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Government I.D. Needed For Drano But Voter I.D. Is ‘Racist’

This is no joke.

Drano IDAccording to The Blaze, Illinois residents were fuming Friday over a state law that took effect earlier this week requiring them to provide photo identification to buy drain cleaner. (Source)

The law, which went into effect Sunday, requires people who want to buy “caustic or noxious substances” — excepting batteries — to show government-issued photo identification.

However, an attempt to require Illinois voters to show identification before casting a ballot was rejected by Democratic lawmakers.

A laundry list of politically influential groups ranging from teachers unions to government ethics watchdogs opposed the Voter ID requirement.

Joel Pollack of Big Government writes

Attorney General Eric Holder delivered a speech in Austin, Texas Tuesday in which he invoked the history of the civil rights movement in targeting state voter identification laws. His approach mirrors that of the NAACP, which considers such laws racist, and echoes Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who recently claimed that Republicans want to “literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws.”

Holder claimed that the Department of Justice would be “fair” in reviewing such laws, but also quoted a misleading charge made by Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who claimed there was a “systematic attempt” to prevent minority voters from exercising their rights. Holder specifically singled out “new photo identification requirements” in Texas and South Carolina, and applauded Maine’s voters for preserving same-day registration.

  1. In South Africa, for example, where black people were denied the vote until 1994, the new democratic government requires every registered voter–black or white, rich or poor–to bring official photo ID to the polls.
  2. In India voters show a photo ID to vote. India’s election commission issues a special photo identification card to voters when they register, which they must present at the polls. The Election Commission of India has made voter identification mandatory at the time of poll. The electors have to identify themselves with either Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) issued by the Commission or any other documentary proof as prescribed by the Commission.

The fact is that requiring voters to provide photo identification is standard practice in much of the democratic world –- even, and especially, in poor countries with a history of struggle against racism and colonialism.

The Democrats apparently want more “undocumented Democrats”. And the Government wants “documented Drano buyers”.

The American Third Position agrees.

A3P Southern California Members Meet

South California A3P MeetingLast weekend, American Third Position activists from the Southern California area, including Chairman Bill Johnson, met to discuss a series of events that will take place over the next couple of months.

After some time, familiar faces from our Southern California group have again resurfaced. Motivated A3P members met during the break. Activists and Chairman Bill Johnson planned a month by month schedule of upcoming events, including a national party congress to be held in the spring.

If you live in the Southern California area and are interested in participating in A3P events, please contact us by email:

Obama’s Post-Racial America: Abandon The White Working Class

Thomas Edsell writes “For decades, Democrats have suffered continuous and increasingly severe losses among white voters. But preparations by Democratic operatives for the 2012 election make it clear for the first time that the party will explicitly abandon the white working class.” New York Times: Nov 27, 2011

According to the think tank The Third Way, a significant number of Democrats have left the party and are registered as independents. “People are frustrated and the way you tune out in American politics is that is you drop the label of the two parties,” said Steven Jarding, a Harvard public policy professor and Democratic campaign strategist. “The danger for Obama in this is he is not only going to have to capture them but capture more of them because there are less Democratic voters.”

Pissed OffThe Third Way analyzed partisan voter registration in eight battleground states and how that has changed since 2008. In addition to Colorado, they looked at Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

They found, overall, that there are 825,708 fewer Democrats and 378,835 fewer Republicans. There are 254,310 more independent voters.

The states that saw the biggest increase in registered independent voters were North Carolina, 125,094; Florida, 99,841; and Colorado, 92,539. Pennsylvania lost the biggest number of Democrats, 339,139, and also saw the biggest decrease in its registered Republicans, 215,725. National Journal, December 7.

Politico reports that the numbers, compiled from data in eight key swing states for which voter registration information is available — Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina and Pennsylvania — reveal that in seven of those states, independents’ share of the electorate increased relative to both Democrats and Republicans.

