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Neocon: GOP’s Best Bet is to Lose in 2012

GOP’s Best Bet is to Lose in 2012

That’s what Noemie Emery says. She’s a columnist for the Washington Examiner (one of the real columnists, not one of those who wrote in and said “hey let me cover the Schenectady UFO scene”). She’s also a contributing editor of The Weekly Standard, the second most popular neocon magazine in America. So why does Noemie believe it’s in the best interests of Republicans for their presidential candidate to lose in 2012?

Because white people are yesterday’s news.

Because white people suck.

Because white people are evil.

Oh, she doesn’t come out and put it quite that bluntly. But she makes it clear enough, that’s for sure. The current GOP contenders are an underwhelming bunch of old white men. But if Republicans just wait til 2016, they’ll be able to pick and choose from the new crop of politicians who were just elected in 2009 and 2010, and many of them are young, good looking and non-white:

Republicans’ biggest problem in the 2012 presidential election isn’t President Obama: It’s time.

We don’t know where Obama’s poll numbers will be in 2012, but we do know that time is being quixotic: It has given the party an important election, with a collection of candidates one can call underwhelming; and a huge crop of superstars, turned up by the 2009 and 2010 elections, on the horizon and just out of reach. In themselves, they solve all the party’s old problems: They belong to the moment; shaped by the crash, by the debt and by Obama’s expansion of government; they bridge the Tea Party and the establishment; they are also young, and in some cases good-looking; they are brown-skinned, and female, Latino and Indian, from big states and swing states; they can rebrand, and expand, the party.

Sure, at the end she throws in a positive reference to Chris Christie, but that’s just for window dressing. He’s the exception to the general rule, which is that white politicians suck, and we need to replace them with black, Mexican and Hindu politicians if the GOP is going to have any hope of winning elections in the future.

Chairman’s Message: CPAC

Chairman’s message

Nationalist Ricocheting Around at CPAC

Earlier this month (February 2011), I attended CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), the nation’s largest annual gathering of conservative leaders and supporters. The event, held in Washington DC, had more than 11,000 attendees for each of its three days. While there , I had some interesting interactions, some of which I relate below.

1. Meeting with French Activists. I started the conference with a breakfast meeting at a Bob Evans restaurant in Virginia. I met with Frenchman Trystan Mordrel, a fundraiser for leading populist political parties in Europe. He asked me to give his regards to the A3P members and inform you all that he is very active fighting the Islamization of Europe. His hope is to bring together like-minded people from both sides of the Atlantic to share experiences and perspectives. He said, “As Europeans, we cannot ignore the people of European descent living in North America. As Americans, you cannot ignore any longer your European roots.” A photograph of us at the end of the breakfast is featured above.

2. Fundamentalist Catholics in Support of Families. Among the many booths and displays at CPAC was a fundamentalist Catholic organization that was touting support for traditional marriage. Its logo (a red, pawing lion) was identical to a Catholic group to which I spoke in Brussels, Belgium a few years back. Accordingly, I was keen on talking to them. My first question to the person manning the booth was, “so you support traditional marriage; does that mean you oppose interracial marriage?” His response was: “Oh heavens no. Not at all. We are opposed to same sex marriage.” He tried to hand me literature. I said that I was not interested in any marriage group that embraces interracial marriage.

3. Youth for Western Civilization. Around the corner from that booth, was a group called Youth for Western Civilization, run by Kevin Deanna, a stalwart activist on college campuses who not only had a booth at CPAC, but arranged an anti-immigration symposium there that included Bay Buchanan and former congressmen Tom Tancredo and Virgil Goode. (That symposium, by the way, was overflow, standing –room-only, out-the-door crowded. In attendance were Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project and Jared Taylor of American Renaissance. The speakers said all the right things in an edgy, but still mainstream manner. Kevin Deanna did a wonderful job). In any event, at the Youth for Western Civilization booth, two people came up to me immediately and said: “I know you. You are the chairman of A3P. I watched your videos on Youtube.” That was nice. I chatted with them for quite a while, then who do I see coming up but the man from the Fundamentalist Catholic booth that would not take a stand against interracial marriage. I listened to him talk for a while and concluded that he is clearly of like mind with us, but was too hesitant to take a stand that may bring some heat onto his organization. It is great to be a member of the American Third Position where we are proud of our proper stances.

