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Steve King

November 6th is National Remembrance Day for Those Killed by Illegal Aliens

Dave Gibson | As you awaken this Sunday, you may notice that you forgot to turn back your clocks last night. Yes, this is the day on which we all literally turn-back the hands of time, which is just what the families and friends of those killed by illegal aliens wish they could do…if only […]


ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in ‘Occupy’ Movement

Many of American Third Party members and staff warily eyed the events at the “Occupy” protests. It was suspected that the protests were occupied by the pro-Obama crowd: SEIU, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Danny Glover, etc. The Wall Street “Occupy” demonstrations were occupied by folks with designer jeans, iPads, iPhones, and pricey sneakers. Tables were […]

James Edwards

A3P Director James Edwards Interviews Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan made his third appearance on the award-winning program The Political Cesspool to talk about his most recent book; Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? Click to play audio: [audio:] “America was born a Western Christian republic,” writes Buchanan, “but is being transformed into a multiracial, multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic stew of […]


As California Goes, So Goes The Country…

In California, all that once glittered is no longer golden. California’s unemployment rate is an astounding 12%; One in every 239 California households is in foreclosure; California’s state park system – once considered the best in the nation – is falling apart; California’s infrastructure system – once considered the best in the nation – is […]

la raza scholarships

Severe Racial Discrimination Towards Whites at University of Wisconsin

A pair of studies released recently by the Center for Equal Opportunity, a libertarian think tank, reveal severe discrimination based on race and ethnicity in undergraduate and law school admissions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with African Americans and Latinos given preference over whites and Asians. The studies are based on data collected by the […]

A3P Metro Meetup

A3P Metro Meetup Report

The American Third Position, Metro N.Y. Chapter hosted an October Meetup for local members this past week. We discussed increasing activism and how to grow party membership and a sustainable political movement. The meeting began with up-to-the-minute Metro N.Y. area activism. Since January the Metro N.Y. A3P attended a variety of local outdoor shows and […]

The Importance of Columbus Day

The Importance of Columbus Day

James Edwards | Columbus Day has suffered an unprecedented diminution in importance in recent years, at least in the eyes of the solons of modern American culture. Why? Columbus Day celebrates Christopher Columbus, the first European (white person) to come to the Western Hemisphere and make the presence permanent. Columbus Day, in other words, celebrates […]

Harry Bertram

Bertram Thanks His Supporters and Contributors…

Harry Bertram thanks his supporters and contributors during his campaign for Governor of West Virginia. “Thank you all who supported me during my run for Governor. Thank you to those who contributed funds during these hard economic times. Thank you to those who helped spread the word by passing out schedule cards, door hangers, and […]

W.Va. Election Results Dominated by A Republican and A Democrat

W.Va. Election Results Dominated by A Republican and A Democrat

Incumbent Earl Ray Tomblin (D) won the special election and is the new Governor of West Virginia. Tomblin will replace Joe Manchin, who is now a U.S. senator for the Mountain State. Robert C. Byrd, a Democratic senator who died last year and whose seat Mr. Manchin now occupies, was the state’s longest-serving public official. […]

W.Va. Gov. Campaign Ad By Harry Bertram Stirs Controversy

W.Va. Gov. Campaign Ad By Harry Bertram Stirs Controversy

According to Channel 9 news: httpv:// Independent candidate for W.Va. Governor Harry Bertram has released a campaign ad that focuses on discrimination of White Americans. The American Third Position Party candidate said he has a list of stances on different issues. “It’s basically a conservative American first party and it means putting the interest […]