the transfer of jobs overseas. P.S. no one is bringing jobs back to America that is a total myth. The projection graph indicating a 45 degree climb in American manufacturing jobs to 1,000,000 by 2016 is wishful thinking at best.

Relating to his program:
1) Cutting corporate tax rate and closing loopholes is a good Idea, however this has to be applied to small business not just to multinationals as before.
2) There are no tax deductions for shipping jobs overseas except as in NAFTA and CAFTA which are specifically set up to foster manufacturing development in Mexico and the Caribbean Basin.
3) China dose not practice unfair trade, it practices currency manipulation, by lowering the value of the Yuan to make their goods cheaper in America. This in effect has no impact on American producers, which cannot complete with Chinese labor regardless of the Yuan value; it only affects goods made in other third world locations and Mexico.
4) Training 2 million workers is a fine idea; it has nothing to do with the federal government. It will take at minimum 6 years to train qualified machinists, tool makers, carpenters, and other technicians, furthermore once trained how will they compete with labor costs for the same thing in China of less than 1/8 the cost, and none of the EPA and safety OSHA regulations?
5) Creating a new network of 15 to 20 manufacturing innovation institutes is a stupid wasteful academic exercise that will produce nothing except the acceleration of the national debt.

Page 6

While not directly indicating that this is a veiled effort at expanding more of the losing green energy initiatives that have already resulted in over $6 billion loses lets look at this once again.
Dr. Chu (USDE) invested just over $ 6 billion in such enterprises from 2008 to 2012. Almost all of these companies went belly up. The list includes, Solyndra, A 123 Systems, Beacon Power, Abound Solar, Scranton Technologies, some are ludicrous, Frisker is to produce cars in Finland, firstly Finland does not have a developed auto industry, and secondly how does that help American labor? The Chevy Volt is in the process of being eliminated from the GM production program, the other electric cars funded cost over $ 100,000 each and are not selling even with huge government incentives. Dr. Chu has already indicated that they are planning to add additional $ 10 billion in more failing projects. Like those before probably mostly to Obama campaign contributors.

Page 7

Energy Made in America
Absolutely unbelievable! This is the administration that has reduced drilling on federal lands by 19%. The one who has consistently through surrogate agencies like EPA attacked coal, refining, electric generation, pipelines, refining construction, nuclear energy plants, and has spent over $ 6 billion on green energy projects that went bankrupt.
Foreign oil imports are down to a 20-year low. You bet Mr. president the economy is down by 40% since you took office with less commercial action obviously oil consumption declines. We have doubled oil production; OK all of the increases are privately controlled land, not government land not with aid from the administration but despite the administration.
Solar and wind produced energy is at a 14-year high, yes it is all the way up to 2.3 % of the national grid. This is with government kickbacks, on every level. And with an investment of $ 6 billion. If that money had been spent on the construction of one of the new nuclear reactor designs it would produce 3% of the total energy and have produced 4,000 jobs.
The graph on the bottom of page 7 that indicates a growth of clean energy from 45% to 65% between 2004 and 2012 is make-believe rubbish. The Reliance on foreign oil on the left side is more rubbish.
The suggestion that green energy will reduce unemployment is false, green energy reduces employment and cost about four times as much. Spain’s University of Bilbao has produced an extensive report that disputes every aspect of green energy. Spain has the highest amount of green energy production, an unemployment rate of over 30 years of age of 25% and a 50% one for those under 25. Additionally Spain has the highest energy costs in the EU, and is going broke because of green energy.

Page 8-“I said I would cut taxes for small business and I have done so 18 times.”
Wow, how come my taxes and cost of operating my business went up? What am I missing? Oh, I forgot the EPA, OSHA, USDA, USDC, USDD, USDE, HHS, LSC, and all the rest of alphabet soup of losers. This is the single biggest lie in the entire brochure. For 2013 Obama has already announced 6,000 new government business destructive regulations.

Page 9-Big plans for small business growth.

  1. Cutting taxes for small business. Rubbish, I am not aware of any tax reductions for small business, none. Tax credits for new workers hired, Oh, that must be the $2,000 fine for firms with more than 50 employees who do not comply with Obamacare. Write offs for new equipment that has ben part of the US tax code for as long as I can remember.
  2. Extending the middle class tax cut, no you are not; you have repeatedly stated that the rich who are paying over 85% of all federal taxes collected must pay their fair share. Because most small businesses are proprietorships they are taxed on the personal level. That means that any business owner will see a tax increase in 2013 if your horrible plans are adopted.
  3. Expanding Obamacare will result in higher healthcare costs for everyone. If you doubt that look at England, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France and then compare it with Switzerland that has a private insurance based system that is not only better but also much cheaper.
    Statements on the left top of the page are so silly I won’t bother to reply. The claim of 60,000 new business started in 2011 must be in Obama’s imagination.