The Democrats plan to concentrate on building a new majority coalition out of upwardly mobile white professionals, single women who are dependent upon government services, and “lower-income voters who are disproportionately African-American and Hispanic.” In the run up to the 2012 election, you can be sure there will be a drumbeat of accusations of White racism to turn out the vote among the Obama coalition of upper class white liberals and “communities of color.”

In other words, the new Democratic coalition boils down to shrill accusations of racism, EPA regulations, the case for gay marriage, welfare, and foodstamps. Reportedly, there is a “path to 270? for this new Democratic coalition.

Some of you might remember the Barack Hussein Obama of 2008 who said there wasn’t a “Red America” or a “Blue America.” There was only a United States of America. Obama was going to be the first “post-racial” and “post-partisan” president. Like Abraham Lincoln, Obama was going to “bind up our nation’s wounds.” He even possessed god-like powers to heal the planet, create good jobs for the jobless, and make the oceans recede. Now Obama is going to run for reelection as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright! William Houston, YWC.

An alternative political party is the American Third Position. The American Third Position IS the party for the people whom the Democrats want to “explicitly abandon.”

Join us! The American Third Position!

Battered White Syndrome: Affirmative Action Excludes The Majority

From the soapbox:

I am white. I am female. I am married, and I come from a middle-class family. I am supposedly one of the least persecuted members of society. So why is it I feel like I should be sorry for my situation? Answer: affirmative action.

Affirmative action, a movement trying to help minorities have the same advantages as majority groups, encourages racism, sexism and class discrimination. No, not racism against African-Americans, not sexism against females and not class discrimination against poor people. I’m talking about a movement that — while promoting advantages for certain groups — also promotes disadvantages for others.

CNN recently reported on a controversial story that unfolded at the UC-Berkeley campus. The California Legislature proposed a bill allowing California universities to price tuition based on race. A group of students decided to make its own point by holding a bake sale in the Legislature’s honor. The cookies were priced at $2 for whites, $1.50 for Asians, $1 for Latinos, 75 cents for African-Americans and 25 cents for Native Americans. All women received 25 cents off of the purchase price.

According to, when some of the other students were upset by this, campus Republicans President Shawn Lewis said, “We agree that the event is inherently racist, but that is the point. It is no more racist than giving an individual an advantage in college admissions based solely on their race (or) gender.”

I totally agree with Shawn Lewis. Many people think being racist means having ill will toward African-Americans. But is anyone ever accused of being racist toward whites? No, because we, white people, are the bad guys in almost every situation.

Now, I understand whites have made mistakes in the past. I think whites treated Native Americans and African-Americans despicably in the past, and in some cases this treatment still occurs. But do I need to pay the price for my ancestors’ or cohort’s wrongdoings? I have no ill feelings toward minorities, so why is it I should be sorry for mistreatment I did not commit?

Affirmative action encourages advantages based solely on appearance rather than qualifications. It’s like a bad joke or riddle. Two people walk into an interview — one is a white male dressed in a suit with an impressive resume, and the other is an African-American female and has less experience in that field. According to affirmative action, guess who gets the job.

Companies look at the employee demographic and say, “We have more white males than any other group. It’s going to look like we are racist or sexist, so we need to hire a minority so we don’t look bad.”

Who cares if the company specializes in a male-dominated field? The African-American woman is selected based solely on her race and gender, because the company doesn’t want to look bad.

Also, how is that woman supposed to feel when she finds out she was hired to fulfill a demographic requirement, rather than because she was qualified? Now, if she was more qualified than the white male, that would be another story, but that isn’t how affirmative action works.

Suppose I am an African-American male from a middle class family. I apply to college and can easily find scholarships tailored to my needs. Now, suppose I am a white male from a fairly poor family who does not have any money for college tuition. I apply to college and my financial prospects start to look very slim.

Then pro-affirmative action people take it a step further. Not only are scholarships more available for minorities — regardless of financial standing — but now some want to price tuition based on race? How can a society that says all men are created equal turn around and say, “Well, except for you whites, you’ve already had your turn.”

