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DHS Video Characterizes White Americans as Most Likely Terrorists

by Paul Joseph Watson | Big Sis fear campaign continues, but Americans are just as likely to be killed by peanut allergies than they are in terrorist attacks.

A new promotional video released by the Department of Homeland Security characterizes white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists, as Big Sis continues its relentless drive to cement the myth that mad bombers are hiding around every corner, when in reality Americans are just as likely to be killed by lightning strikes or peanut allergies.

The video is part of Homeland Security’s $10 million dollar “See Something, Say Something” program that encourages Americans to report “suspicious activity,” which in every case throughout history has been a trait of oppressive, dictatorial regimes.

In the course of the 10 minute clip, a myriad of different behaviors are characterized as terrorism, including opposing surveillance, using a video camera, talking to police officers, wearing hoodies, driving vans, writing on a piece of paper, and using a cell phone recording application.

Despite encouraging viewers not to pay attention to a person’s race in determining whether or not they may be a terrorist, almost all of the scenarios in the clip proceed to portray white people as the most likely terrorists. Bizarrely, nearly every single one of the “patriotic” Americans who reports on their fellow citizen is either black, Asian or Arab. Imagine if the video had portrayed every terrorist as an Arab and every patriotic snoop as white, there’d be an outcry and rightly so, but this strange reversal must have been deliberate on the part of the DHS, but why? Is this merely political correctness taken to the extreme or is something deeper at work?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the DHS’ own internal documents list predominantly white conservative groups as the most likely terrorists, such as Ron Paul supporters, gun owners, gold bullion enthusiasts, and a myriad of other comparatively banal political interests that are largely the domain of white middle class Americans.

This has little to do with the color of a person’s skin, and everything to do with the fact that white, middle class Americans are the biggest roadblock when it comes to Big Sis expanding its control over every facet of American society.

It’s plain to see that very little of the budget for this video went towards paying for decent actors, but perhaps it’s fitting that the participants were about as believable as Santa and his elves, because the notion that terrorists are hovering around every underground parking lot waiting to blow up federal buildings is demonstrably false.

As Ohio University’s John Mueller has documented, the likelihood of actually being a victim of terrorism is infinitesimally small, and only highlights how such threats are hyperbolically exaggerated for political purposes.

Figures collected by Mueller clearly show that Americans are just as likely to be killed by lightning strikes, accident-causing deer, or severe allergic reactions to peanuts.

But the facts don’t matter for a federal agency whose primary function is to manufacture fear to keep Americans under control and submissive to the fact that their economic futures and their constitutional rights are being torn to shreds by their own government while it points to a contrived outside threat as a convenient distraction.

“At its core, the video is filled with scenes of ordinary citizens spying on each other and alerting the authorities to their compatriots’ suspicious deeds,” writes Simon Black. In my favorite scene, a woman calls the police after snooping over the shoulder of a young man typing away on his smartphone.”

Black notes that such videos are solely aimed at reinforcing ignorance, hate and fear for those who still live in darkness and are completely unaware of the real agenda behind Homeland Security’s “see something, say something” charade.

But what is that agenda?

No matter where you look, from East Germany, to Communist Russia, to Nazi Germany, historically governments who encourage their own citizens to report on each other do so not for any genuine safety concerns or presumed benefits to security, but in order to create an authoritarian police state that coerces the people into policing each other’s behavior and thoughts.

As Robert Gellately of Florida State University has highlighted, Germans under Hitler denounced their neighbors and friends not because they genuinely believed them to be a security threat, but because they expected to selfishly benefit from doing so, both financially, socially and psychologically via a pavlovian need to be rewarded by their masters for their obedience.

At the height of its influence around one in seven of the East German population was an informant for the Stasi. As in Nazi Germany, the creation of an informant system was wholly centered around identifying political dissidents and those with grievances against the state, and had little or nothing to do with genuine security concerns.

This is the kind of society the Department of Homeland Security is, whether deliberately or inadvertently, recreating in 21st century America. It is about as far removed as you can possibly get from the vision the founders of the nation had in mind when they created the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Reprinted from PrisonPlanet.

The Rise of the A3P

Erick Erickson of RedState, a leading conservative Republican blog, is losing faith in his “red team” wing of the bipartisan machine. In his recent post, The Rise of the Third Party, he takes aim at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell…

I have long criticized the calls of many disaffected conservatives for a third party and I maintain that position. The closest I have come to calling for a third party is to encourage tea party activists to take over the GOP from within.

External third parties are not, in my mind, a solution to anything, but a great enabler of Democrats.