Page 10-“Education was the gateway for me”
You bet! Occidental College with a Fulbright foreign student’s Scholars program grant, on to Columbia paid for again by a Fulbright foreign students grant, and on to Harvard paid for by a Saudi billionaire. On to working for ACORN as a community organizer (Bolshevik) for organized labor, to The University of Chicago and a lecturer position, (provided under much political pleasure) to the suspension of your law license from the Illinois BAR association, for lying on your application, and then elected to the Illinois legislature where you voted present 90% of the time. You know so much about education that you hired Amy Duncan the chancellor of the worst public school system in America (Chicago) to head up the US Dep. of Education. Oh, and you mentioned Michelle she must be your wife who surrendered her bar accreditation for the charge of insurance fraud.

Page 11-More Education!
For an administration that is so utterly clueless about education and employment to spend two pages on the topic is amusing. Statistics that are irrelevant are quoted, our international standing is not claimed, we are number 34. We re informed that we are 14th in college graduation as if that had any bearing on the issue. Our national problem is not college graduates it is skilled labor. America needs welders, machinists, set up men for machine shops, tool makers, sheet metal workers, fabrication specialists, all of which require an excellent HS that teaches math, geometry, algebra, physics, chemistry, and languages including English. They also require at least a three-year apprenticeship. We do not have any HS left that teach those subjects. That is our educational problem. Saving the jobs of 400,000 teachers who are not qualified to teach subjects required by employers is stupid! Football, baseball, basketball, is not relevant subjects for employment advancement. We also need engineers not lawyers! And any good engineer first before he went to engineering school took a three-year apprenticeship in the subject he will graduate in. That requires a 7-year minimum commitment it’s a lot easier to become a know nothing teacher in four years.

  1. Cutting tuition growth. Yes absolutely that is best accomplished by eliminating federal student loans. These education loans that now saddle the nation with a debt of over one trillion dollars are the outgrowth of federal tuition loans. These loans have allowed massive increases about 15% above annual inflation of tuition and salaries for professors over $ 100,000 per year and administrators of ¼ million per year.
  2. Recruiting 100,000 sciences and math is more rubbish. Hire 50,000 retired skilled laborers like machinists and welders and have them teach real skills. These are lasting skills, which allow anyone who has them immediate employment at a very good and comparative wage. All the other stuff is academic and bureaucratic BS.
  3. Strengthen public schools. Absolutely. The best way to do that is to eliminate the US Department of Education. In 1970 before the DE America was # 1 in the world in public education aptitude. Today 40 years later we are #34. Education is a local issue between parents and the local school the federal government has no place in it constitutionally or in any other manner. Just one more thing on the Department of Education they consume almost 75% of their entire budget in administrative costs.
  4. Train 2 million (not enough) workers for good jobs. Yes indeed, look at the Swiss model (Switzerland has an unemployment rate below 3% and has over 30 % immigrant labor).

Page 12-Tax savings under Obama
Well actually, not so much! He claims to have cut taxes by $3,600 for the average family. Well not for us or anyone I know. In fact he has increased the cost of living and thereby cause every living American to lose income, through a reduction of earning power and inflation. The actual average cost of this is $ 4,450.00 per taxpayer. (Increase cost not decreased taxes)

Page 13-“Asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as his secretary”
Stupid, does this man think we are unable to add? Romney paid more in taxes than Obama, Axelrod, Emanuel, and Jarred combined and he gave $5 million to charity! Furthermore Romney was paying capital gains taxes, that is a tax on money that has already been taxed once as income, therefore he was actually paying 15% on top of 37% which is a lot more than his secretary. Catchy phrases do not make for truthful commentary.

Cutting a trillion in spending.

This is way beyond BS this is in the realm of Alice in Wonderland. Obama racked up a $ 5 trillion deficit in 4 years, more than Bush in 8, and more than all of the previous presidents combined. To call that a one trillion cut in spending is ridiculous. Then he goes back to the lie on page 12.

  1. He plans to cut the deficit by 4 trillion over the coming decade. Well, with an Obama’s projection of a $20 trillion debt by 2016 that’s going to be a real challenge for his follower.
  2. A plan to make sure those millionaires aren’t paying less in taxes than middle-class families. As pointed out before this tax structure is a figment of Obama’s imagination.
  3. He then informs that he will take half of the savings from the Iraq war and half of those from the Afghan war and apply them to the deficit and the other half to education. The problem with that is that there are no savings to be realized from Iraq the war was over in 2011, and the war in Afghanistan won’t be over until December 2014 maybe.

