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Just Exactly How Much?

Dr. A. H. Krieg | A very serious question troubling Americans is exactly how much money is the Federal Reserve System actually giving away to their bankster members. The question is relevant due to two issues; firstly they are indirectly giving tax-collected funds from American taxpayers to affiliate stockholders of the Federal Reserve System, and secondly much of that money is going to European banksters. Ultimately all the funds are borrowed or stolen from the taxpayers through inflation. Most Americans think that the TARP distributions QE 1 and QE 2 were large; when compounding interest about one trillion each, but that is sadly not the case. We live in the most corrupt, tyrannical and dangerous time of American history.

It is important to understand that there is no such remaining thing as large American banks or as a; ”national bank” or a strictly American bank, such nationalism only exist in very small banks. All large banking today is international and the ownership of all large banks is international, and for prime part privately controlled.

Between 2008 and 2010 the Federal Reserve System bailed out banks to the tune of 8 trillion dollars. We are apprised of this through a Federal Freedom of Information Act by Bloomberg News © that was finally fulfilled. For years Benjamin Shalom Bernanke has been postulating that release of this information would be disastrous for the banking community. Heaven forbid that lowly American citizens learn what the banking monopoly was up to with the people’s money. Transactions up to 2011 were secret known only to Ponzigoniff insiders.

Federal Reserve MonsterSo let’s all remember, “too big to fail”, “the crisis will destroy our banking institutions” “these are really sound institutions”, “It’s only marginal support”. There is in fact nothing too big to fail, and if an institution is financially unsound it must fail, bailing out failing institutions induces continued mismanagement and repeated bailouts as has been amply demonstrated in the last few years. GM, AIG, Chrysler, Solyndra, Fisker, and scores of others including the entire “Green” energy syndicates come to mind. Our banking system, which is international, has been operating a criminal enterprise leaching the Western World’s assets to the benefit of the banking monopoly and their friends. These are not sound institutions, they are criminal enterprises as is seen in MF Global whose entire crooked staff claims that they have no idea where $1.2 billion went. Ask yourself, why is Corzine not in jail? Lastly 8 trillion dollars is not marginal. These hoodlums at the Federal Reserve System spent about half of the entire national annual production output of the United States, bailing out their buddies. What is really infuriating is that they did it with money borrowed and money created out of thin air that your children and grandchildren are illegally on the hook for. While they did this they went to great lengths to keep you from finding out about it.

The first lot was largely spent by March of 2009 at which time the Federal Reserve System had paid out $7.7 trillion to their buddies at the 12 Federal Reserve System regional banks. To understand how this worked is to comprehend how the transaction took place in what form the funds were transferred. Well, there was no funds transferred, no gold, no paper, no nothing, the Federal Reserve System simply told each regional bank how many new zeros to add to the end of their statements on their balance sheet. This is the juice of DC smoke and mirrors accounting. Could you imagine what would happen to a CEO of a corporation if he did that? Jail that’s what.

While all this was transpiring, Benny was actively lobbying Congress to implement stricter controls on banks, which was then placed in law, as the Dodd/Frank Wall St. Reform & Consumer Protection Act (pub. law 111-203 HR 4173) which law, in fact is not a stricter law for mega-banks, it is a law to restricting smaller banks from the lending market through over-regulation. Thus it reduced competition to the Federal Reserve System and its friends. Dodd (D, CT) and Frank (D, MA) both decided not to run for re-election, knowing full well that neither one of them could win, but those announcements came after each took some nice benefits from the banksters. . The Web site Naked Capitalism summed up the entire affair with their memorable quotes “The bottom line is that everyone close to the process lied like crazy”.

The teetering mega banks all share a common attribute; their officers are all liars. In November 2008, The CEO of Bank of America, which is in very deep finacial trouble told his shareholders that, “[We are] one of the strongest and most stable major banks in the world”. On the day Kenneth Lewis made that pronouncement Bank of America was in debt to the Federal Reserve System for about $ 90 billion. Just two weeks later the Federal Reserve System shoveled another $1.2 trillion into the American banking system.

In the midst of these shenanigans the Federal Reserve System was providing funds to banks at interest rates of 0.01% which many banks used to purchase federal notes that paid between 3% and 3.5% short-term interest thus making a profit of at least 3% in 90 days by sitting on their butts, while Obama and the progressives were decrying the lack of capital in the commercial lending markets. If you are guaranteed a 3% secure insured profit at zero risk while sitting on your duff for three months what would you do? The banks according to Bloomberg reaped a $ 13 billion profit by this.

