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Party Members Attend NPI Conference 2013

Nearly a dozen American Freedom Party members, including party directors Professor Kevin MacDonald and Dr. Tom Sunic (a featured speaker), attended the National Policy Institute Conference (NPI Conference 2013) from Oct. 25th – 27th, in Washington, D.C. Of the roughly one hundred people who attended the three day workshop/speaker meeting, many had traveled from other countries, especially France, that nation parting with one of its greatest minds for the weekend so that we could meet and hear from eminent thinker, Alain de Benoist. The conference theme unashamedly revolved around an admitted defeat by nationalists in what could be called “Battle America,” speakers and panelists about evenly split between “How We Got Here” and “What We Do Now.”

Likely due to the realistic and brutally honest nature of conference topics, the general climate and overall atmosphere of the three-day intellectual whirlwind were such that virtually zero G.W.Bush-style “‘Merica” mongering made its way through the acute historic and philosophical analysis (heard even on cigarette breaks) demonstrating that what has now become so bad might really not have been all that great in the first place; and that possibly there can be found within the inherent foundations of our culture an initial seeding of those weeds that have finally come to strangle the existential basis on which peoplehood and continuity maintain themselves.

Matthew Parrot InterviewEating several formal meals together, during which occurred numerous official and private conversations, the intimacy and camaraderie of the various events could only have been heightened by the presence of mouth-frothing, tear–streaked, freakishly rude Marxist opposition, of which there was plenty; and who, bedraggled and ridiculous, struck in the minds of attendees, police, and anyone present an explicit contrast between the objectives of our two movements.

Tribalism, in-groupism, and racially subjective morality were all discussed. How to emancipate ourselves, as individuals and on a social basis, from the suicidal death-cult that modernity has become was frequently discussed throughout.

While much has been written (some very well written) concerning the individual speakers and the details of their speeches, it is impossible to say enough about an underlying trend exemplified through organizations like the NPI, this conference in particular, and other meetings of similar nature that are now occurring every few months all around our country.

NPIYours truly was one of the several Millennials that Fox interviewed. She asked me what I thought the NPI had to offer White Millennials, and I told her about the April 2012 report which showed that “58% of white millennials believe that discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.”

The NPI seeks to reverse that discrimination, which is to say that the NPI supports the existence of a nation that Whites can call our own – a nation where we won’t be discriminated against through policies like affirmative action and “fair housing.” What the NPI has to offer White Millennials is a dream of a new nation where their kind isn’t demonized and persecuted.

This is a dream that highly appeals to young White men, as Fox herself was forced to admit when she wrote that “the most surprising thing about the conference were the number of young men present, millennials in search of a political identity.”

Over the last several years, a shift has occurred in the way American nationalists view the predicament our people find themselves in. It seems as if now we finally realize that this is actually happening. Rather than worriedly attempting to halt an unstoppable force, some people are beginning to think of ways to survive, not just with canned food but spiritually, morally, socially.

One conclusion reached at virtually all of these meetings is that there exists a certain elementary flaw in our racial makeup, one that expresses itself through the tortured racial masochism found only amongst our people. By recognizing this flaw, those of us who seek to undermine its influence now have at our disposal a range of diagnostic capabilities and at least the beginnings of a possible outlook that might enable us to transcend our current failings.

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  1. HJ11 says:

    Nice column. I almost didn't read it because the headline made it sound boring, but after I saw it mentioned over at with a more compelling headline, I did read it and was pleased.