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OpenGlobe interviews Merlin Miller

by George Watson | Merlin Miller is an American independent film-maker from Iowa, best known for his 1998 television film A Place to Grow and the 2000 film Jericho. In the last decade, he has adopted a white nationalist ideology, and founded his own production company, Americana Pictures.

He has also received the official presidential nomination of the American Third Position Party, making him the party’s first presidential candidate since its foundation in 2010.

Merlin MillerMiller’s somewhat controversial policies include white nationalism, as he believes the US has “been undermined by internationalists seeking to destroy the ‘liberty, sovereignty, and identity’ of America” by increasing ethnic diversity [and marginalizing the White American majority.] He intends to counter this with “an indefinite moratorium on all immigration”, and military defense of the US–Mexico border.

The Miller campaign also rejects “alternative lifestyles” such as homosexuality, and supports capital punishment and reduced gun control. Other policies include proportional representation at all levels of government and a nationalist economic policy.

OpenGlobe reporter George Watson secured an exclusive email interview with Mr Miller, covering issues from the mainstream media’s coverage of third party candidates to the controversial CISPA bill.

Q: How do you feel about the news coverage of the elections? Do you think you and other third-party candidates on the ballot this year have received fair treatment from the media?

I believe that third parties are generally ignored by the main stream media in favor of supporting the well funded and entrenched establishment parties. Local coverage for alternative/third party candidates is generally more favorable and comprehensive.

Q: If you are elected, what will be your first act as President? What are the top priorities on your agenda?

My first act as President would be to establish a policy of America first. This would encompass bringing our troops home immediately to protect America’s borders from an immigration invasion. Other top priorities would be; to stop the debasement of our currency – returning the issuance authority to our Treasury where it constitutionally belongs (rather than with private bankers), and I would work to renegotiate “free” trade agreements to favor American workers and industry, rather than the interests of multinational corporations and our foreign competitors.

Q: Should your candidacy be unsuccessful, what do you hope to achieve from it?

We have no serious expectations as far as being elected to national office with this first campaign. However, we hope to build a party presence and be able to effect local elections and bring certain issues to the national forefront. We would also consider a coalition effort in support of the candidacy of Ron Paul – as our platform has many similarities…with the exception that we are firmly opposed to massive immigration, affirmative action programs, and the social Marxist attacks on our traditional culture.

Q: Are there any other third-party candidates whom you particularly admire or respect?

I respect any candidate who stands up for their beliefs and especially those who stand in support of protecting our constitution.

Q: If you don’t win the election, whom would you like to see win?

Ron Paul is a true patriot statesman and the best man in America to lead us out of our current problems.

Q: There’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about CISPA, which the House recently passed (and which Obama threatened to veto should it reach his desk). What’s your opinion about the bill?

Despite any potential positives with a bill like CISPA, I believe it opens the door for further abuses against the American people and small businesses, by our government and corporate America. It is a slippery slope and we can not afford to have our liberties further eroded through euphemistic sounding “police state” oppressions. As Benjamin Franklin so well put it…”those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Q: Are there any other comments or final remarks you wish to make?

Government has grown beyond its constitutional limits and must be shrunk. America’s liberty, sovereignty and identity must be preserved and not sacrificed at the altar of a global elite “new world order”.

As part of its Third Parties 2012 series, OpenGlobe has secured an exclusive interview with controversial US film-maker and 2012 presidential candidate Merlin Miller, of the American Third Position Party.

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Comments (5)

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    Great interview. I would rather the media use the term 'American Nationalism' though in connection with the A3P, rather than 'White Nationalism' mainly, for two reasons,

    1. 'White Nationalism', is in my opinion more an international term, that encompasses all White Nationalist around the world , rather than our own specific nationalist agenda here in the United States.

    2. 'White Nationalism', will not be, at least in my opinion, be as readily exceptable to the public ,as will the term..'American Nationalism' would be.

    I believe that the A3P leadership should encourage the media whenever possible , and especially in interviews, that the host use 'American Nationalism', or that the A3P be refered to as an 'American Nationalist' political party..

    • American3P says:

      And that is exactly what Merlin means, America First!

      • Tanner says:


        Merlin actually personally approved the text of the entire article, and I was told that he actually enjoyed reading it. Had changes of the wording/terminology been requested by Miller, the author would’ve gladly changed it.
        Thanks for posting this, we appreciate when people reuse our work, within our Creative Commons Attribution license. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, or any of the other project managers on OpenGlobe.


    • Merlin says:

      Thank you, James. I agree and do prefer American Nationalist. We are America first.