The Federal Reserve System and IRS was the product of the 16th amendment to the Constituion in the Christmas recess of 1913, neither agency has seen any oversight by the legislative, judicial or executive branches of government. In 100 years none ever audited the Federal Reserve System, at least we know that the IRS costs us $ 11.4 billion a year in operating costs, with the Federal Reserve System no person even has a clue what the cost is. QE 3 is coming, you can bet on it. They have so skewed statistical information on unemployment, banking, and inflation that they are left with few options. They could tell the truth, no I’m just kidding! They could devalue the dollar, but not before the election because whoever does it would not be able to get re-elected, I do not think this will happen. They can and will inflate to dollar by well over 30% within the coming 12 months, which they will do. Inflation since Obama entered office is realistically 24%. The omission of food, and fuel from the inflation statistic is how they are able to maintain the charade’. It is not unreasonable to assume that in the four years that Obama will have been in office by Jan 2013 America will suffer inflation of about 46% to 50% in four years. This is a first in American history. The government sits between a rock and a hard place unable to even admit that they have been playing with the numbers, if they reported inflation and unemployment correctly the government would collapse because all government contracts have clauses tying payout to inflation rates, and that includes 24 million government employees and all Social Security recipients. Club-Fed, whose average income is double the national average, would bring it all down! We won’t even speak of the 47 million on Food Stamps, 24.4% unemployed (©) and the 24 million illegal immigrants.

The devastating effect of these Republocrat administrations policies on pensioners, those on Social Security, 401K’s and IRA’s will literally wipe out what remains of the Middle Class. Income reductions due to inflation based on fixed dollar values, indicate a decline in income of the Middle Class every year since 1950. The same people have also organized the devastation in the housing markets in which most Middle Class value is vested. Housing values nationally are down by 40% in some places 60%. This in fact is a culture war (Kulturkrieg) identical to what the communists (Bolshevik zionists) did in Germany in the 1920’s. For four years the rich have been getting richer the poor poorer and the Middle Class has evaporated such is the benefit of socialism.

There is an alternative to this mayhem. Join A3P American third Position the political party without politicians, without corporate donors, and without corruption. Soon (March) Merlin Miller’s and A3P’s book “Our Vision for America” will be out, you can order a prepublication copy post paid and Signed by Merlin from or, (Subject: write “book order”) for $10 it is truly our vision for our homeland and the return of America back to its constitutional republic roots.

Dr. Krieg is an inventor, author, and columnist and a member of the board of directors of A3P.

Ron Paul Team Claims Fraud Over Nevada Caucus Results

by Peggy R | You have got to read this. Blow by blow of last night’s theft. We are not the only ones that noticed.

February 5, 2012. Las Vegas. For the second time in just five primary states, the Republican Party, with the assistance of the national corporate news media, is raising questions about the legitimacy of this season’s primary election system. First, the Iowa Republican Party and the entire American media knowingly reported the wrong Iowa Caucus results with the wrong person being declared the winner. Last night, it appears the same thing may be happening in Nevada. And again like Iowa, critics are accusing the GOP of suspicious activity.

Perhaps it’s indicative that the beneficiary of these recurring vote counting “mistakes” always seems to be former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. He’s just happens to be the same man that both the Republican Party establishment and the four corporations that own all of America’s news media outlets are actively supporting. (Source)

Riveting Ballot Counting Coverage:

12:30am EST: For five minutes, CNN sat in silence as the Republican precinct captain shouted out each vote while dozens of tabulator sat nearby keeping track. Unfolding one sheet at a time, the man yelled,

“Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul.

Robert Wanek reports:

Paul supporters attended a special religious caucus at a Jewish Private School in Clark County, a school named after Casino big-wig and Gingrich supporter Sheldon Adelson. Reports by the Los Angeles Times indicate that 17 speakers stumped for Paul at the caucus and less than five spoke for the remaining candidates. Paul’s support was labeled ‘Dominant’ and led to a ‘Crushing’ victory garnering 183 votes to Romney’s 61. Gingrich and Santorum combined for 73 votes. Despite this reported vote total Paul remains stalled at 157 votes according every source of results.

The delay in the vote count/release process is very suspicious and voter fraud may indeed be relevant in Clark County. If Ron Paul turned out similar crowds to other caucus sites and challenged Romney for a first place finish in Clark I think we deserve to know, immediately.

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”
—Communist Josef Stalin

A3P Hacked

by Dr. A. H. Krieg | On January 31, 2012 the American Third Position party website, a registered 527 political organization, a partial list of party officers, several members, our presidential and vice presidential candidates’ information, as well as some minor financial data were hacked. Our web site, was erased and some money was stolen. A contribution was made from our account to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a Jewish supremacist organization. (see screen grab below)

Screen Capture of Illegal donation to the ADL

One does not have to go very far to realize who and what is behind this theft and malicious cyber attack. The SPLC has been falsely accusing members of the A3P board for several years. Our Wikipedia site is continuously altered to associate issues and persons who have no connection to our party.

It is ironic that the one political party that offers Americans a real choice, an real alternative to the “Punch and Judy” show, — to Romney, to Gingrich, and Obama — would be attacked by a group called “Anonymous”. We question if Anonymous were the hackers at all since they have nothing politically or socially to gain in our case. The loosely connected Anonymous “hacktivist” group — who hacked Microsoft, the US Defense Department, Army, Air Force, law enforcement agencies, Symantec, The Department of Justice, and the CIA — would have no interest in a minor political party. Our opposition, we believe, from the start has been the SPLC, the ADL and various extreme Zionist organizations. The primary objective apparently was to slander Dr. Ron Paul because he, like the A3P, is opposed to American military expansionism and our perpetual wars in the Middle East. Many folks support Dr. Ron Paul but he is not associated with our party.