4. Run in with Israel Supporters. Another booth down the hall was CUFI, (Christians United for Israel). I walked passed them with Jamie Kelso (an A3P supporter)when a young, pretty girl tried to hand me a pamphlet. She said that she was a Christian in support of Israel. I said, “well, what about Christians opposed to Israel? “ She said, “how can you be Christian and oppose Israel.” Jamie Kelso said: “Well, Israel has driven out the Christians from its country.” She said, “I was in Israel just last year and there were Christians living there.” Kelso countered that there were many more Christians in Israel when it was under Muslim rule. At this point, a Jewish supporter behind the booth jumped in to defend Israel’s actions . Harsh words were exchanged and the Jewish supporter said it was all he could do to refrain from punching us. Kelso said: “That’s a terrorist threat.” It was clearly time to leave so we moved on.

5. Photo from 25 years ago. While waiting for a table at the hotel café, an A3P supporter came up to me with Bob Foy, a local DC photographer. Bob Foy said that he heard that I was coming, so he brought a photograph that he had taken of me 25 years ago when I was a guest speaker at a back-to-Africa Black Nationalist forum. The picture shows a young Bill Johnson with black nationalist Robert Brock and others. We are looking at the pamphlet of a white group called “The Nationalist Movement.” Richard Barrett from Mississippi founded this organization. He was recently killed by one of his black neighbors. The photograph is attached.

6. Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum. Another booth that I stopped at was Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum. It was manned by two young, beautiful co-eds, one brunette and one natural blonde. We talked for a while about my children and how they are fairly supportive of my views but that my views were not within the mainstream of most CPAC attendees. The brunette inquired if I was to the right or to the left of CPAC. I said, neither. I was a racial nationalist. She said: “Oh so you’re a racist? You don’t think that god created all people equal?” Just then a random man walking by interjected: “Of course we are all equal, but some are just more equal than others.” Before I could respond, the blonde somewhat came to my defense and told the brunette not to use such strong words, but to hear me out. I then explained that I teach each of my children to only date within their race and that I expect each of them to marry whites and have lots of white children. Both girls nodded acknowledging that that was a good thing.

7. Other Meetings. I met with several congressmen and former congressmen, some for quite a few minutes, but I did not discuss anything of substance with any of them except border control issues. Also, at the president’s dinner, I sat next to the head of a small conservative political party. We argued for more than an hour over race issues. Like most conservatives, he has no desire to conserve the environment or the white race—the two most important things that need to be saved.

All in all it was a good place to gather. A3P may want to consider buying a booth at next year’s CPAC.

Keep up the good fight.


Bill Johnson

Chairman, A3P

Whites Undesirable as Students in Ohio

Whites with comparable levels of academic achievement are 8 times less likely than blacks to be admitted to Ohio’s Miami University and 10 times less likely than blacks to be admitted to Ohio State University, according to a recently published report from the Center for Equal Opportunity.

The study analyzes two-year period admissions data for each school and finds that, where test scores and grades are similar, blacks are much preferred to whites, while Asians and Latinos are preferred over whites to a lesser extent.

Firing back in defense of his school’s admissions criteria, Dolan Evanovich, OSU vice president of admissions, pointed to the notion that, while whites are capable of doing well in areas that can be measured objectively, such as test scores and grades, blacks do strikingly better in other areas which cannot be measured with objectivity.

“We are interested in such things as the strength of the applicant’s high school, rigor of curriculum, the strength of their essay and their work experience,” said Evanovich, implying that blacks are admitted over whites with comparable achievement at such an incredible rate on merit alone.

Stressing that racial preference was not the cause of the disparity, or possibly as a stern warning to whites who might dare identity with their people, Evanovich added, “And race is an optional question on the application.”

Claire Wagner, who spoke on behalf of the Miami University admissions office, also denied that her university so strongly favored blacks over whites because of race.

While Miami, like OSU, attaches less weight to the importance of academic achievement in determining its student body, it places more weight on what Wagner describes as geographic, ideological, lifestyle, and socioeconomic diversity.

Whatever the case, whites remain highly undesirable as students at two Ohio universities.

Under an A3P government, public schools that discriminate on the basis of race would lose funding and cease to exist.

Membership Renewal 2017

American Free PrsssThe work we performed in the previous year provides a foundation for our growth and further accomplishments. Thanks to the dedication of numerous AFP activists, much of the party’s basic infrastructure already exists. This allows second-year activists an opportunity to pursue promising new projects that will grow our party.

New fliers and new plans for 2017. Help the American Freedom Party continue to grow and carry out its mission to win political representation for our people.

Beginning June 1st, 2017, renewal is now only $25.00!