I’m not saying we shouldn’t work to make things more equal, but that’s exactly what is not happening. We are overcompensating for these disadvantages which encourages racism toward the majority, and things are anything but equal. Source: By Kellyn Neumann

We allow it, just like battered wives.

White AmericansWhat has been labeled as the “Battered White Syndrome” is the identification of a situation where white Americans have been subjected to a pattern of abuse in the context of a violent relationship and this has had an identifiable psychological impact upon whites.

Although specific details and responses vary it has been suggested that the syndrome comprises a three-stage process. The first has been identified as involving a tension build up in the racial situation and this moves into the second stage that involves the manifestation of the tension in beatings and other forms of abuse (such as mass rioting, blackmail, extortion and a high level of interracial crime). The third stage is identified as one where the abuser shows remorse and may make promises of changes to his behavior (after submission is shown by whites). There may be a lull in the cycle of violence (no looting for a full year). The effect of this cessation may allow white Americans to believe that their situation will improve whereas, in fact, it rarely does. “Battered White Syndrome” is a description of a recurring and escalating cycle of violent behavior (which will not end unless the line is drawn once and for all).

Jewish Republicans Say ‘No’ to Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) issued a statement regarding its upcoming Presidential Candidates Forum and as to why Ron Paul is not invited. RJC Executive Director, Matt Brooks, is reported to have said this morning that candidate Ron Paul has “misguided and extreme views” as to the reason Paul was not invited even though seven other Republican candidates will be there along with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the event’s key note speaker.

Ron PaulMr. Brook’s biggest issue with the candidate seems to be how Congressman Paul feels Israel can now stand on its own two feet and does not need American financial aid – especially since America is broke. Israel is a powerful force with a strong economy and a strong defense, however Paul was not isolating Israel in his foreign policy, Paul is suggesting removing nearly all foreign aid to countries around the globe – something very popular with Republicans. So then it is hard to understand Mr. Brook’s problem with at least allowing the attendees to the Forum to hear Congressman Paul out.

Congressman Paul is interested in freeing up trade restrictions found acround the world – inclusive of those bound by highly restrictive and so-called “Free Trade Agreements” – including Israel. This would be a net positive policy for American and Israeli relations, however the RJC members will not be able to hear Paul’s side of the story due to Mr. Brook’s assumptive nature. Ron Paul’s foreign policy is not discriminatory, however the RJC exclusion of Paul certainly is.

Only in the “bizarro” world of modern day America is it considered “misguided and extreme” to put US interests first. The RJC boasting about its censorship of “open and honest debate” only underscores the fact that Paul doesn’t sell out his country and sets him apart from the statist establishment candidates he opposes.

Source: The

Youth for Western Civilization at University of Idaho Celebrates Straight Pride

By Alexander Rowson | YWC at University of Idaho is proudly continuing the tradition of Straight Pride November.

The bureaucrats of administration have randomly selected October to be ‘LGBQTGLBBQGLB History Month’, or something like that (even the school newspaper gets confused).

Last year, YWC at Washington State University, in cooperation with the College Republicans, decided to even the playing field for those of the heterosexual persuasion by declaring November to be ‘Straight Pride Month’. Many high-quality T-shirts with the Straight Pride logo were printed and sold:

Straight Pride

Of course, despite this being a completely positive message, bypassing any moral judgement of homosexuality, YWC was declared to be ‘homophobic’, ‘bigoted’, ‘racist’, etc. In the end, as usual, it turned out to be an excellent publicity event for YWC as the leftists were shown to be the anti-majority bigots they really are.

We at University of Idaho have decided to continue the tradition started by our WSU branch, and hope that other campuses will follow! The past Friday, we set up our table and spread our message, as well as selling our T-shirts for the bargain price of $5.00. Several were sold and many congratulated our message, however there was the usual crowd of confused leftists claiming that our message was homophobic, pointless, ‘divisive’, intolerant, and all the same tired insults that were used at WSU last year. Nonetheless, the discussion created was enlightening and enjoyable. We were also helped by members of our WSU branch.