Under Romney middle-class taxes will go up $2,000, just tell us how and why?

Page 14-“It is up to you whether we go back to a healthcare system…”
Socialized medicine has failed in every place it was ever enacted. The list is endless, but some of the major places were, USSR, England, Poland, Yugoslavia, and Italy under Mussolini and now bankrupting Italy, Spain under Franco and now bankrupting Spain, Portugal under Salazar now fast approaching bankruptcy. Furthermore we do not want 15 nameless appointed bureaucrats determining eligibility by age and classification we would much rather prefer the ability to negotiate our own coverage. Furthermore cost has already risen and this is just the beginning. Obamacare and all its over 2000 pages of gobbledygook is a regulatory nightmare for all Americans, something that they will come to realize in a few short years.

Page 15-Putting you in charge of your healthcare.
This is a one-provider system designed to bankrupt insurance carriers. It will within a few years eliminate private insurance carriers until only the government is left. Don’t tell me different this is exactly the same way such systems have been installed since time immemorial. The Lenin did it, Hitler did it, Mussolini did it, Salazar did it, Franco did it, and Peron did it, how much evidence do you require?
Let’s cut to the quick, Obamacare cuts payments to hospitals, and doctors, and increases taxes on all providers including medical instrument producers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Then it increases the applied number of beneficiaries by 35 million and does not increase the number of doctors. And then Obama tells us all this is going to be less expensive! More BS. Then from the bizarre to the ridiculous

  1. Insure coverage for pre existing conditions. OK you are an insurance company and you are told that you must now cover all preexisting medical conditions. What do you do? You raise the premiums for everyone; it is the only thing you can do, that is unless the Obama fairy pays for it.
  2. Creates a marketplace. We already have one, all that is necessary is for the government to get out of the way and allow private carriers to cover anyone anyplace.
  3. Prohibit discrimination. It’s already the law of the land.
  4. Further cuts for small business of 50%. I suppose that the Obama fairy is paying for that also.

P.S. without tort reform there will not be any reduction of healthcare regardless of who the administrator is. Trial lawyers will never allow that!

Page 16-Protecting retirement security
Say, with the 40% loses of IRA and 401K accounts along with all pensions the government has done a great job at this. Only a lifelong government agent, or system beneficiary thinks this way. If I had been allowed to pay for, and hire an insurance carrier and purchase an annuity for retirement with the funds I paid to the government in SS taxes I would now be getting four times as much per month than I get from SS and when I die if before the age of 85 my wife would get over $45,000 as it stands she will get $ 350. Just enough to purchase a cardboard box to bury me in. Don’t argue I had an actuary work this out for me.

  1. Opposed to gamble with the stock market on social Security. Where do these fools come from? Has Obama ever heard about bonds? How about commodities, gold, or silver? How about annuities with insured insurance carriers? Well what can you expect from amateurs?
  2. Stop proposals to turn Medicare into a voucher program? Why? What makes Obama think that the government can do a better job? Social Security consumes about 22% in administrative burden; the most inept private insurance carrier manages below 14%. Private is always cheaper better and more efficient than government, no you don’t believe it, the US Post Office, Amtrak, TVA, NASA, TSA, need I continue?
  3. Save 60,000 lives. Well, I suppose that’s why Canadians frequent American healthcare in such large numbers. It’s why Mexican’s favorite place for medical services is America. It’s why Mexican women sneak across the border in their 9th month, do you think? Actually the greatest loss of life in America is attributable to one of Obama’s favorite agencies the FDA.

Page 17-“I will never turn Medicare into a voucher.”
I assume that must be because I am far too stupid to administer my own healthcare after all I have only been doing it for the last 75 years.

Page 18-“Moving America Forward”
For starters please understand the FORWARD was a word used by Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler it along with HOPE, CHANGE and REVENGE all are the words of the socialist revolution. Progressives, of which Obama claims to be one, are socialists and communists. The now tiered canard of 31 months of job growth and 5.2 million new jobs in four years is brought to bear. With 345,000 fewer employed American as now employed than on his inauguration, that’s hardly possible.

Page 19-“It will be a choice between two fundamentally different systems”
Absolutely, no disagreement here. It is the difference between what our forefathers gave us and what Karl Marx and the Fabians concocted in England at the turn of the 20th century. Americans have choice; socialism and communism over free enterprise, capitalism, and a free and open society, we are on the path toward what China was, a nation that is now casting aside all those unworkable communist theories that have never in recorded history worked anyplace.

BACKWARD not FORWARD should be Obama’s battle cry!

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