Renewal and American Free Press ($60.00 total). American Free Press is published twice-monthly (24 issues per year).

(NOTE: Membership Coins are no longer issued because of cost. Custom Translucent Membership Cards are issued to NEW members when they join only! Additional items may be added in the future.) Replacement cards available.

If you prefer an offline option, you may send a money order or check (made to American Freedom Party) for $25 for renewal or $75 for renewal with subscription to American Free Press (published bi-monthly or 24 issues), to the address below. Include your name and your mailing address.

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New York, NY 10025

**T-Shirts are discontinued until we can find an economical production source.**

Establishment Criticizes Iran as Right to Free Assembly in U.S. is Challenged

Just weeks after an elected U.S. official used his office to ban a peaceful gathering of subscribers to American Renaissance, or AmRen, a scientific journal whose focus is often race, the U.S. State Department has criticized Iranian officials for working against peaceful assembly in Tehran.

Showcasing the American establishment’s hypocrisy on matters of free speech, the US State Department called on Iran “to allow people to enjoy [the] same universal rights to peacefully assemble, demonstrate as in Cairo”, in a Twitter message written in Farsi and directed at the Iranian people.

Meanwhile, Yale graduate Jared Taylor, who organizes an annual conference for American Renaissance, is left to wonder if a public discussion on the science of race will ever again be permitted on U.S. soil.

For the second year in a row, the American Renaissance conference has been canceled due to a coupling of overwhelming pressure from Mr. Taylor’s opponents and a refusal on the part of the political establishment to observe the right of AmRen enthusiasts to peaceably assemble.

While last year a series of bomb threats –which went without investigation or punishment by authorities– against the D.C. venue that was to host the event kept AmRen subscribers from meeting, Taylor’s most recent conference fell to pressure from local government.

In an email, which was published by a local news agency, to fellow anti-white activists in the area, Patrick Cannon, Mayor Pro Tem of Charlotte, North Carolina, where the conference was to be held, said, “I have all hotels, motels, and gotels on notice and they seem to be cooperating well still. An attempt was made for accommodations at another hotel but based on what I ask to take place they were denied again.”

He is neither being investigated nor charged with any crime for violating a fundamental human right. Cannon denies that he used his position to ban the conference.

While the American establishment has remained silent as to enabling, through inaction, its supporters, and even leaders, to attack dissidents and political opponents, the US State Department, offering further criticism, Tweeted, “Iran has shown that the activities it praised Egyptians for it sees as illegal, illegitimate for its own people.”

The American establishment has shown that activities it criticized Iran for it sees as legal and legitimate for its own people.

New England A3P Well Received by Outdoor Enthusiasts

New England A3P members distributed A3P literature to a large crowd of hunting and fishing enthusiasts at the Garden State Outdoor Sportsman Show in Edison, New Jersey, reports Alex Carmichael, who led the event.

Correctly believing such an event would attract people naturally sympathetic to our party’s message, A3P activists braved snowy weather to bring their rugged kinsmen warmhearted tidings of national solidarity.

In between hunting and fishing demonstrations, highlighted by an ice-fishing exhibition, party activists had a chance to distribute hundreds of party postcards and to discuss with fellow attendees the A3P’s platform and goals for the future.

Those interested in joining Carmichael and his team are encouraged to contact the party at

Confident Spirit Marks Successful Southern California A3P Meeting

On Saturday, February 5th the A3P’s flagship Southern California unit held the party’s largest meeting to date, providing food, drink, and inspiration for better than sixty local nationalists.

Delivering his message to a diverse crowd ranging from punks to professionals, Chairman Bill Johnson opened the meeting by recounting his latest lobbying efforts and by highlighting how the reception he now encounters differs from that of his last several decades’ activist experience. Chairman Johnson explained that people he knows who only a few years earlier outright rejected his proposals are at least now allowing our perspective a chance to be heard on terms nearing mainstream discourse.

Mr. Johnson concluded by exhorting A3P members and supporters to shine as personal examples of nationalist virtue. He called us to have large and loving families and to teach our children a healthy sense of racial awareness.

The next to speak was Mitch Stevens, an activist from the A3P’s Southern California chapter. Mr. Stevens spoke about the opportunities available to our party through internet broadcasting and other alternative media. He noted a drastic general increase in the popularity of alternative media and stated that our party can develop the capacity to largely circumvent the controlled media by maximizing the use of alternative media sources.

A veteran street-level activist, Mr. Stevens explained the role our internet campaign plays in magnifying the effect of on-the-ground activism. He encouraged members to use the A3P’s online forum to meet one another as a preliminary step toward forming local groups and holding simple activist events.