The A3P informed the FBI as well as the Secret Service of the theft and sent them software code the hacker left behind which would have allowed surreptitious root access to our server.

I wonder how many White Americans will be injured or killed in the Middle East while these hackers are busy waging war on First Amendment rights and trashing Ron Paul?

Don’t let them win. We can win the battle. Contribute today.

Obama Launches “African Americans for Obama” Targeting Minority Voting Blocs

Trymaine Lee of the Huffington Post writes, “In the latest push to energize and engage black voters, President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign this morning launched African Americans for Obama, with a video introduction from the president himself.”

“This month we are announcing the 2012 launch of African Americans for Obama,” the president announced in the video provided to The Huffington Post by the campaign. “I don’t think there’s a better time than African-American history month to consider the tremendous progress that we’ve made through the sacrifices of so many, or a better time to commit to meeting the very real challenges we face right now.”

In the video, the president makes a somewhat rare, direct overture to black voters, urging them to “keep making history.”

“Every day I think of the generations of African-American men and women who overcame slavery and oppression, risked their own safety to cast a ballot, even gave up their lives to help build a country that lived up to its founding principles,” President Obama said in the video, which runs about a minute and 44 seconds. “Their extraordinary hope, their unwavering determination changed this country. Their efforts made it possible for somebody like me to be here today.”

African Americans for Obama will be a part of Operation Vote, the campaign’s outreach arm to select voting blocs, including African Americans, Hispanics, Jews, LGBTQs, youth and older voters.”

Obama 2012 campaign’s Operation Vote focuses on ethnic minorities – not the majority population. White American voters have been thrown under the bus. The voting blocs clearly represent non-white groups. The message to the coalition of voting blocs is a historical reference to slavery. No mention of the dominant slave merchants or a historical reference about white enslavement.

President Obama’s campaign is developing an aggressive new program to expand support from ethnic minority groups and other traditional Democratic voters as his team studies an increasingly narrow path to victory in 2012’s reelection effort.

According to the census, the non-Hispanic White population for 2010 was 72%. The Black population was 12.3%. 15.7% of other voters.

I am guessing that it is O.K to organize a “White Americans for Merlin Miller”? This is no time for individualism. This is the time to organize as an ethnno-political voting bloc. Other groups are organizing voting blocs. Why shouldn’t White Americans?

The American Third Position is the only party that is concerned with issues and events concerning White Americans. Every voter is welcome to join us.

Support the American Third Position (below).

Support Merlin Miller 2012.

Merlin Miller Makes A Campaign Stop at The Political Cesspool

James Edwards | Film director Merlin Miller, presidential nominee of the American Third Position Party, will be our featured guest on tomorrow night’s (Saturday, February 4) live installment of The Political Cesspool Radio Program.

Saturday, February 04, 2012 10:14 PMGuest: Merlin Miller – Film director Merlin Miller, presidential nominee of the American Third Position Party, makes a campaign stop on our radio show!

James EdwardsClick to play: [audio:]

Other topics discussed this hour:
Mel Gibson is making news again, while Hutton Gibson endorses Ron Paul for President.

James Edwards meets Merlin Miller:

Getting Desperate!

Dr. Adrian H. Krieg | Flailing about like wounded pigs, the Republocrats have attained the desperation point and are attacking anything and everything connected to A3P. All the political left and right, even the loony left, has relentlessly. for weeks attacked American Third Position, which is the fastest growing political party in America. They are absolutely terrified that we might succeed in our planned unifying of America’s rapidly declining white majority and its supporters under the A3P umbrella, providing an alternative political party to represent individuals as well as groups of white associations in government.

Attacks on our presidential candidate include the continuous addition of false information to candidate Merlin Miller’s Wikipedia CV. Then blocking of accessibility to many members of the A3P board, preventing them from listing their CV’s on Wikipedia. And finally the inclusion of the names of people not associated to, or members of A3P on A3P’s Wikipedia Site. When these added forged manes are removed by us, they miraculously re-appear the next day; this is the worst and most deceitful form of propaganda to create counterfeit guilt through false association.

Controlling the “lamestream” media as they do, our news releases, are mostly unpublished, our candidates for office local statewide and federal remain the shadows and our far superior plan to return America to the republic it was 100 years ago is challenged and blocked from publication at every quarter.

On January 31, 2012 the attacks reached an entirely new level when A3P’s website, was attacked and destroyed. Moneys were stolen out of our bank accounts; contributions were made in our name to ADL and partial membership lists were stolen. The attackers were claimed to be “Anonymous” something we are hardly going to believe. Why would a group which hacks, Google sites, Microsoft, the CIA and the Department of Defense be interested in a minor political party?

Frankly we don’t have to go far to realize who and what is behind these vicious anti-American attacks, attempting to silence the intellectually strongest voice of opposition to the established “Republocrat Political System”.

SPLC claims us to be racist, well then NAACP, JDL, La Raza must also be racist, oh, but they are not. In other words it’s racist to support white people but it’s perfectly OK to support any non-white group. In fact we defy anyone to find a racist slander on our sites, literature, publications, position papers or party platform. SPLC should as the Bible says look for the splinters in their own eyes before finding fault with others.

