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Outrage Over Candidate’s ‘Make America White Again’ Sign

A candidate for Congress is under fire for a campaign sign highlighting his hope of making “America White Again.”

Rick Tyler for CongressThe sign, which appeared over Highway 411 near Benton, Tenn., was placed there by independent candidate, Rick Tyler, who is currently running for Tennessee’s 3rd congressional district seat, WRCB-TV reported.

While the sign may seem racist, Tyler told the news station it wasn’t meant to be.

He says the sign is a call to take America back to the “1960s, Ozzie and Harriet, Leave it to Beaver time, when there were no break-ins, no violent crime, no mass immigration.”

And the highly offensive sign isn’t Tyler’s only foray into expressing his right to free speech.

According to WRCB-TV, his campaign posted another sign that has a picture of the White House surrounded by Confederate flags and a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have A Dream speech.

On social media, “Make America White Again” began trending as many people expressed outrage over Scott’s sign.

According to WRCB-TV, the “Make America White Again” sign has been removed by the billboard’s owner.

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  1. ethnonation says:

    This must be an inspiration for other to do the same.
    Thanks to Mr.Tyler.
    I wish you good luck and my God be with you.