Notwithstanding my opinion, I believe the GOP, should it adopt Mitch McConnell’s Pontius Pilate Act, will be sowing the seeds of its own destruction.

For those with better things to do with their time than keep up with Washington politics, Erickson’s reference to the Pontius Pilate Act is a reference to McConnell’s “clever” attempt to punt responsibility for raising the debt ceiling by passing a resolution that empowers Obama to raise it unilaterally. In theory, this absolves the GOP of both the fallout of betraying the tea party’s budget hawks and the fallout from a reduced credit rating and increased borrowing costs that come with defaulting on our creditors. Insiders like McConnell are proving to their tea party hardliners what we at the A3P could have told them for free: They’ll don your tri-corn hats, flap around your Gadsden flags, and carry on about balanced budgets if that’s what it costs to get your vote. But don’t ask for theirs.

If you have to ask how much their vote costs, you can’t afford it.

Meet The West Virginia Long Shots

By Sean Sullivan | July 14, 2011

Here at The Hotline, we’re often reminded that campaigns can attract a diverse array of long shot candidates with disparate backgrounds and views. The Charleston State Journal offers a look today at three minor candidates in this year’s West Virginia gubernatorial race:

  • Mountain Party Candidate Bob Henry Baber, who described himself as being “tight as bark on a tree,” and said running a campaign that spends modestly is essential, is trying to make the most of his resources. Mountain Party leaders are helping collect unclaimed political signs from the primary, about 400 of which will be “recycled” with Baber stickers covering them.
  • Harry Bertram is running as a member of the American Third Position Party, which “believes that government policy in the United States discriminates against whites, and that whites need their own political party to fight this discrimination,” according to its website.
  • With second quarter fundraising figures dominating the news that past couple of weeks, how’s this for a campaign strategy: Marla Ingels, an elementary school counselor, refuses to accept campaign contributions.

Reprinted from The National Journal: Permalink

Harry Bertram, Governor 2011

Special Election Offers Forum for Gubernatorial Candidate Harry Bertram

July 13, 2011 | Meet the underdogs.

Bob Henry Baber is a fundraiser for Glenville State College. Harry Bertram is a railroad employee from Monongalia County. Marla Ingels is an elementary school counselor from Mason County.

All three would like to swap those jobs to become West Virginia’s next governor. They acknowledge their long shot status against better-financed candidates representing more established political parties. The Democratic nominee is acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin of Logan, and Morgantown businessman Bill Maloney is the Republican nominee.

The Oct. 4 special election will determine who will complete the term of Joe Manchin, who left the governor’s office in November 2010 for the U.S. Senate, replacing the late Robert C. Byrd.

Baber earned a place on the ballot when he was selected as the Mountain Party candidate. The party meets the criteria by having garnered more than 1 percent of the vote in the last election.

Bertram and Ingels took an alternate path, securing enough signatures on petitions to merit placement on the ballot and to forego the filing fee, according to Tim Leach, assistant legal counsel in the Secretary of State’s office.

In a regular election cycle the minimum requirement to be listed on the ballot would have been 7,000 signatures of registered voters. The figure is based on 1 percent of total votes cast for governor in the previous election. That total was reduced to 1,765 names, or one-fourth of 1 percent, due to the brief time frame involved with this special election.

Filing fees for state offices in West Virginia are based on 1 percent of the annual salary of the specific office. With the governor’s annual salary of $150,000, the filing fee would have been $1,500.

Harry Bertram

A self-described working class conservative, Bertram is running as a member of the American Third Position Party, or A3P. According to its website, the party “believes that government policy in the United States discriminates against whites, and that whites need their own political party to fight this discrimination.”

Bertram said he considers himself to be a nationalist as opposed to being a supremacist, which he described as someone who wants to dominate over somebody.

“A nationalist is someone who loves their race and is willing to do something to preserve it, to take care of their country first and their people,” he said. “I don’t believe in intervention around the world.”

The site documents Bertram’s previous attempts at public office. He ran for a seat in the Ohio General Assembly in 1984 and as a National States Rights Party nominee for a township office in Ohio in 1989. Moving to West Virginia, he attempted to run for the Legislature in 1994 as a nominee of the Populist Party, but he was unable to meet the petition requirement.

A year ago he entered the Monongalia County Board of Education race, placing last among three candidates with 14.1 percent of the vote.

“I was attacked by the local media,” Bertram said.

This campaign offers Bertram a public platform to promote his party’s agenda.

“I have some unique things to say in regards to West Virginia politics that the established candidates wouldn’t say,” he said, referring to issues such as affirmative action and companies hiring undocumented workers from other countries. He said he is for the right to keep and bear arms, private schools and better education.