Third in line was Brian Alexander, another local A3P activist and an expert on third party politics. Prefaced by the notion that “the spirit of resistance is there,” the native Californian then described from experience the hardships families have had to face in order to remain in this area. Recalling the constant cant that there are numerous third parties and that starting another is redundant, Mr. Alexander listed the various state parties with ballot access in California and contrasted their policies with those of the A3P.

Immediately excluding establishment parties and leftist/socialist parties as unappealing to patriotic voters, Mr. Alexander zeroed in on the Libertarians and Constitution Party (AIP) as possessing potential overlap with the A3P.

“The Libertarians can be excluded based upon their proposed immigration policies alone,” asserted Mr. Alexander. “Beside that their ideology disregards the importance of biological relatedness, these people, if given the chance, would flood our country with foreigners, and that is their official policy.”

Mr. Alexander admitted that the Constitution Party, on the other hand, proposes many of the same policies as the A3P, but that they are a reformist party and their solutions are all paper based. Mr. Alexander noted that people make societies, and that insofar as the A3P’s mission is people-based we are that much more grounded in reality than the CP and other parties that dance around fundamental issues.

After a brief intermission, during which party activists and new members and supporters were able to socialize and to use this opportunity to network and plan for the future, the already satisfied audience was treated to another helping in the form of a final speech by historian Mark Weber.

Mr. Weber, a seasoned speaker, was at his best, rousing the crowd and simplifying for his audience complex social phenomena as only a professional historian can. Noting the decline of America’s image in the minds of many foreigners, Mr. Weber reasoned this to be founded in reality and provided examples of cities such as Los Angeles and Detroit as being less than awe inspiring displays of sophistication and might.

Mr. Weber told his audience that the failures of multiculturalism are leaving Americans with a sense of anxiety for the future. Many people, he claimed, do not trust the establishment but have nowhere else to turn. He stressed the importance of A3P style grassroots activism as being necessary to forming effective political opposition movements.

The night concluded with more socializing, both serious and fun, and activists made tentative plans for future events before seeing each other off.



Bill Johnson Issues “Activist Challenge” for Month of February

Speaking from behind an A3P activist stall at a mall in Burbank, California, where he and the So Cal team met to distribute fliers, Chairman Bill Johnson offered his members and supporters a challenge.

“I want to see increased participation on the part of both our membership and supporters,” said Johnson, between handing out fliers to curious passersby.

“During the month of February, members and supporters who agree to conduct a public outreach effort of their own will be sent, at the party’s expense,  the materials required to do.”

Johnson, who is married with 5 children, and who runs a successful law practice out of his downtown office, makes it a point to lead from the front and join the local activist team as often as possible.


Members and supporters interested in meeting the Chairman’s challenge are encouraged to email our activist coordinator at

Chairman’s Message: Lobbying for White Interests at the Highest Levels of American Leadership

These past few days have been busy ones, full of opportunities to lobby for white interests at the very highest levels of American leadership. I spoke at length (in person and on the telephone) with two presidential campaign managers, three subordinate campaign managers, one U.S. Congressman and eight U.S. Senators. In some of the conversations, we talked at length about the future of the white race, and in some of the conversations, I was only able to make a short statement.

The most interesting of my lobbying efforts occurred on January 5, 2011, at the Senate Oath of Office Receptions, held at the Capitol. Attendance at the receptions was generally sparse and the number of senators present, plentiful. As a result, it was uncommonly easy for me to access the senators directly. A summary of a portion of my lobbying efforts is written below:

Senator Richard Lugar (Indiana). I came up to Senator Richard Lugar as he was passing by me at a table. He was sporting a big, plastic smile, smug in his self importance. I shook his hand and said: “You know, Senator, I want to make a comment as someone from the peanut gallery. The white race is dying out. Will you take some action to promote the interests of white Americans?” Senator Lugar’s smile dropped immediately. His only comment was: “Good to see you” and he quickly passed me by.

Senator Al Franken (Minnesota). I caught Senator Franken pressing his chubby midsection up against a picked-over salad bar. It was at the final minutes of the reception and no one was around him. He was munching carrots when I approached. I said: “I wonder Senator, will Congress ever take action that is pro-white in scope? Will it ever form any associations or organizations that will look out for white interests?” Senator Franken’s demeanor was composed and relaxed. He appeared completely comfortable addressing this issue. He said: “No. Never. Look and the House and the Senate. It is virtually all white. There will never be a need for a white caucus like there is a need for a black caucus or an Hispanic caucus.” I said, “Well, what about when the whites become a small minority?” Sen. Franken’s comment: “That will never happen.”