Political HacktivistUnlike the media circus, that we call the political Punch and Judy show presented by Newt, Mitt, and Barack, we American Third Position Party will not waste ours or your time in foolish and time wasting attacks on those we oppose. Conversely A3P and our federal candidates, has workable published plans to get America back to work, fix our failing economy, abolished the FRS, get us out of unproductive wars in the Middle East, close the Mexican border, deal with immigration, strengthen our military, and produce a sensible and mutually beneficial foreign policy with our friends aboard and to deal with our enemies as identified.
This is just one more item of proof that the established political parties are centrally controlled, representing not individual political parties but in fact a closed political system that we call the “Republocrat System”.

You must make up your own mind; will you continue to support the lesser of two evils? Will you persist in participation in a charade’ that produces the identical outcome regardless of who wins the election? Or will you stand up for yours and your neighbor’s rights, and join us to restore American greatness?

Dr. Krieg is a member of the board of A3P, author and inventor he can be contacted at:

A3P – The Hope of Our Future?

Tom Sunic and Kevin MacDonald discuss:

  • The American Third Position Party (A3P)—its goals, its agenda, its attitude toward non-European immigration;
  • The A3P’s platform, which is neither “left” nor “right”;
  • The A3P’s main goal, to reach out to Americans of European ancestry and particularly to disenfranchised White workers, farmers and students who have become victims of the discriminatory affirmative action policies;
  • The recent nomination of the A3P presidential candidate, Mr. Merlin Miller and his running mate, Prof. Virginia Abernethy.

Tom Sunic discusses A3P:

Click to play audio:

Whores, Pimps and Enablers!

Dr. A. H. Krieg | With such a proactive title I suspect the reader will want an explanation, something I could hardly disagree with. I am of course not speaking of the world’s oldest profession; rather I speak of our present Republocrat political malaise centered in Disney World on the Potomac. So let me begin by outlining who the Whores are and why they are Whores, I do apologize to all ladies of the night who at least provide a service to their customers. The Whores are the politicians, who are Whores because they are indebted to their providers the Pimps that provide the lubricant mammon that allows the Whores to remain at the trough of perpetual re-elections paid for by the Enablers that are the source of all those funds. So gratuitous are these efforts that the Whores have achieved a re-election rate of 87% as of 2011.

Whores, Pimps and EnablersPerhaps I am somewhat too cryptic. The Pimps are the middlemen — those 15,000 or so lobbyists plying their Payola trade in and about the capitol and “Black House”. Come on now, I am only making an attempt, even if somewhat sarcastic, to be PC. These Pimps also convey to the Whores all legislative proposals, new bills, and demanded paybacks to the Enablers. Things like government contracts, positions in the administration, bureaucratic appointments and such. Every once in a while the Whores are then allowed to attach a rider to one of the legislative boondoggles benefiting their districts, thereby ingratiating themselves to the Fools. I forgot about the Fools, they are the citizens that keep electing the same bunch of Republocrat crooks whose only real skill appears to be fleecing the Fools.

The Enablers, well if you really think about them its in truth easy to identify them, after all how many people have the ability to give away millions upon millions of dollars to the Pimps for properly administered Payola. First off, an Enabler must in his business have extraordinary profits, well not in all cases, but in most. Trial lawyers, Pharmaceuticals, and of course the greatest “Ponzigonifs” of all, the “Banksters”. We should not forget all those wonderful companies bailed out by “Uncle”, you know Government Motors, AIG, Solyndra, and Chrysler and such that contributed well over $20 million to the Whores after they were bailed out. If they used bailout funds of others has not to date been postulated.

There is another sort of Enabler a very bad sort. These are organizations that operate as “bundlers” for social, religious, and politically motivated groups of people. Outfits like AIPAC whose mostly dual national membership funnels foreign aid back to America as campaign contributions for candidates of their persuasion. Others like SPLC have a more sinister purpose, which is to denigrate with false propaganda anyone opposed to their plans. Outfits like SPLC couldn’t even qualify as Whores it would be an insult to a profession that provides a service. When it reaches the point that is already upon us, where Uncle becomes a major business partner with organizations like SPLC by providing them contracts, it gets downright odious. An interesting side-note to this is that an examination of SPLC Internet sites lists lots of so called “Hate Groups” most of which have been imagined, invented, or more often falsely accused by SPLC to further their objective of getting more government contracts exposing invented hate groups. Some of the so-called hate groups by SPLC have one or two members.

Think about these things before you again step into a voting booth.

Dr. Adrian KriegDr. Krieg is on the board of directors of A3P American Third Position Party. Adrian Krieg was born in St. Gallen Switzerland. He attended HS Pembroke Academy (Suncook NH) class valedictorian. He also attended Elmhurst College, University of Mexico (San Miguel De Allende campus). Dr. Krieg is a certified Manufacturing Engineer. (CMFGE) U.S. Army Message center, Bi-lingual communications, served with nuclear artillery in Germany top-secret clearance. World University Cultural doctorate in Manufacturing Science. Dr. Krieg holds many U.S. Patents. Presently he is Co-Chair Political Science Department World University Roundtable.

