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Obama’s Emancipation Proclamation: Immigration by Executive Fiat

A day that will live in infamy.

A day of greater importance than Yorktown, Plymouth Rock, Gettysburg, Appomattox and Pearl Harbor all put together.

It gives me little pleasure to pat myself on the back and remind people that years ago I predicted that if Congress did not take down the borders, the Executive Branch would do so by an Emancipation Proclamation.

And that’s what happened today.

I was in the Atlanta Airport waiting to pick up my brother’s guitar from the luggage carousel when Obama came on television. Liberal journalists had been ooohing and aaahing for several minutes.

Obama was angry! He pursed his lips, lowered his eyes. His voice shook with rage and indignation as he related how his efforts had been thwarted despite the fact that the whole country — including the Republicans — knew he was right, that the illegals had to be given citizenship, that his proposal would “protect the borders,” would improve our economy….

Well… the list of the boons for us all just kept spilling off his angry pursed lips.

As well as allusions to the “humanitarian crisis” of the “children at our borders.” (What will he do when the next 500,000 “children” show up? Shoot them? The word is out to the Third World: ship your teenagers off to the American border. They can cash in, become citizens and then bring in all the rest under “family reunification.”)

Rebellion on Illegal ImmigrationIt is hard not to be enraged at this dictatorial act. The Oath of Office obviously means nothing. Having gotten away with his dry run mini-emancipation proclamation exempting 800,000 twenty-somethings from the law a year or so ago (with Romney urgently issuing marching orders to the compliant Republicans in Congress not to make a peep about it), Obama has cleverly laid the foundation for this breath-taking move.

His precedent has undermined Republican opposition.

It is indeed infuriating to see this “community activist” jumped-up affirmative action quota guy just casually dispense with the law, the Constitution, etc.

At least it’s infuriating to some.

White liberals on the subway train this afternoon, hearing me talk on the cell phone, were exultant. Especially the college-aged women. It doesn’t dawn on these puffed up fools that if Obama can by executive fiat repeal and create laws, where does it stop?

There is no distinction between what he has done today on immigration and a decision not to enforce the First Amendment and to have the police round up dissidents.

But all the silly White cows could think about was that they were Obama supporters and someone was putting “their” President down.

However, those of us who initially felt anger surging through our minds should release the need for the anger.

This action by Obama will be ultimately beneficial to us. The legalization of the illegals was a foregone conclusion. Boehner already was scheming with Obama on how to put it through. Lindsey Graham and John McCain in the Senate were totally in line.

Since it had to come, this is the best possible way for it to come — an illegal legalization of illegal aliens.

Had Obama (and his handlers) been smarter, they would have waited a few months until a “bipartisan” agreement could be reached and the GOP would sign off on another betrayal of its constituency.

Instead, his “bold action” taints the whole affair and saps public acceptance.

Not that any immediate reaction from the inert mass of the American people is be expected.

Contrary to all the boastful bumper stickers about “Live free or die” and “These colors don’t run”, the American people are a weak and cowardly, ground-down biomass.

Spengler observed, “In the days of the Republic Rome was a people. In the days of the Empire Rome was a population.”

The modern American people do not even rise to the level of a population. They are a biomass.

What would a genuinely brave and free people do?

When a tyrant emerges, someone has to bring him down.

To do that requires a people willing to hurt and bleed. To take risks. To lose jobs. To face bayonets with bare hands as the Czech students did when the Communist government called in the troops and police to crush their demands for a non-communist state.

We have an example drawn from our own history as free Anglo-Saxons.

When James II, the last Roman Catholic King of England, made it clear that, like Obama, he was not constrained by the traditional requirement that Parliament pass laws and the King obey them, the people of England led by their aristocrats and the Puritan mercantile class took the appropriate steps.

The King announced that by executive order he was repealing the laws making the Church of England the established church and was using his power to grant pardons to annul all of the laws punishing Roman Catholics and Calvinist Nonconformists for refusing to attend Anglican services.