Our event was such a success that we will be holding a sale every week of November until Thanksgiving break! For U Idaho students: our next sale will be Friday, from 12:30 to 4:30 PM, in the food court area of the Commons. Hope to see you there, whether in support or opposition.

Alexander Rowson is an engineering student living in northern Idaho.

A3P Director Tom Sunic In Dublin

A3P Director Tom Sunic In Dublin04:45 11/15/2011, A3P News Team, american voice, establishment news, American Third Position
Dublin – Sunday, November 6 saw the onset of yet another successful conference held by Studia Europae, in conjunction with FAÉ and Fóram Átha Cliath, following on a series of similar events held over the past year.

On this occasion the main speaker, another prominent international guest, was Dr. Tomislav Suni? of Croatia and the US. This was Dr. Suni?’s first time in Ireland and thus his first time to address an Irish audience.

Dr. Tom SunicFor those who do not already know of Dr. Suni? and his work, he is an author, translator, former Croatian diplomat and a former US professor of political science. He currently also serves on the board of directors of the American Third Position Party (A3P). He has written numerous books, both in English and French, pertaining to politics, metapolitics and European identity. His most recent publication ‘Postmortem Report – Cultural Examinations from Postmodernity’ forwarded by Professor Kevin MacDonald brings together a collection of his essays of the past decade dealing with topics that include religion, cultural pessimism, race, liberalism, democracy, multiculturalism and communism.

The third edition of his book ‘Against Democracy and Equality – The European New Right’ has also recently hit the shelves. Published by Arktos Media, who also had a collection of their books on sale through Studia Europae, it was one of a number of cultural and metapolitical titles by various publishers available on the day of the event. Music and stickers could also be found at the table.

Alongside the Irish audience were other comrades from various European movements who came to show their support and solidarity.

The topic of Dr. Suni?’s lecture was “The Balkanisation of Europe and Ernst Jünger’s Anarch and the endtimes”. The turnout for the conference was greater than anticipated. Towards the end of the speech people put forward questions to Tom and shared their ideas openly. Many books were purchased during and after the event, both from Studia Europae and Dr. Suni? directly. Dr. Suni? then took the time to sign copies of his books and chat with those in attendence.

The second day, Dr. Suni? enjoyed the company of a smaller number of folks who again met in the centre of Dublin to discuss in greater detail ideas and tactics for future development of European Identity and Civilization.

Overall the conference was an absolute success and already there are plans in the works to have another prominent speaker invited over very soon. More details to come!

Fóram Átha Cliath would again like to thank all those who attended and of extend our gratitude to Dr. Suni? for his visit.

Gaelic: Ní threabhadh tú pairc go brách á chasadh timpeall i do intinn! Onward!

For more information you can visit Dr. Tomislav Suni?’s website at:

Source: Folk Advance (F.A.) is a collective of individuals whose like-minded ambition is the sustainment thus advancement of the European mind, body, and soul. This specific section of F.A. is located in Ireland. This website is a news and information hold for members of F.A., as well as for comrades around the globe.

Arizona A3P Candidate Ralph Brandt Wants To Make Sure White People Are Fairly Represented

Arizona | Candidate for Mesa, Arizona council seat, Ralph Brandt spoke about his run for office and issues concerning white Americans.

Mr. Brandt, who is running for Mesa’s District three council seat, says he wants to level out the playing field and make sure white people are fairly represented.

ABC15 Staff writer, Navideh Forghani, writes “While some view these thoughts as racist, Brandt says he wants to make sure everyone is equally represented and that’s one of the reasons he’s running. He also wants to take a closer look at how Mesa city government is spending taxpayer money.”

In an interview by ABC15, Mr. Brandt pointed out

“White people are actually afraid to speak up in their own interests because they are afraid of being labeled Nazis, so that has to come to an end sometime,” said Brandt.