Class Warfare

Dr. A. H. Krieg | “What I did that was new was to prove that the class struggle necessarily leads to the dictatorship of the proletariat!”
-Nope, it was not Obama. It was Karl Marx!

Progressives and Obama in particular have revived the old European communist class warfare of the 1920’s and ‘30’s to the extent that you become confused what century we are in. You know all that stuff about the evil rich, I mean of course, your employer, you know the guy who pays your salary, well that’s if you have a job. The person investing in R&D, who pays half of your Social Security. Well. Let’s not go on and just get to the point.

Obama has made it plain as the nose on your face that people who earn over $200,000 or couples who earn over $ 250,000 are evil leeches and do not deserve to keep the money for which they worked and should be penalized by massive tax increases just because they are “the wealthy” or “the rich” who must, in the age of Obama, be penalized so that society can be made equal. The fact that these people worked hard for this income seems inconsequential to an administration staffed by lay-abouts who have never in their joint lives worked in a for profit enterprise or been in the military. Unfortunately Obama is right in that class his income is over one million, I’m sure he thinks all those people’s wives also went on vacation to Spain for a cost of over two million dollars. He probably thinks that everyone else, (but excluding Nancy) including all Senators have taken six vacations in the last 18 months. Not really ever having been gainfully employed anyplace you can quickly understand he mind set.

Enough said, what he has alleged is that he does not want the rich to benefit from tax cuts that he thinks others are entitled to. In a word, class-war. The communist nature of his dictum is clear when you read the second article of Manifest der Kommunistischer Partei of 1848 by Karl Marx; which states, a heavy progressive or graduating income tax. Well, why not, after all Wilson whose administration passed the 16th amendment in 1913 was an academic progressive socialist. We find it interesting that people enjoyed in academia, government, and foundations are the great proponents of socialism, those who work for a living know better.

Let’s assume that we can get some reasonable statistics from non-governmental organizations on the Internet, you know the very wellspring of information that our Israeli Senator Lieberman, the guy who thinks he’s in the Knesset not the U. S. Senate wants regulated [i.e. censored] by the FCC. Have you ever considerd that progressives attack their opponents in only two ways, they a) call them names, or b) lie about them and what they say, truth simply obliterates their arguments so a) & b) is all that they are left with.

Statistically, the in Obama’s terms, rich, have declined in number because many are departing the United States for nations offering a libertarian view on economics that is private sector friendly. So from 3 million rich in 2007 we now have 2.5 million of them in America. Just, and by the way, the “Trojan Horse” of “Free Trade” that is responsible for the departure of over 5,000 manufacturing plants to Mexico and the third world has absolutely nothing to do with this issue, and neither does the fact that NAFTA, in a short ten years, turned a $5.7 billion annual trade surplus with Mexico into a $ 64.7 billion annual deficit has nothing to do with it either. The sheer genius of our Yiddish (CEA) Council of Economic Advisors) sometimes simply astounds me. Oh, just to clarify 2.5 million of America’s population is about 0.008 percent, for bureaucrats at the CEA that’s less than one percent.

Just exactly how these remaining 2.5 million mostly private sector employers are going to increase their payrolls, i.e. hire more of us, spend more money on R&D i.e. manufacturing new products, and expand their businesses when their taxes are increased and they have to carry huge healthcare cost increases, is anyone’s guess, but for those in DC, frankly it anin’t gona happen!

Statistically the total annual income is less than seven percent of these peoples total asset wealth. So, think about it, what percentage of your total income is reflected in your asset wealth? My guess is that it’s closer to 20% than 7 %. About half of these “filthy rich” have homes in which they have lived for over 20 years. Over 80% are self employed and earned their wealth. Most live below their means and save about 15% of their annual income, and almost all of the drive older cars. On average they work over 50 hours a week, and only 20% are college graduates. They are very careful about their investment but invest about 20% of their gross income.

Just so you know, half of Americans pay no income tax at all because their earnings are below the IRS threshold. But our president does not fit into any of this mould; he made his money by having some books ghost written for him, and living high on the hog on you. Well, that’s nothing new either think of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Bennett, and an entire raft of politicos that collected publishers’ payola from ghostwriters’ efforts. Hey, I know I have ghost written many.

However you think of this topic, regardless of your political affiliations, economic outlook, or whatever, no one but a total fool would raise taxes on the very people who are in position to take our nation out of this depression. In fact if we return to the depression of 1920 Warren G. Harding is the man who got it all right. First he cut all taxes by half, then he cut all government spending by half, and finally he cut government bureaucrats by half. Low-and-behold within less than 12 months the roaring 20’s commenced with less than 4% unemployment.
Obama and his ill-informed advisors however, are following FDR’s example that succeeded in extending the ‘Great Depression from 1939 to 1945, it took a World War, then engineered by FDR to get us out of it, and end it. It could not possibly be that our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have anything at all to do with these Obama/Bush policies? No.