“I hope to accomplish different things — obviously to win, and second to increase name recognition, education and for recruitment purposes for the party,” said Bertram, 51. “I look at my campaign as a common sense approach to better government.”

Bertram said he advocates lower taxes and less government regulation.

“We’ve got to make the state a friendly place to do business, or they’ll go to Virginia or somewhere else. We’re shipping jobs overseas. What we need to do is pressure our senators and congressmen to overturn this.”

Bertram said his campaign will spend less than $10,000.

“I want to get the word out and get a decent portion of the vote,” he said. “Win or lose, we’re still going to pass out literature on a regular basis.”

Bertram For Governor

Reprinted from 12BOY West Virginia

AFP Networks at Freedom Palooza Fest in East PA.

by Alex Carmichael | During the Fourth of July weekend, several A3P activists engaged a number of folks who expressed interest in our political party at the Freedom Palooza Festival. This full-day outdoor event was held at a popular local establishment, located in the rolling country hills of Eastern Pennsylvania near the magnificent Delaware River.

Displaying our Northeast A3P banner, we set up a table to meet and greet like-minded attendees. People eagerly scooped up multiple copies of our Immigration brochure, anti-globalization/pro U.S. employment postcards and most importantly, the Nationalist Times, our premier party newspaper.

Though the total turnout was somewhat light, dozens of people of varying backgrounds approached our table to express interest in A3P. This included a number of the speakers and musicians who took the stage that day.

Jim Traficant, a former US congressman from Ohio, gave a spirited presentation on his career and politics. He is very proud of his Italian and mixed central European heritage. He emphasized the need for troops on the border, and the drain on our economy caused by the presence of illegal aliens who cross there.

Former Congressman James Traficant - Freedom Palooza

Mr. Traficant has intimate experience with corruption in law enforcement and the federal court system. He discussed the “omnipresent power of the Israeli lobby over the US” and “Jewish dominance of the press, money supply, New York and Hollywood.” Traficant also lamented that “…there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two major political parties.”

We encourage A3P activists throughout the country to involve our people at similar ethnic festivals and events this summer. We continually receive positive inquiries and support from those who enjoyed interacting with us during the July 4th weekend.

Freedom Palooza

16 Reasons To Feel Really Depressed About The Economy

Great Depression
If you do not want to feel really depressed, you might not want to read this article. The U.S. economy is coming apart at the seams, and there are a whole lot of indications that things are about to get even worse. After a time of relative stability, the pace of job cuts is starting to pick up again, inflation is rising but paychecks are not, the U.S. housing crisis shows no signs of ending, millions of American families are drowning in debt and all of the recent polls show that the faith of the American people in our economy is eroding. As you read the statistics in this article, try to keep in mind that there are scores of families from coast to coast that are barely surviving from month to month. It can be a soul-crushing experience to work as hard as you can and yet just barely be able to pay the mortgage and put food into the mouths of your kids. The reason why so many Americans believe that we are in a “recession” or a “depression” is because that is what they feel like they are living through every single day.

The number of Americans that are really depressed about the direction of the economy continues to grow. At first most Americans had expected the U.S. economy to bounce back after the recession “like it always does”, but now hope is turning into desperation as people start realizing that this time things are different.

Most Americans are very eager for things to go back to normal. Unfortunately, things look like they are about to get even worse.

The following are 16 reasons to feel really depressed about the direction of the economy….

#1 A newly released National Federation of Independent Business poll discovered that U.S. small businesses let go of more workers than they hired in June. Previously, the poll had registered four monthly gains in net jobs in a row. Some analysts believe that this may be another indication that the employment market is getting softer once again.

#2 Another newly released jobs report found that the number of job cuts being planned by U.S. employers increased by 11.6% in June.

#3 There are fewer payroll jobs in the United States today than there were back in 2000 even though we have added 30 million people to the population since then.

#4 There are officially 6.2 million Americans that have been unemployed for more than 6 months. There are millions of others that have also been out of work that long but they have become so discouraged about looking for work that the U.S. government considers them “to no longer be in the workforce”.

#5 It now takes the average unemployed worker in America nearly 40 weeks to find a new job.

#6 Paychecks are not keeping up with inflation. In May, the average hourly wage in the United States was 1.6 percent lower than 12 months earlier.

#7 Food and gas prices have been absolutely soaring over the past year. McDonald’s, Hershey and Coca-Cola have all announced price increases this year. One recent survey found that 9 out of 10 U.S. workers do not expect their wages to keep up with soaring food prices and soaring gas prices over the next 12 months.

