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Sharia For America

‘Trump is right!’ Parts of Britain Are No-Go Zones Due to ISIS Radicalization

BRITISH police officers have sensationally backed Donald Trump’s controversial claim that parts of the country are no-go areas because of growing Islamist extremism. Serving officers in terrorist hotspots including London and Birmingham said that forces are becoming increasingly nervy over the rising threat of Islamic State (ISIS) inspired attacks, with some telling staff not to […]

Diversity White Genocide

Interview: Elite Media Ignores Genocide of Whites

By Victor Thorn | During an October 20 interview with AMERICAN FREE PRESS, activist Karin Smith described a harsh reality for whites who still call South Africa home. Smith, a South African expat currently residing in Texas, offered a warning: “If changes don’t occur in South Africa, at some point there will no longer be […]

Jimmy Carter

Carter, A Democrat, Banned Iranians from Coming to US During Hostage Crisis

Trump is a monster, a madman and a vile racist. He’s just like Hitler. Or Jimmy Carter!? During the Iranian hostage crisis, Carter issued a number of orders to put pressure on Iran. Among these, Iranians were banned from entering the United States unless they oppose the Shiite Islamist regime or had a medical emergency. […]

Marine Le Pen National Front

Why Russian Nationalists Are Celebrating National Front

When Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Front party won an unexpected victory in the first round of French regional elections Sunday, there was a group of people besides her supporters in France who celebrated: Russian nationalists. Many reveled in Le Pen’s victory on social media. “Congratulations to Marine Le Pen and National Front!” wrote a […]

pause button

“Complete Refugee Pause” Makes Sense Says Rupert Murdoch

Everyone in the world cannot live in the United States. How many refugees are enough? Why are there no South African Boer refugees allowed to obtain asylum here? On Tuesday, none other than Rupert Murdoch defended Donald Trump, Tweeting that a “complete refugee pause” in order to fix the vetting problem “makes sense.” Murdoch sent […]

Donald Trump

Trump Calls For Moratorium On Muslims Entering United States

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday called for a moratorium on allowing Muslims to enter the United States. Here’s the press release from his campaign: (New York, NY) December 7th, 2015, — Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can […]

Feds Release ‘Citizenship’ Video in Spanish, English

Feds Release ‘Citizenship’ Video in Spanish, English

The Obama administration is encouraging the 8.8 million eligible lawful permanent residents to become U.S. citizen with efforts aimed at raising awareness about the process and pressing more immigrants to naturalize. Monday, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services — the agency responsible for overseeing immigration to the U.S. — is out with a video composed of […]

Supreme Court on Verge of Banning Affirmative Action

Supreme Court on Verge of Banning Affirmative Action

Breitbart News is reporting that in the education case of Fisher v. University of Texas, a Supreme Court majority appears ready to strike down affirmative action because “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” The U.S. Supreme Court, in the pivotal test of […]

Jerry Falwell Jr.

Liberty University President Urges Students to Be Armed

CNN | At a time when most college campuses prohibit guns, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. thinks the opposite should be the case — urging his school’s students to be armed, especially in light of this week’s massacre in San Bernardino, California. “I always thought that if more good people had concealed-carry permits, then […]

sheriff joe arpaio

Arpaio Calls on 250K Armed Citizens to Stop Terrorism and Mass Shootings

On Tuesday, the so-called “Toughest Sheriff in America” said he cannot guarantee the public’s safety and called on them to take matters into their own hands if necessary. “I’m just talking about the areas where you have large crowds and someone pulls out the gun and starts shooting. Maybe somebody with a concealed weapon takes […]

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