From day one of the 2008 depression beginning under Bush, and then accelerating to process under Obama, everything that can and could be done wrong was done wrong. Instead of cutting costs, curtailing the bureaucracy, cutting regulations and reducing taxes, they have increased taxes, increased the size of government, increased spending, purchased failing corporations, expanded the bureaucracy, increased regulations, and to boot are in the process of nationalizing 17% of the economy though Obamacare, and then burdened the economy with draconian control of the finacial and lending industries through gross over-regulation with a over 2,000 page bill.

And now I must tell you that all these things were done to benefit you. These matters will interst you even if you still have a job. These benefits include, higher unemployment 22.5%, massive inflation 10.3%, dollar devaluation to the tune of 20%, a falling gross national product, increasing trade deficits, reduced domestic manufacturing, increasing taxes, rinsing prices especially in healthcare insurance, dropping real-estate values, massive foreclosures, I won’t go on it’s far too depressing.

Paul Klugman take note!

Dysfunctional Disorganized American Foreign Policy

Dr. Adrian H. Krieg | While the multitudes remain ignorant of our foreign political dilemma, Obama seeks their vote; all the while computer programs and ballot access had already achieved the elite’s desired election outcome having already determined the end result, as if the 2008 election result would have any effect on foreign policy which has been controlled by AIPAC, the CFR and TC for the last five decades.

Global Strategy

The players:
America’s national political dilemma is that American foreign policy is based upon working groups within the CFR (1), and a state department that lacks vision, and planning. They together with AIPAC control all American foreign Policy. Surely we can add TC (2) to this kettle as they also produce some policy documents. Another source of influence is the European Bilderberger Group (3) whose American impact is primarily indirect. While America has numerous other secretive organizations such as Bohemian Grove, Bones, (The Order) and the radical feminist Belizean Grove that even have members in the Supreme Court. and others, the primary inputs in determining American foreign policy is the CFR. Their quarterly publication titled Foreign Affairs is the primary organ of announcing their and thus America’s general foreign policy plans. The lack of planning within government is the social and political isolation of most Americans, the lack of a classic foreign service, and a political system consisting of primarily one party whose reelection rate exceeds 87%. The political system, which after all is said and done, does excerpt some influence on American external policy, is mired in a two party political structure whose two sides has the same basic policies. Into this mix comes AIPAC (4) whose massive political spending distorts American policy, particularly in the Middle East. Since the Middle East is the 21st century’s primary foreign problem it behooves us to consider the impact of these groups upon policy. Much of AIPAC’s funding of candidates most likely comes in the form of returned American foreign aid used to purchase congress.

Tweedledee & TweedledumThe CFR has about 3,400 members. The leadership has in the passed as well as the present been heavily influenced by Bonesmen (members of the Order) a Yale University based senior society that has since it’s founding in the 1830’s excreted undue influence on the American political and jurisprudent scene. Leadership of the CFR has been in the hands of Bonesmen since it’s foundation in the 1920’s. It is important to understand that Bones through leadership positions within scores of secret and semi-secret organizations including the Episcopalian Church wherein they hold many bishop positions, as well as banks and the media, set the agenda as well as the dialogue and thus are able to control the outcome.

To clarify this we take the example of William Buckley who recently past away. He was touted to be a great conservative; he was not. Buckley’s National Review was funded by the CIA (7) for years; he was a Bonesman, CFR member, and TC member, belonged to the Bilderbergers and frequently participated in the Bohemian grove debauch. Things are not always what we think them to be certainly not when the media reports them.

The Trilateral Commission was the brainchild of Zbigniew Brzezinski, which he proposed to David Rockefeller who was at the time chairman of the CFR at a meeting in Rockefellers Westchester estate. The idea was that there should be an organization with membership from Asia, Europe as well as America, thus Trilateral.

The Bilderbergers were established at the hotel de Bilderberger in the Dutch town of Oosterbeek in May of 1954. Price Bernard of Holland who had been involved with the Nazi SS during WWII (upstanding member of the SS) is credited as the principal organizer. The Bilderbergers are credited with the Treaty of Rome that went on to institute the present EU.

AIPAC is the most powerful lobby in America far outpacing the NRA (5) due to their massive purse, and thousands of helpers. AIPAC is in accordance with American law illegal. (6)

There can be no question but that there is a marionette master behind the scenes manipulating all the strings in unison. The relationship between the zionists, Communists, Illuminati and Bones has been well established for many decades.(8)

We see from the aforementioned paragraphs that there are a small number of organizations, both secretive as well as secret with a total membership of fewer than 8,000. who participate in the development of American foreign policy. Of these the leadership is less than 100 and they control the discourse and implementation of foreign policy and have total control of the lamestream media.

Beginning to about 1985 a new group came to the forefront being pushed into their new leadership position by AIPAC. This new group called themselves the Neo-Cons. (New Conservatives) like everything else in this tale that title is a lie they are not new conservatives they are socialist zionist agitators. The parents of these people were to a man the Tokyoites of the 20’s who mostly resided in NYC on Rivington Street in lower Manhattan. With publications like Projects for a New American Century (9) and others many funded by the Israeli government and zionist think tanks we can surmise that American foreign policy beginning in the first Geroge W. Bush administration began being formulated in Jerusalem and by the Neo-Cons for he benefit of the Greater Israel concept (10) rather than the benefit of America.