#8 There are disturbing indications that the business community expects the economy to slow down even more in the months ahead. For example, pre-orders for Christmas toys from China are way down.

#9 As of April, there were 6.39 million home loans in the United States that were either delinquent or in foreclosure. Included in that were 675,000 home loans that had not had a single payment made on them in two years.

#10 Approximately 28 percent of all home loans in the United States are currently “underwater”.

#11 Overall, American households are about 7.7 trillion dollars poorer than they were back in early 2007.

#12 As a percentage of GDP, the total amount of debt in the United States is now far higher than it ever has been in any other era of U.S. history. Things were not even close to this bad during the Great Depression.

#13 One of the key measures of consumer confidence in the United States has hit a seven-month low.

#14 According to Gallup, the percentage of Americans that lack confidence in U.S. banks is now at an all-time high of 36%.

#15 According to one recent poll, 39 percent of Americans believe that the U.S. economy has now entered a “permanent decline”.

#16 Another recent survey found that 48 percent of Americans believe that it is likely that another great Depression will begin within the next 12 months.

So what is the United States going to look like if we do have another major economic downturn?

If the U.S. economy continues to get worse and worse, will what is happening in Greece eventually start happening in this country?

Let us certainly hope that our cities do not descend into chaos any time soon.

However, we should not just stick our heads in the sand and pretend that everything is going to be okay.

Those of us that are aware of what is happening to the economy should take this time to get prepared.

We should all be getting out of debt. When the economy tanks and interest rates start to spike you don’t want a horde of creditors hunting you down.

We should all be reducing our expenses and learning to live on less. It is those that are “lean and mean” that will have the best chance of making it through a major downturn successfully.

We should all be storing up emergency food and supplies. After all, you take out insurance on all kinds of other things, don’t you? We all need to be fully prepared just in case the worst happens.

The truth is that most Americans are totally unprepared for economic troubles. As the financial crisis of 2008 demonstrated, when people lose their jobs and their wealth they will come in and take everything away from you.

And it is not just your home that you could lose. When you don’t have any more money left there is a chance that authorities will take everything away from you.

For example, according to one local news report, six kids were taken away permanently from their parents just because they were homeless and living in a storage shed….

“You shouldn’t take our kids because we’ve fallen on hard times,” said Prince Leonard, a married father of six whose family resides in a northeast Houston storage shed.

The Leonards moved in three years ago after the father, an unemployed welder, was hired as a maintenance worker.

Well, it turns out that the storage shed actually had “an air conditioner, a refrigerator and two personal computers”, so they were not living too terribly.

But this is what happens to so many poor families today – “child protective services” will come in and take their children away at the drop of a hat.

Poor people are an easy target. They know that they are unlikely to fight back and so thousands and thousands of young children are constantly being ripped out of homes and never returned.

Don’t think that it can never happen to you. It is happening all over the country.

The sad reality of the matter is that “the American Dream” is dying.

Every month more American families are slipping out of the middle class and into poverty.

Over the past four years, the number of Americans on food stamps has risen by 18 million. A higher percentage of Americans is enrolled in government anti-poverty programs than ever before.

There will be millions of Americans that will not be able to sleep tonight because they are being eaten alive by worry and fear. If the economy does not turn around soon, there will be even more American families that are living in their cars and eating out of dumpsters.

Our economic problems are a horrible nightmare that never seems to end. We are literally watching the greatest economy on earth crumble before our very eyes.

So if you feel really depressed about all this, nobody is going to blame you.

But pulling yourself together and getting yourself and your family prepared for the really hard times that are coming might be a better course of action.

Reprinted from The American Dream

White Candidates Stampede

According to Eve Conant of the Daily Beast, “A startling number of white-power candidates are seeking public office. Eve Conant reports on their under-the-radar strategy and David Duke’s White House flirtation.”

A former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and Republican executive-committee chairman in his district until 2000, Duke has a significant following online. His videos go viral. This month, he’s launching a tour of 25 states to explore how much support he can garner for a potential presidential bid. He hasn’t considered running for serious office since the early ’90s, when he won nearly 40 percent of the vote in his bid for Louisiana governor. But like many “white civil rights advocates,” as he describes himself to The Daily Beast, 2012 is already shaping up to be a pivotal year.

Former (and current) Neo Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, neo-Confederates, and other representatives of the many wings of the “white nationalist” movement are starting to file paperwork and print campaign literature for offices large and small, pointing to rising unemployment, four years with an African-American president, and rampant illegal immigration as part of a growing mound of evidence that white people need to take a stand.