The American Third Position believes the U.S. government discriminates against white Americans. Ralph Brandt is a member of American Third Position and Director of the Arizona chapter. During the interview, Mr. Brandt said

“We have the NAACP, but we have no NAAWP,” said Brandt. “We have the black caucus (Congressional Black Caucus) but not white caucus (Congressional White Caucus).”

There is also the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus.

Brandt needs the support of more than 200 registered voters in his district before his name can officially be placed on the ballot. Anyone who is interested in volunteering for Ralph Brandt to obtain signatures and promote his campaign can contact American Third Position here.

*Source ABC15

Campaign contributions for Ralph Brandt can be made online (below) or mailed directly to

Committee to Elect Ralph Brandt
P.O. Box 5624
Mesa, AZ 85211

November 6th is National Remembrance Day for Those Killed by Illegal Aliens

Dave Gibson | As you awaken this Sunday, you may notice that you forgot to turn back your clocks last night. Yes, this is the day on which we all literally turn-back the hands of time, which is just what the families and friends of those killed by illegal aliens wish they could do…if only to gaze upon the face of their loved ones, just once more.

Steve KingOn Thursday, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) announced his sponsorship of a resolution to honor those Americans killed by illegal aliens. The Congressman joined with citizen advocacy groups the FIRE Coalition and the Immigration Tea Party Coalition in support of National Remembrance Day, to be held today, November 6th.

Please take a few moments today to remember the fallen.

According to King’s website, “Since 1955, there have been 25,065 homicide arrests of criminal aliens in the United States, and King’s resolution aims to honor and mourn these preventable deaths.”

ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in ‘Occupy’ Movement

Many of American Third Party members and staff warily eyed the events at the “Occupy” protests. It was suspected that the protests were occupied by the pro-Obama crowd: SEIU, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Danny Glover, etc.

ACORNThe Wall Street “Occupy” demonstrations were occupied by folks with designer jeans, iPads, iPhones, and pricey sneakers. Tables were loaded with boxes of Pizza and bottled water. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and other media had their live-feed satellite transmission equipment and cameras.

The entire movement appeared to be a staged media set complete with actors and scripts. Does that sound spontaneous? Or organized?

Now we are told by Fox News that ACORN is involved in this “leaderless” movement:

The former New York office for ACORN, the disbanded community activist group, is playing a key role in the self-proclaimed “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement, organizing “guerrilla” protest events and hiring door-to-door canvassers to collect money under the banner of various causes while spending it on protest-related activities, sources tell

The former director of New York ACORN, Jon Kest, and his top aides are now busy working at protest events for New York Communities for Change (NYCC). That organization was created in late 2009 when some ACORN offices disbanded and reorganized under new names after undercover video exposes prompted Congress to cut off federal funds. Source: Fox News

Those who contribute don’t know the money is going to fund the protests, a source said:

Those who contribute don’t know the money is going to fund the protests, the source said.

“They give contributions because we say if they do we can fix things – whatever specific problem they’re having in their area, housing, schools, whatever … then we spend the contributions paying staff to be at the protests all day, every day. That’s where these contributions – the community’s money – is going,” the source said.

“They’re doing the same stuff now that got ACORN in trouble to begin with. And yes, we’re still ACORN, there is a still a national ACORN.”

Another source, who said she was hired from a homeless shelter, said she was first sent to the protests before being deployed to Central Islip, Long Island, to canvass for a campaign against home foreclosures. Source: Fox News

Former ACORN members are being paid:

Sources said NYCC has hired about 100 former ACORN-affiliated staff members from other cities – paying some of them $100 a day – to attend and support Occupy Wall Street. Dozens of New York homeless people recruited from shelters are also being paid to support the protests, at the rate of $10 an hour, the sources said. Source: Fox News

The well meaning “Occupy” movement is now a vehicle for the disbanded ACORN organization. For ACORN this is business as usual.