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Oregon Activists Focus On Party Momentum

Oregon A3P | American Third Position activists and supporters from Oregon and Washington met Sunday, November 4th, to discuss the future of party activism in the area. Oregon was the primary focus, due largely to the majority of meeting attendees residing in that state, but also because of the relative simplicity and straightforwardness of that state’s political process, in comparison with Washington, whose laws are less amenable to the creation and maintenance of third parties.

Meeting in a fairly informal manner, for dinner at a party member’s house, the atmosphere and discussion were relaxed but still serious, and much was accomplished in the way of planning future activism, with emphasis especially on how to pursue party goals through the actual political process and what steps need to be taken, etc. to (1) become an officially recognized political party in Oregon and (2) gain ballot access and run candidates. Oregon is a referendum state, and possibilities for furthering party policy via that route were also discussed.

Oregon A3P

After leading to several concrete decisions concerning future plans for party activism, the meeting devolved from business to chat, over a wonderful pile of homemade chili, everyone now getting to know each other, each explaining a bit about his or her life and how he or she came to know of and support a small but potentially influential political party still in its infancy and only now beginning to feel its legs.
The reason given by nearly everyone was that there seemed to be a clear lack of representation for the concerns of our people. Contrasted with other groups, ordinary Americans are without politically-oriented bodies whose purpose is to represent them. The American Third Position seeks to fill that void, and that is what attracted the attendees of this meeting.

Party members in Oregon and Washington have only recently begun organizing and holding events, but they are on their way to performing the groundwork required of a political party. A3P leaders would like to encourage members throughout the country to organize in a similar manner, first meeting each other and then working together on progressively more advanced projects.

Oregon and Washington A3P members can email the party for information on how to become involved with party efforts in these states. Your inquires will be sent to area coordinators who will inform you of future events.

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  1. Alex says:

    I live in Portland, Oregon. Born Jew, in Russia. Came here about 20 years ago, converted to Catholicism and detest everything about Judaism. Do not agree with all points in your program, but very interested in discussing some issues and probably joining.

  2. Help says:

    What a happy group of people.

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