Prior to Nationalist Socialist Jeff Hall’s death, he had campaigned for a low-level water board position in Riverside, California. The swastika-wearing plumber who patrolled the U.S. border paramilitary-style walked away with almost 30 percent of his community’s vote. “That’s a sizable amount of the vote for a person running openly as a Neo Nazi,” says Marilyn Mayo, co-director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. While Hall’s political future—and life—has been cut short, Mayo points out that we should expect more white supremacist hopefuls next year.

And now a few words from Mark Potok of the polyphobic SPLC group:

What followed in 2010, say extremism watchers, was the biggest electoral push by white supremacists in years. “We’ve seen increasing numbers of white supremacists and others on the radical right running for electoral office for several years now and we likely had more in the last election than in any other in recent memory,” says Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center. “Although extremely few of these people are elected, especially if their views become known during the campaign, the fact that there are so many openly running for public office reflects the growth of white nationalism over the last 10 years.”

Potok’s group tracked 23 candidates in 2010 with radical right-wing views, nine of whom they described as white supremacists or white nationalists. (The others had extreme immigration and world-conspiracy views but did not specifically have links to white organizations.) One candidate, the neo-Confederate Loy Mauch, won a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives, and another, James C. Russell, who has denounced interracial marriage, garnered 37 percent of the vote in his quest for the New York House of Representatives. Some candidates benefited from a new umbrella organization—the A3P, or American Third Position—which was launched in 2010 by a handful of wonkish-looking professors and corporate lawyers to, as they wrote in their mission statement, “represent the political interests of White Americans.” One of their political hopefuls, Atlee Yarrow, who has filed paperwork to run for Florida governor in 2014, says the Southern Poverty Law Center has listed A3P as a hate group “but it has open membership that mirrors the NAACP. They [NAACP] can have identity politics, but if white people do it, it’s considered racist?”

Disappointed with Ron and Rand Paul and other leaders who they feel are close, but not close enough, to their views—the A3P has fielded candidates like Harry Bertram, who ran for the West Virginia board of education last fall, pulling down 14 percent of the vote. He’s now angling for governor. “My platform is conservative like the Tea Party but more racialist inclined,” Bertram says. Another A3P candidate won 11 percent of the vote in a recent run for a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Those numbers are small, but hardly laughable, especially for a new group explicitly running on a white-interest ticket. “We’re just beginning,” says board member Jamie Kelso, who says the group’s platform includes a complete moratorium on immigration. “But we’re filling a void.”

Sounds like fear of white American candidates!

The Rebirth of Nations

By Roger Scruton | The True Finn Party in Finland has broken through the left-liberal consensus to take second place in the polls, reminding voters that Finland is not just a geographical area but a country defined by language, culture, and history, a country that has been defended at great cost against the Soviet desire to absorb it and which is now, thanks to the European Union, being robbed of its savings in order to replenish the pockets of Mediterranean kleptocrats. Finns have revealed that they don’t like being manipulated by political elites outside the country. They want to show the world that Finland is not just a quaint survival, defined by a weird language and a romantic folklore, but a real and self-governing nation-state, whose resources belong to its citizens, and whose citizens wish to claim their ancestral territory as their own.

Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas JeffersonA comparable feeling has made itself manifest in France, with growing support for the Front National of Jean-Marie Le Pen, and for Le Pen’s dynamic daughter, who is now likely to lead the party to positions of power and influence across the country. The Dutch have rallied to the cause of Geert Wilders, whose outspoken attacks on Islam and calls to restrict immigration have brought a new spirit of national defiance to the politics of the Netherlands. Belgium is unable to form a government, on account of the nationalist aspirations of its Flemish majority, while in Italy the Lega Nord is pressing for a redefinition of the Italian settlement, one that will acknowledge the distinction between the law-abiding north and the Mafia-ridden south of the country.

All across Europe the nations are beginning to boil with frustration, at a political straitjacket that prevents them from asserting their ancient rights. The causes of this are many, but two in particular stand out: immigration and the European Union. The two are connected, since it is the EU’s non-negotiable insistence on the free movement of labor that has prevented the nation-states from exerting meaningful control over their borders. At a time when unemployment in Britain stands at more than 2 million, more than a million immigrants from Eastern Europe have come to take what jobs there are. It is impossible that such a situation should endure without strong sentiments of national entitlement among the indigenous people, and our governing elites are struggling hard to prevent those sentiments from emerging into the light of day.