Senator Chuck Grassley (Iowa). Senator Grassley seemed to be cut in the same mold as Richard Lugar–smug and cowardly. I came up to him, shook his hand, looked him in his eye and said: “Senator, the white race is dying out. What are you going to do about it?” He frowned and said: “Good to see you,” and walked on.

Senator Dan Coates (Indiana). Senator Coates was the first senator I spoke to about race (on this trip anyway–I lobbied Senator McCain in previous years). I spoke with Senator Coates awhile and I was impressed with his genuineness. After we parted, I thought, “why waste this opportunity? I should talk to him about our race,” so I re-approached him and said, “Senator, one thing I forgot to tell you, I am very concerned about the future for whites.” The Senator said, “What? I don’t understand.” I replied. “We need to do something to promote white interests. Whites are dying out. What will you do?” The senator replied: “Well, all my kids are having lots of children of their own.” I thanked him for what is really the most important comment any leader could make. All whites should have large, strong families. Good for Senator Coates.

Senator Mike Lee (Utah). Of all the senators I lobbied, Senator Lee’s reaction was the most disappointing. He had just finished an interview with a reporter. He was standing with his wife and two children when I approached. As you may know, this man comes to the Senate with the most expectations from both the tea party activists and anti-immigration activists alike. Publicly he has proposed some positive things. I said to the newly sworn-in Senator: “I just want to say that I am pleased that Mormons like you have large, white families. The white race is dying out and the Mormons are helping to stop that.” Both he and his wife turned red-faced and looked at me like I was a freak. He said: “Nice to meet you. Good day.” That was it.

Senator Orin Hatch (Utah). I made the same comment to Senator Hatch that I made to Senator Mike Lee. Senator Hatch looked dignified and stately. His response to me was: “Well, Mormons stand for many good things.” I tried to prolong the conversation but he would not go into detail at all.

Senator John Thune (South Dakota). Senator Thune was the most difficult senator for me to approach, not because he was surrounded by people, but because his presence is so large. He is very tall, imperiously slim, impeccably dressed and handsome. His wife at his side was beautiful and their two daughters were stunning Nordic angels. I chatted with his wife for a while, before I could get the courage to approach this man. I stated, “Sir, the white race is dying out. We must do something to save it.” His response was simple: “I hear you man. Thanks.” I hope he did hear me and was not just repeating a pat phrase.

I spoke at length with other statesmen that day, but this is all I am able to disclose. My final comment on my lobbying effort is this: I was not smooth or artful, but I was direct. I do believe that this is the first time any of these Senators have ever been approached by a pro-white advocate before. It can only have a positive effect on them. Many more of us must seek such opportunities and seize the day.

I urge everyone reading this to get involved to save our people.


William Johnson,
Chairman A3P

So Cal Activists Try Hand at “Hard Sell” Laguna Beach

Activists with the Southern California A3P team  linked up in Laguna Beach, California to distribute leaflets and talk with members of the public about the benefits of supporting the American Third Position, reports organizer Brian Alexander.

The activists were joined by visiting members from Washington State, who, while traveling through the area, asked to join the So Cal team for a bout of weekend outreach.

Together the activists were able to distribute several hundred fliers and speak with dozens of people, while their banner worked silently to deliver the A3P message to the thousands of folks driving by.

“This is a hard-sell area,” remarked a passerby who agreed with the A3P’s positions on halting immigration, abolishing the Fed, and supporting American workers. “Good luck,” he left the team, after thanking them for their effort and promising to visit their site.

“Honestly, the area was a hard sell,” said Brian Alexander, who helped organize the event. “The area is a slightly atypical beach town, whose physical location is isolated from the rest of Southern California by a relatively vast expanse of land”, he continued.

“In the hills above are the liberal elite, who live in nearly all-white community, and who have gone to great lengths and expense to physically distance themselves from the mess they have created.”

“Still, there were more than a handful of folks who strongly agreed with our message.”

While many passersby tried to find the right candidate or alternative party to liken the group to, the activists were glad to hear from one couple that they were already familiar with the American Third Position.

“While our location could have been better, I’m happy with the result,” said Mitch Stevens, who participated in the event.

“We were able to establish communication with fellow members who live 1000 miles away, coordinate an event in an area completely foreign to us, and still pull off a pretty good reception.”