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Obama Packs DHS With Pro-Amnesty Leftist Attorneys

By Brenda Walker | Obama promised to change America fundamentally, and it’s one pledge he works daily to fulfill. The latest blow against the nation is the President’s unilateral move to transform the Department of Homeland Security into an illegal alien welcoming agency. The President has loaded up the DHS with dozens of amnesty-activist immigration attorneys who can change policy from law enforcement to anti-borders anarchy. Because the lawyers have been hired via civil service and not as political appointees, they are permanent employees.

J. Christian Adams blew the whistle on this scheme, and appeared Friday on Fox News to explain, and he remarked that “this unit will have the power to effectively suspend immigration laws… This administration knows that personnel is policy. And they are changing the personnel to change the policy.”

Adams accomplished similar whistle-blowing earlier after working as a lawyer in the DoJ, where he revealed the inside story in his 2011 book Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department.

Pro-Amnest Obama and LaRaza

Adams also wrote about his findings:

Amnesty Incorporated: DHS Hires Activist Immigration Lawyers, PJMedia, By J. Christian Adams, December 4, 2013

Despite the sequester, the Department of Homeland Security has just completed a hiring blitz of attorneys to oversee and manage immigration litigation. Almost all of these new civil service attorney hires hail from an activist pro-amnesty and pro-asylum background. Sources within the Department of Homeland Security report that the process for hiring these new career civil service lawyers was unconventional and was conducted by an Obama political appointee within DHS.

The new attorneys have activist backgrounds with a variety of pro-amnesty groups such as the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), the Advancement Project, and open borders groups funded by the Tides Foundation.

PJ Media previously reported on attorney hires within the Justice Department Civil Rights Division in the Every Single One series. That series demonstrated that every single attorney hire had a leftist or Democrat activist pedigree. The Department of Justice Inspector General criticized those DOJ hiring procedures as producing ideological outcomes. PJ Media only obtained the resumes of DOJ hires after this publication was forced to sue Eric Holder in federal court under the Freedom of Information Act.

Now, sources inside DHS have provided PJ Media with the employment history and pro-amnesty backgrounds of the newly hired lawyers who will be enforcing federal immigration laws.

The ideological histories of these new DHS lawyers undermine confidence that the federal government will vigorously enforce federal laws, notwithstanding any congressional “mandates” to do so.

These lawyers were hired through unconventional means by former DHS chief counsel for Citizen and Immigration Services Stephen Legomsky. Sources at DHS report that when Legomsky was hired by Secretary Janet Napalitano’s Department, he was not even an active member of any bar association. After resigning in October 2013, Legomsky is now a professor of law at Washington University. His scholarship is most notable for its hostility toward barriers to entry for foreigners coming to the United States.

NOTE: USCIS is part of the DHS. It is the successor agency to the now defunct Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), but shorn of its law enforcement operations, which now reside elsewhere in the department.

As chief counsel, Legomsky will manage a staff of 160 attorneys, advise the director of the agency on legal and policy issues, and serve as a member of the DHS and USCIS leadership teams.

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