Equally provocative, however, has been the debt crisis within the European Union. At a time when the people of Britain are being told that they must face cuts to public services that will cause widespread hardship, they are also being told that taxpayers must contribute 4 billion pounds — roughly 200 pounds each — to pay for the extravagance of Portuguese politicians, who have been lining their pockets and robbing their people in the traditional way, and relying on the euro to protect them. The subtle economic arguments with which this move is justified fail to persuade people that they are not being robbed. And it is one appeal of the nationalist parties elsewhere in Europe that they honestly declare that the people are being robbed, in order to subsidize the lifestyle of elites who have no historical connection with them, and that when people are being robbed they have a right to defend themselves.

JUST WHERE ALL this is going it is hard to know. One thing is certain, however: nationalist sentiments are once more prominent in the cultural landscape of Europe. And they are the more prominent for the attempt by the Eurocrats to forbid them. I doubt that this situation was foreseen by those who first set the European process in motion. It seemed reasonable, even imperative, in 1950 to bring the nations of Europe together, in a way that would prevent the wars that had twice almost destroyed the continent. And because conflicts breed radicalism, the new Europe was conceived as a comprehensive plan — one that would eliminate the sources of European conflict, and place cooperation rather than rivalry at the heart of the continental order.

The architects of the plan, who were for the most part Christian Democrats, had little else in common apart from a belief in European civilization and a distrust of the nation-state. The éminence grise, Jean Monnet, was a transnational bureaucrat, inspired by the vision of a united Europe in which war would be a thing of the past. His close collaborator Walter Hallstein was an academic German technocrat, who believed in international jurisdiction as the natural successor to the laws of the nation-states. Monnet and Hallstein were joined by Altiero Spinelli, a romantic communist who advocated a United States of Europe legitimized by a democratically elected European Parliament. Such people were not isolated enthusiasts, but part of a broad movement among the postwar political class. They chose popular leaders like Konrad Adenauer, Robert Schuman, and Alcide De Gasperi as the spokesmen for their ideas, and proposed the European Coal and Steel Community (the Schuman Plan) as their initial goal — believing that the larger project would acquire legitimacy if it could first be understood and accepted in this circumscribed form. At the same time the long-term goal was kept secret, on the justified understanding that, if the people got wind of it, they would make sure it never happened.

When the first instruments of European cooperation were being devised, the continent was divided by the Iron Curtain, with half of Germany and all of the Slavonic countries under Soviet occupation and fascist regimes installed in Portugal and Spain. France was in constant turmoil, with a Communist Party commanding the support of more than a third of its electorate; the free remnant of Europe was critically dependent upon the Atlantic alliance, and the marks of occupation and defeat were (except in Great Britain and the Iberian peninsula) everywhere apparent. Only radical measures, it seemed, could restore the continent to political and economic health, and those measures must replace the old antagonisms with a new spirit of friendship.

As a result, European integration was conceived in one-dimensional terms, as a process of ever-increasing unity under a centralized structure of command. Each increase in central power was to be matched by a diminution of national power. Every summit, every directive, and every click of the ratchet has since carried within itself this specific equation. The political process in Europe has therefore acquired a direction. It is not a direction that the people of Europe have chosen, and every time they are given the right to vote on it they reject it — hence everything is done to ensure that they never have the chance to vote on it. The process is moving always toward centralization, top-down control, dictatorship by unelected bureaucrats and judges, cancellation of laws passed by elected parliaments, constitutional treaties framed without any input whatsoever from the people — in short, the process is moving always toward imperial government. And only one thing stands opposed to this result, and that is the national sentiments of the European people.

For this very reason national sentiments have been demonized. Speak up for Jeanne d’Arc and le pays réel, for the “sceptred isle” and St. George, for Lemmenkäinen’s gloomy forests and the “true Finns” who roam in them, and you will be called a fascist, a racist, and an extremist. There is a liturgy of denunciation here that is repeated all across Europe by a ruling elite that trembles in the face of ordinary loyalties. But the fact is that national sentiment is, for most ordinary Europeans, the only motive that will justify sacrifice in the public cause. Insofar as people do not vote to line their own pockets, it is because they also vote to protect a shared identity from the predations of those who do not belong to it, and who are attempting to pillage an inheritance to which they are not entitled.

WHAT WE ARE NOW seeing in Europe is that yesterday’s radical visions cannot translate into today’s political needs. The imperial project has entered into conflict with the only source of sentiment upon which it could conceivably draw for its legitimacy. The nation-states are not equally stable, equally democratic, equally free, or equally obedient to the rule of law. But they are all that we have. They alone inspire the loyalty and obedience of the European people, and without them there is no way that the machinery of the Union can act. By replacing national accountability with distant bureaucracy, that machinery has left people disarmed and bewildered in the face of the current crisis. The euro, invented and imposed without any proof that the people of the “eurozone” had any desire for it, was immediately understood, by the kleptocrats of the Mediterranean, as a way of enlarging the national debt, and transferring it to the hard-working Germans. And the people of Greece, Spain, and Portugal agreed, since nobody alerted them to the cost — the national cost — that will be paid, once the eurozone breaks up, as surely it must.