How much foreign aid provided to Israel is returned to America in the form of political contributions to political campaigns is not know. It is however a reasonable assumption that a large portion of American foreign aid is channeled back to American politicians thorough individual as well as third party contributions. Large amounts of political contributions do not have to be reported if to a political party, or if they are small, and many others are put down as unknown origin contributions. In the 2008 campaign over 40% of the contributions origins remain undeclared. The use by Israelis, of using un-named credit cards as a means of making anonymous contributions to political campaigns began in the 80’s.

In order to understand formulation of American foreign policy it is necessary to gain insight into the many associations between the various organizations above mentioned. Often these links are tenuous to establish because the day-today operations of the organizations remains clouded in secrecy. There is however one means of testing relationships that are very difficult to hide. Only the Bilderbergers whose membership roster remains unpublished and many of whose members attend meetings incognito partially defy this effort. By examining the leadership of the separate organizations and then matching them with the others one can develop a list of sorts of the master puppeteers. We call these people the super mandarins. In my book The Satori and the New Mandarins (11) I listed Paul Arthur Allaire (Chairman Xerox) Graham Tillett Allison Jr. (CFR) Dwayne Orville Andreas (CEO ADM) Zbigniew Brzezinski (Center for Strategic & International Studies) William Jefferson Clinton (at that time US president) among 24 others. The repeated underlying principle of this research indicates that a preponderance of the leadership within these organizations point to a commonality of membership in Illuminist organizations like Bones, or being a Rhodes scholarship (socialist indoctrination) member. The fact that both presidential aspirants in 2004 were Bonesmen did not escape most people’s attention, and neither did Clinton’s Rhodes association. And the fact that in 2008 similar relationships with aforementioned organizations exists with all the Republocrat candidates is also a known commodity; things this time around are hardly different.

It would appear by these facts that there are differing philosophic assumptions at work here. This however is not the case. The relationship between zionism, illumonism and communism is so closely interrelated as to make them appear identical. The communist theory that was plagiarized by Karl Marx in 1848 through his publication of Manifest der Kommunistischer Partei in London England published by Burghart was a copy of a document produced by Adam Weisshaupt the Bavarian founder of the Illuminist movement in 1787. The relationship between zionism and communism is proven by the fact that every communist party in the world from 1900 to 1980 was run by a Jew. Furthermore the entire Central Committee, quasi cabinet, and the Supreme Soviet were to a man Jews, with three exceptions of three men who were married to Jewish women.(12) The CP leaderships in Germany, Austria, France, Hungary, Romania, and all of Eastern Europe were all Ashkenazi.

Global Policy;
Any reasonable government trains and nurtures a select staff of diplomats that are conversant with the languages and customs of their intended postings so as to facilitate reasonable discourse, avoid misunderstanding, and nurture good relationships with the governments of these nations and improve trade. In America most Ambassadors are appointed based on their finacial contributions to the party in power. Not only is this stupid it often results in direct insults to nations with which we desire to have political, social and economic intercourse. Some of the dumbest efforts have been the appointment of an openly homosexual ambassador to Belgium, a secretary of state visiting the Middle East in a pantsuit, the appointment of a female ambassador to Italy. I would call this in-your-face stupidity. Poking people in the eye does not lend itself to good relations.

I have met scores of diplomats and only American diplomats are single language ones. Almost all diplomats of civilized nations speak English, French and at least one other language. When I was in the military I was responsible to organize several social functions for the 7th army. On one occasion an American General (13) insisted on serving coca cola with dinner, it took me two hours to convince him that this would be a major social blunder that is exactly the type of people that the State Department sends overseas.

It is a reasonable assumption that a national external policy be so constructed as to benefit those nations political, economic and social aspirations. American foreign policy can be seen to contradict that assumption, and in fact be so construed as to benefit not American external policy but Israeli external policy. This assumption can be concluded from a large number of documented polices of the U.S. State Department. Such polices would include, but not be restricted to, providing Israel one of the highest per capita wealthiest nation in the world with the largest amount of foreign aid, and providing Israel billions of dollars of military aid that is used almost exclusively in preemptive wars of aggression against its neighboring states as well as the illegal (14) occupation on the West Bank and Gaza that have a population of over three million. The wars against Iraq that were totally based on lies provided by the Mossad(15) in one case through the Italian and then British secret services. (16)

Foreign policy is also the result of domestic actions. The World Trade Center incidents that in the first bombing and then the air attacks on 9-11 have the smell of false flag operations. The 9-11 commission report is widely, by over half the population believed to be a repeat of the Kennedy assassination cover up, while the Pentagon and Pennsylvania occurrences are assumed to be total falsifications of what took place by over three fourths of the American people’s. 9-11 has lead to drastic changes in American civil liberties resulting in more aggressive foreign policy, preemptive wars and general population loss of civil rights. (17) The Patriot Act was instituted within days of the 9-11 tragedy, it had in fact been written over 12 months prior to the occurrence of 9-11. At the time of the Patriot Acts first airing several congressmen stated, “you won’t get that passed unless there is a huge national emergency”, it was provided!

An analysis of American foreign policy during the W. Bush administration leads to several conclusions.

