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Richard Edmonds

Tom Sunic Interviewed By National Front’s Richard Edmonds

Via the National Front | After the National Front 45th Anniversary meeting finished Tom Sunic took time out to be interviewed by nationalist Richard Edmonds about Tom’s political activity in America, his books and some of the philosophical ideas behind them. Tom Sunic’s remarks on why the A3P Party was started, “ reach out to […]

A supporter for Merlin.

Merlin Miller and A3P at Freedompalooza 2012

July 2, 2012 | A3P presidential candidate Merlin Miller recently addressed a receptive audience at the Freedompalooza festival in eastern Pennsylvania. A3P activists also spoke with many of the attendees who expressed interest in our party. This full-day outdoor event was held at a popular local establishment, located in the rolling country hills by the […]

Tom Sunic: "Guilt Feelings and Victimhood"

Tom Sunic: “Guilt Feelings and Victimhood”

Via National Front | Two more videos from the National Front’s 45th anniversary meeting featuring full speeches from American Third Position’s Tom Sunic, National Front Party Chairman Ian Edwards and Tess Culnane. Speeches: Tom Sunic, Ian Edward, Tess Culnane Tom Sunic discusses “Guilt Feelings and Victimhood” (From his entire speech to the Natonal Front “Racialism […]

British National Front 45th Anniversary A Great Success With Tom Sunic

British National Front 45th Anniversary A Great Success With Tom Sunic

Via The National Front | On the 14th of July 2012 the National Front held its 45th anniversary celebration with many speakers including Tom Sunic, author of ‘Homo Americanus: Child Of The Postmodern Age’ and A3P European representative. Click to play: [audio:] Dr. Tom Sunic gave an hour long speech in London on the occasion […]

Merlin Miller and the A3P Information Table

Freedom Palooza Festival Draws Patriots from Across United States

KINTERSVILLE, Pennsylvania—Freedom Palooza, a patriotic Independence Day celebration event, was held from June 30 to July 2 off the banks of the Delaware River. Organized by Paul Topete of the patriot rock group Poker Face for the second year in the row, Freedom Palooza is a unique concept of bringing together patriotic speakers from around […]

Merlin Miller signing "Our Vision For America"

Lunch with A3P Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller

Dan Poole via | While vacationing last week in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I had the wonderful privilege of meeting American Third Position Presidential candidate Merlin Miller face to face. Merlin and I had lunch right in downtown Gatlinburg. Here is a short report on how our meeting went: Merlin is just as impressive in person […]

Walt Disney Chutzpah

How Employers Cheat America’s Aging Population By Hiring Foreign Workers

By David North | One of the many reasons why the Social Security, Medicare, and Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) trust funds are in trouble is that American employers can avoid paying taxes to these funds by hiring certain classes of aliens, who, in turn, also do not pay these taxes. The payroll tax loss […]

White Trash Reception

Health Care Lobbyists Hold A “White Trash Reception” On Capitol Hill

Via the National Journal | That’s right! And y’all invited! Next week, health care lobbying group Strategic Health Care will go to Capitol Hill for their Big Do. That would be the Big Do they’re calling the White Trash Reception. What a knee-slapper, huh? No wealth gappy alienation could ever come from this! Strategic Health […]

City Hall

Editorial: What was and is no more. Or You Can’t Fight City Hall!

Dr. Adrian Krieg | The republic that was America no longer exists. Doubt, if you so desire, but after reading this you will as I am, be converted to all opposition to the Republocrat system that now runs America. The shysters ruling our once great nation have turned it into a Necropolis of virtue-less linguistic […]

The Army’s Unequal Opportunity Program

The Army’s Unequal Opportunity Program

“The Army’s Unequal Opportunity Program” is an Extremist Organization. Order Ulysses Olson’s eye-opening exposé! Over the last few decades, the United States Army’s Equal Opportunity (EO) Program has played a key role in fostering valuable social change in the Army. This book however, argues that the Army’s EO Program is no longer the best tool […]