Now that the day of reckoning is approaching, people all across the continent sense the need to prepare themselves for hard times. In a crisis people “take stock,” which means that they retreat to the primary source of their social identity, and prepare to defend it. They do not do this consciously. But they do it nevertheless, and the futile attempt by the comfortable elites to denounce the “extremism” of the people whose inheritance they have stolen merely exacerbates the reaction. But the situation is not a happy one. Not only are there nations like the Flemish and the English that have no nation-state of their own. The half-century of peace and prosperity has fed upon the European cultural inheritance without renewing it. The constitutional treaties and transnational courts of the Eurocrats have made a point of granting no favors to the Christian faith, and the spirit of multiculturalism has ensured that national cultures receive no subsidies either from national governments or from the European Union. A “cult of the minority” has been imposed from above.

This cult is painfully apparent in England, where I am writing. English schools that refuse to celebrate Christmas will nevertheless insist on a day devoted to Diwali and another to Eid; “diversity” is the theme of our official festivals, and the Arts Council of England even refuses to support the English Music Festival, on account of the offensive word English in its title. At the same time, here as elsewhere in Europe, people no longer accept the cult. All across Europe “multiculturalism” is being rejected, both by ordinary people and by many of their elected representatives. For, while multiculturalism has done nothing to reconcile immigrant communities to their new surroundings, it has destroyed the frail remnants of national cultures that survived the Second World War.

This is one reason why people who stand up for their national identity can so easily be made to look like “extremists.” You don’t look like an extremist if you express your national sentiment in the idiom of a Péguy, an Orwell, a Lampedusa, or a Sibelius. But when you have no national icons besides the flag and the football team you find it difficult to display the most important aspect of national sentiment, which is that it is an invocation of peace, and not a cry of war. That is why culture matters, and why its loss, in times of crisis, is a loss to the whole community, and not just to the educated minority who are aware of the fact.

Reprinted from The American Spectator

The New Minority

by Todd Kinsey | Newly released census data shows that minority children (Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, and others) now outnumber white children in the United States. This decades old trend is expected to put the total white population in the minority by the year 2042 according to a 2008 report by the U.S. Census Bureau. However, given the government’s penchant for gravely underestimating figures, we should probably expect this shift to occur well before that date.

Hispanics are leading this charge. With nearly no border security, illegal immigrants are pouring across our southern border with Mexico. The U.S. Government estimates this number at eight to twelve million, however, some experts believe the total could be as high as thirty-eight million. Because of this unbridled immigration, Hispanic children are now the majority in all five states on the Mexican border.

Organizations such as La Raza, which means The Race, in case you were wondering, are doing everything in their power to promote and defend illegal immigration calling anyone who opposes it a racist Nazi. It’s obvious to most rational thinking people that the key word is “illegal.” Most Americans are not against legal immigration and they understand that we are a nation of immigrants. The major difference between the two is that legal immigrants assimilate themselves to the culture, customs, and language of America. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your culture but you are an American first and a Latino, Asian, Russian, etc. second.

Perhaps we should have paid attention in 1998 when President Clinton told the students at Portland State University “Today, largely because of immigration, there is no majority race in Hawaii or Houston or New York City. Within five years, there will be no majority race in our largest state, California. In a little more than 50 years, there will be no majority race in the United States. No other nation in history has gone through demographic change of this magnitude in so short a time.”

As Hua Hsu points out in his article at the Atlantic, Pat Buchanan warned that America may become a third world country because of this diversity. This remains to be seen, however, it is hard to argue that America has lost a significant portion of its might in recent years. Both China and India are predicted to surpass America’s economic might at their current rates of growth.

There are a number of reasons you can point to for the decline in white birth rates. Progressives have waged an all out assault on traditional family values. The Democrats with their pagan allies in the ACLU have done everything in their power to remove God from the American lexicon.

The liberal Hollywood establishment has glorified hooking up with movies such as No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits, undermining traditional marriage.
by Todd Kinsey | MTV glorifies teen pregnancy and abortion with its show 16 and Pregnant. MTV also glorifies hooking up showing tawdry scenes, including ménage à trois on its long running show the Real World.

Hollywood and MTV are also leaders in promoting the gay lifestyle. Nearly every season of Road Rules and the Real World went to lengths to cast and promote homosexuality. Hollywood places gays in too many shows to name and even built a sitcom promoting the gay lifestyle with Will and Grace.