  1. American 21st century foreign policy does not benefit America.
  2. American 21st century foreign policy is the product of zionists whose intent it is to benefit Israeli expansionist policies.
  3. America’s foreign policy is at least partially responsible for America’s finacial collapse.
  4. Internal as well as external American policy is purposely designed to attain goals benefiting Israel at the detriment of America.
  5. Zionists who ardently support these policies control the American mass media.

Absolutely nothing has changed in the Obama administration. In conclusion of these facts we can surmise that Jews including 30 congressmen and 15 senators, in America place Israel and Israeli policies before those of their homeland.


Our present 21st century foreign policy has been a disaster for our country. Take just one issue, the war against Iraq. By the end of 2011 this war will have cost our nation over three trillion dollars that we can’t afford. The war was based on lies from day one, through the desire of the Bush – Cheney gang to gain control of the world’s second largest oilfields and Israel’s expansionist plans of “Greater Israel”. There were no weapons of mass destruction, no nuclear facilities, no ICBM’s no CBM’s, no chemical or bacteriological weapons, and no Yellow Cake importation. Bush, Cheney, and Powel lied to the UN, Congress the American people and the world. The recurring nightmare of Americans is why none of these liars are in jail?

One of the premises of our pro Israeli foreign policy is that according to the zionist media Israel is a democracy and America’s greatest ally in the Middle East. It should firstly be pointed out that prior to 1948 and the foundation of Israel by the Balfour declaration (18) we had no enemies in the Middle East. The Balfour Declaration took place just months after 1st Viscount. Lord Marshall Allenby had already given the same lands to the Palestinians in perpetuity for their aid in defeating the WW1 Ottoman Turks who were allied with the Germans. It is also to be understood that Israel is a socialist theocracy that has no standing as a pluralistic democracy or a republic. Israeli laws are so racist that they could no even pass muster in third world nations.

Israel has a population of about 7 million of which a minority are non-Jews, primarily Muslims and Christians who are second class citizens. Islam on the other hand has a population of over 1.5 billion separated into scores of nations. Just based on those terms it would make sense to at minimum have an even-handed foreign policy for the Middle East.

The latest in a long list of Israeli plans is war against Iran. The American zionists, AIPAC, and all the usual suspects have been beating the drums of war for the last twelve months. The American zionist controlled media has been backing these plans, as has our State Department. Media people like Glen Beck, Hannity; O’Reiley, Congresswoman Bachman, and Palin relentlessly pound on those same war drums. The concept of a war against Iran reflects a total lack of understanding of geo-politics, geography, population, and history. Iran has not even proposed any external military ambitions in the last 500 years. Iran is three times the size of Iraq, has a population of over 75 million, is mountainous, borders the Gulf of Oman, The Persian Gulf, The Caspian sea, Iraq, Turkey, Russia, Afghanistan, Georgia, and Pakistan. A war with Iran would under any circumstances spill over into neighboring nations, especially Iraq and Syria both of which have large Islamist populations, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Georgia, many of which Israel has illegally attacked several times already or secretly supported rebellion and wars within those nations.

Mad dog Cheney has suggested nuclear strikes against Iran, which would most certainly result in radiation problems from the outcome into Western Europe. Not one single source has confirmed or even suggested that Iran is in developmental stage of producing nuclear weapons, all we have heard is saber rattling from Israel, and Washington. Just as Iraq before this occurrence no hard evidence has been produced, and the UN atomic energy agency CIA and NSA as well as the Pentagon has repeatedly stated that no evidence exists, that Iran is perusing a weapons program. In order to achieve the Zionist goal of “Greater Israel” they want Iran destabilized just as they have done to Lebanon, and are doing to Syria, and Jordan. The most recent Israeli attack on Syria, where they claimed to have destroyed a nuclear facility is another lie. This would be the first nuclear facility with, no security, not even a fence, no water supply, no cooling tower, and no containment vessel, housed in a three story commercial building in the middle of a desert. Preposterous!

The endemic question is how did we get to this point? The retort is simple we replaced patriots in the service of America with academicians and college boys that have lost any understanding of what America is about. They have bought into the UN ambassadorial concept of placing groups and nations before individuals. The do not think that American commercial and economic prowess has any place in foreign policy, evidenced that they most frequently hide their embassy spies under the classification of commercial attaché’ they believe in governments Israel and ours, not in people. They believe that the voluntary actions of the population should be impeded and governed by governments. They believe that governments and bankers should value fiat species, whose value they can inflate and deflate at will. They above all, believe that government exists to redistribute wealth from those who work hard to those who don’t, and that includes foreign aid. They do not believe in individual liberty but in government coercion of its citizens. And lastly they do not believe that people are responsible for their own actions but that groups are the guiding principle of government largess. In other words they believe Adam Weishaupt’s theorem that was plagiarized by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

**Note: I never capitalize zionist; it is not a religion, not a nationality and not a racial grouping.

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    (4) AIPAC American Israeli Public Affairs Committee
    (5) NRA National Rifle Association about 3 million members.
    (6) The Foreign Registration Act requires foreign lobbies to register, which AIPAC refuses to do, and the Justice Department is afraid to enforce.
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