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Food Stamp Friday

The Redistribution of Wealth from Whites to Non-whites

April 5, 2012 | While Christians across the United States honor Good Friday on April 6, blacks will be rubbing it in “whiteys” face at a “Food Stamps Party.” You read that right. The Daily Caller reported on March 30 that “a ‘Food Stamp Friday’ party on April 6… seems to glamorize life on the […]

Middle East Map

Inept American Middle-East Foreign policy

Dr. A. H. Krieg | We never really had hopes and aspirations for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, but never in our wildest dreams did we ever consider the present catastrophic situation. Hillary’s qualifications for the position of Secretary of State are not all that un-similar to those of Barack Hussein Obama’s for the […]

Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D.

The Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman Affair: Enter the SPLC Thought Police

Kevin MacDonald-April 4, 2012 | Mark Potok of the SPLC apparently thinks that my comments on the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman affair present an opportunity to at last get me fired from my position at CSULB (“Anti-Semitic California Prof Now Attacking Black People with Lies“). (Good grief! What a title! Potok would have fit in quite […]

Firearm Confiscation

A Nation Arms Itself — For What?

By Patrick J. Buchanan | With the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watch volunteer who was legally carrying a 9-millimeter handgun, the familiar wail has arisen from our cultural and media elite: America has too many guns! “Open carry” and “concealed carry” laws should be repealed. Florida’s “Stand-your-ground” law, replicated in two […]

Systems Functions or Pervasive Republocrat Pronouncements

Dr. A. H. Krieg | Yesterday on April 3rd Mitt Romney made a very telling statement that was overlooked by most. He said, ”If it had not been for Ross Perot, Clinton would not have been elected”. It was a direct attack on A3P American Third Position Party. If there is one thing that terrifies […]


ARMINIUS: The Liberator of Europe

Merlin Miller | TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO A HERO LIVED, a charismatic man who changed the course of global history.Yet his name, Arminius, or Hermann, or Armin, is seldom heard. The Germanics probably called him Armin, but his name became Hermann in the centuries to follow (generally attributed to Martin Luther). The Romans knew him […]

James Edwards

A Winning Mindset for Effective European-American Advocacy

James Edwards | The following is the original text of the speech delivered by James Edwards to the American Renaissance Conference last weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. Thank you, Jared, for that generous introduction, and thank you for inviting me to speak at American Renaissance 2012. The bi-annual AmRen Conference is the premier event in the […]

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games: Proof That White Ethnocentrism is Natural

Dan Poole, Detroit Political Buzz | In the last few days, controversy has erupted over a series of so-called “racist” tweets by fans of The Hunger Games. One of these tweets said, “call me racist, but when I found out Rue was black her death wasn’t as sad.” Another said, “awkward moment when Rue is […]

Identity Politics

Why the Left Wing Media is Falsely Calling George Zimmerman “White”

Dan Poole of the Detroit Political Buzz Examiner writes It used to be that the anti-white, left wing media would “merely” distort the facts. Now, they are resorting to outright lies. Such is the case with the Trayvon Martin incident. To claim that George Zimmerman is white when he is in fact a brown Hispanic […]

Our Vision for Ameria

AmRen 2012 Conference Held in Tennessee

Henry Wolff | The 2012 American Renaissance conference was held over the weekend in a beautiful state park in Tennessee. The audience of 150 was below the 250 who attended in the days before the partisans of “tolerance” disturbed the meetings in 2010 and 2011, but it was an inspiring beginning to the process of […]

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