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Governor Dick Lamm

How To Destroy America: A Speech By Governor Lamm

By Frosty Wooldridge | “The problems in the world today are so enormous they cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them.” -Einstein. In the past month, you have read my four part series on the ramifications of adding 100 million immigrants to America within the next 38 years. I don’t care […]


Merlin Miller Joins Richard Spencer on Alternative Right Radio

Merlin Miller, the American Third Position Party’s candidate for president, joins Richard to discuss his party’s platform as well the prospects for outside-the-box and populist politics. Merlin Miller Joins Richard Spencer Click to play: [audio:] Tweet

Job Search

Latinos Filled 60 Percent of all New Jobs in 2011, Benefitting From U.S. Economy Gains

Ray Sanchez | While Latinos were particularly hard hit by the recent recession, new evidence indicates that they are benefiting from modest improvements in the nation’s economy. Latinos as a group account for just 15 percent of the nation’s workforce, but they have “racked up half the employment gains posted since the economy began adding […]

Low-Income White Children

More White Children In Low-Income Families Than Any Other Racial Group

Maureen Downey | I wanted to share this release from the National Center for Children in Poverty, based at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, because of how often we discuss poverty and education. One dispiriting fact: The highest number of poor kids in America live in the South, which exacerbates our […]

Rep. Cecil Ash

Arizona State Lawmaker Proposes Holiday For White People

The Huffington Post recently wrote What’s up with Arizona? After a Latino state legislator proposed a Latino American Day, lawmaker Cecil Ash stepped up before the legislature to suggest a holiday for white people. Seriously. This is, after all, the land of S.B. 1070, the contentious and draconian immigration enforcement bill that has been mired […]


Diversity Perversity: A Multicultural Push To Degrade American Culture

Ted Nugent | Diversity is America’s greatest strength, according to the left and its socialist, Marxist, commie cohorts and co-conspirators running rampant across the country. If you listen carefully to these America-hating, social-engineering liberals, virtually all behavior, conduct, morals and beliefs make America stronger. This, of course, is toxic, brain-dead logic that leaves ordinary Americans […]

Mexico Violence

Vacation Travel Warning: 120 Americans Murdered In Mexico During 2011

By the CNN Wire Staff — Americans should avoid all but essential travel to all or parts of 14 Mexican states, the U.S. State Department warns as violence has spread. Shootouts, kidnappings and carjackings have climbed, as have cartels, also known as transnational criminal organizations (TCO), the State Department said this week in a broadened […]

Tax Fraud

Just Exactly How Much?

Dr. A. H. Krieg | A very serious question troubling Americans is exactly how much money is the Federal Reserve System actually giving away to their bankster members. The question is relevant due to two issues; firstly they are indirectly giving tax-collected funds from American taxpayers to affiliate stockholders of the Federal Reserve System, and […]

Election Fraud

Ron Paul Team Claims Fraud Over Nevada Caucus Results

by Peggy R | You have got to read this. Blow by blow of last night’s theft. We are not the only ones that noticed. February 5, 2012. Las Vegas. For the second time in just five primary states, the Republican Party, with the assistance of the national corporate news media, is raising questions about […]

A3P Hacked

A3P Hacked

by Dr. A. H. Krieg | On January 31, 2012 the American Third Position party website, a registered 527 political organization, a partial list of party officers, several members, our presidential and vice presidential candidates’ information, as well as some minor financial data were hacked. Our web site, was erased and some money was […]