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Morris Dees Hate Group

The SPLC and Morris Dees

by Dr. A. H. Krieg, A3P Director | Morris Dees together with Millard Fuller started the Southern Poverty Law Center in 1971. Some years later after Mr. Fuller left the firm, Mr. Fuller made the following revealing statement; “Morris Dees and I, from the first day of our partnership (SPLC) shared one overriding purpose; to […]

A Review of “2016: Obama’s America”

A Review of “2016: Obama’s America”

Dan Poole | It’s no secret that positive or negative reviews of 2016: Obama’s America are contingent on the reviewer being a liberal or a conservative. This review will offer both praises and criticisms of the film, starting with the praises: Throughout the documentary, Dinesh D’Souza hashes out a theory that he first put into […]

Alliance of European National Movements

‘Alliance of European Nationalist Movements’ Holds Historic Meeting

August | The Historic meeting of the ‘Alliance of European Nationalist Movements’, took place in Cheshire on Tuesday 24th of July. This is the first of its kind and represents a sea-change in the direction of European politics, and the inauguration of this group has been led by our very own Nick Griffin MEP. And, […]

Tennessee Approves Ballot Access Petition for Merlin Miller

Tennessee Approves Ballot Access Petition for Merlin Miller

Merlin Miller | The American Third Position Party has received notice from the Division of Elections, Tennessee Department of State, that Merlin Miller qualified to be on the ballot in Tennessee. This November, Tennessee voters will be able to choose Merlin Miller for President and Virginia Abernethy for Vice President – as independent candidates, rather […]

Obama’s Administrative Amnesty - Just Part of His War Against White America?

Obama’s Administrative Amnesty – Just Part of His War Against White America?

By Nicholas Stix | On August 16’s Day of Infamy, Barack Obama’s unconstitutional Administrative Amnesty of illegal alien invaders began processing, with minimal opposition from the GOP. It will privilege millions of criminals, and create an ever-burgeoning class of legally privileged people who are being taught that America’s laws—and not just her immigration laws—do not […]

Family Research Council Logo

Did Far-Left SPLC Propaganda Radicalize Domestic Terrorist?

The American Freedom Party (AFP) | The Family Research Council (FRC) promotes traditional marriage and other issues while lobbying against gay rights, abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Its president, Tony Perkins, came out strongly in support of Chick-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy. But the SPLC propaganda labels the FRC as a hate group. “The FRC […]

A3P Liberty Bell Seal

Arkansas Rejects Petitions for American Third Position Party, Justice Party, and Constitution Party

Ballot Access News | An earlier post today mentions that the Arkansas Secretary of State has determined that Rocky Anderson did not have enough valid signatures to be on the ballot as an independent presidential candidate. The same office has also determined that American Third Position also did not have enough valid signatures, nor did […]

Merlin Miller, July 7, 2011

Merlin Miller Files Petitions In Tennessee For Ballot Access

August 15th, 2012 | Richard Winger of Ballot Access News reports that “Gary Johnson is forced to make a quick trip to Tennessee to personally sign each petition sheet.” The deadline for independent presidential candidates to file petitions in Tennessee is noon, August 16, Thursday. The Libertarian Party is not ballot-qualified in Tennessee, so Gary […]

European American Action Coalition

European American Heritage Celebration “Forbidden”

The American Third Position Party (A3P) | The European American Heritage Celebration scheduled for Saturday August 11 was cancelled ostensibly for a “questionable home address”. According to the Citizens Voice of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania: Moosic Borough will forbid a white people’s rights group from having a celebration at a borough park Saturday because its leader […]

John Rocker

Time To Wake Up, America!

John Rocker | It’s time! The buzzer has sounded; the tip off has been had; the whistle has blown; and the lineup cards have been exchanged. Wake up, conservatives, the game is passing you by! It’s time to do one of two things: Either take it to the showers or get off your lazy backsides, […]