In conjunction with destroying the traditional family was the birth of militant feminism. Women were told that they were the same as men and that having a career was more important than having a family. One of the pillars of feminism is “reproductive rights” which is the progressive way to market abortion. Of course Roe V Wade was based largely on false testimony. Norma McCorvey, aka Roe, admitted years later that she lied under oath and was not raped as she testified under oath. The liberal establishment also hides the fact that she is also now an ardent “pro life” supporter and regrets her connection with the case.

Because of these and other progressive policies both America and Europe are facing the same consequence, the end of their civilization. Progressives are cheering this outcome all in the name of diversity and multiculturalism without ever considering the outcome. Europe, northern Africa, and the middle east are on the brink of becoming fundamentalist Muslim states. America with its unbridled illegal immigration and failed social programs is on the verge of falling into the annals of history. Like Rome before her, to be considered one of the great civilizations of all time. I guess the only questions that remain are what month will be white history month? When does White Entertainment Television debut? And do we get a National Association for the Advancement of White People?

Reprinted from the Patriot Statesman

Dr. Virginia Abernethy joins American Third Position Board of Directors

Dr. Virginia AbernethyJames Edwards | In addition to my duties as host of The Political Cesspool Radio Program, I serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Conservative Citizens and American Third Position.

That being said, I am pleased to announce that my friend, Dr. Virginia Abernethy, recently joined Bill Johnson, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Tom Sunic, and me as a fellow member of the A3P Board.


Dr. Abernethy is an emeritus professor of psychiatry and anthropology at Vanderbilt Medical School. Her interdisciplinary post-graduate training in anthropology expanded into studies of human population and the interface of culture, population, and the environment. For 12 years, she was the editor of the ecology and social science journal, Population and Environment.

Abernethy is an expert regarding the “Demographic Transition” theory, the idea that fertility rates are automatically reduced with economic or social improvements. Dr. Abernethy is a member of the Board of Directors for Carrying Capacity Network.

Dr. Abernethy received her Ph.D. from Harvard University; M.B.A., Vanderbilt; and B.A. from Wellesley College.

Heidi Beirich, of the Southern Poverty Law Center, didn’t approve of Dr. Abernethy’s decision to team up with A3P.

Racist activist Jamie Kelso announced this past Friday that long-time professor Virginia Abernethy has joined the board of the white nationalist American Third Position (ATP) political party.


Abernethy, a self-described “white separatist” and emeritus professor of psychiatry and anthropology at Vanderbilt Medical School, has a long history of working with racist groups.


With the addition of Abernethy, the ATP board is now populated by the top tier of American white nationalists. The chairman of the group is corporate lawyer William D. Johnson, and board members include virulent anti-Semite Kevin MacDonald — an academic like Abernethy — and white nationalist radio host James Edwards.


Abernethy, who is also a leading nativist, has had some success in the past pushing her anti-immigrant agenda. In 2004, she was the chief spokeswoman of Protect Arizona Now, a campaign that backed a harsh anti-immigrant referendum known as Proposition 200 in that state. Though her racist background became public before the vote and helped spur the proposition’s denunciation by almost every Arizona newspaper editorial board, the referendum still passed with 56% of the vote.

Abernethy has some other interesting connections. She has held leadership positions in two organizations that claim to work toward a reduction in U.S. population as part of an effort to protect the environment. Though Carrying Capacity Network and Population-Environment Balance portray themselves as pro-environment, both are really greenwashers — groups that use environmentalism as a smokescreen to severely restrict immigration to the U.S.

Partly because of the addition of Abernethy to ATP’s board, the party has become the most serious white nationalist organization in the U.S. It is also growing quickly. In 2010, the party had 10 chapters in nine states.

I’m surprised that the SPLC could take a time-out from attacking the American Family Association long enough to write this article about American Third Position.

Despite all the propaganda and name calling coming from left-wing attack dogs, the mission statement of A3P is fairly simple and straight forward.

The U.S. political system works in favor of the two entrenched, nearly identical Democrat and Republican parties, and against all “third” parties; especially those parties that are pro-American and anti-globalist. Nonetheless, the American Third Position, a new political party, intends to fill a tremendous need in the United States today by providing the leadership and elected representatives necessary to return our nation to its rightful owners — by liberating it from the ‘banksters and gangsters’ who are ruthlessly plundering our American blood and treasure.

If you agree with that mission statement, then I encourage you to check out the American Third Position by clicking here.

Reposted from James Edwards’ site, The Political Cesspool.