The King baited this announcement by including the Presbyterians in his decree. The idea was that the Nonconformists would be drawn to support him. This did not work. With the example of what had happened across the English Channel where Louis XIV also claimed to be able to rule without constraint of Parliament (“I am the State”) and what this meant for their coreligionists in France, the Dissenters wisely recognized that a King who had the power to grant them toleration without parliamentary consent, ipso facto had the power to revoke toleration.

The Anglicans — frightened at the position in which they found themselves — hastily made promises of easing the laws if the Calvinists would sit still and not back the King.

The leaders of the English called in a new King to replace James.

They rose in rebellion. They took down their guns from over the mantle pieces. They marched on London not to murder the felonious King but to bring the tyrant to justice. James wisely fled the country ahead of his outraged subjects and sailed to France for refuge with his fellow royal absolutist Louis XIV.

That’s what a free people does.

Who will do it here? Will the Virginia National Guard be called out to march on Washington and arrest the traitor so he may be tried, convicted and punished? Will the Republicans call out the NRA members to stop Obama before he — or some immigrant-elected successor — by imperial fiat cancels the 2nd Amendment?


All that will happen will be a lot of indignant venting. There will be outraged editorials on websites. Bloggers will rant and rave. Angry meetings of groups scattered across the country will gather and vent. Calls will be heard that we “must do something.”

But nothing will be done. No one will arrest Obama … and that’s what it would take for Americans to be a genuinely brave and free people.

There will not even be a resort to massive peaceful civil disobedience to shut the country down until Obama is forced to resign and his edict repealed.

The outrage will wear off. Attendance at the rarer and rarer meetings of protest groups will fall off. Obama and his handlers will get their way.

However, for White Americans who still believe in our race, its civilization, its religion, and its culture, this event brings with it more than one silver lining.

It invalidates the System.

It exposes the illegality of the Regime.

It forfeits the legitimacy of the process.

In more than a small way, it will open the eyes of a significant percentage — even if at this point only single digits — of Whites that the White Nationalists are right.

That reformism is futile.

That involvement in political campaigns to “take back our country” and to send Mr. Smith to Washington is crack-brained, that reformism is dead on arrival, that only the pathetically deluded can from here on out believe in the electoral system.

The Obama Emancipation Proclamation shows the sad futility of decades of immigration reform groups and meetings.

Imagine if the money and effort that has been washed down the drain by the stroke of Obama’s pen today had been put into building the infrastructure of our people’s liberation movement?

If the meetings and books and the time poured out in this doomed effort had been directed toward promoting the idea of our own ethnostate and to clearly and uncompromisingly educating our people on the subjects of race and ethnicity, we would be far ahead of where we are now.

Obama has acted foolishly in moving illegally to take what would have fallen into his hand as a ripe fruit.

Will White people act wisely and set about the creation of their own ethnostate?

For all that the American people today are contemptible, even a rat will fight when it is cornered. The Obama edict — bringing in ultimately some 60 million poor, uneducated, sullen, hostile nonwhites (through family unification) is a major step forward in stripping Whites of their luxurious and enervating standard of living. It will help corner all the “go-along-get-ahead” card-pushing lawyers and stock brokers. It will knock a lot of sense into the silly White cows angrily defending “their” Obama on the subway train today.

No more of System games.

Let the great Voortrek begin!

It will take night to enable our blinded people to see the stars.

There are no better people to run America than European American people. European peoples should be able to organize and advance their own interests just like every other group.

The American Freedom Party (AFP) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the dinosaur Democrat and Republican parties. Join a National Party that puts America first, The American Freedom Party!

Support and maintain American Freedom Party growth and the spread of Western civilization! The American Freedom Party is the only party that addresses issues concerning European-American communities and all Americans.

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  1. James Carroll says:

    The real James II… a far cry from neo-Marxist usurper Barry Soetoro.

    Click here…

  2. wjb says:

    What a depressing article but one I agree wholeheartedly with. Whites have been so beat over the head by taxes, wars, unfair laws, and their own children, they no longer have the stomach for conflict. The fact that Obama became president says the whites can’t even bond together when their existence is threatened. this is why you now see so many white women parading around town with their kids in tow. they know who the winner is. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, one lone white individual will make a stand. It only takes one man in the right location and at the right time to change history.