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Party Members Rally Against Tyranny of Obama’s EPA

On September 14, the American Freedom Party held a “road walk rally” near Masontown, Pennsylvania against the oppressive regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Former West Virginia gubernatorial candidate and AFP rally leader Harry Bertram joined 10 other protestors at the intersection of PA-88 and PA-21 as they voiced their outrage at the pending shutdown of two local coal plants: Hatfield’s Ferry Power Station and Mitchell Power Station.

Thanks to the EPA’s new “anti-pollution” controls implemented by Barack Obama’s tyrannical administration, 174 workers will be laid off from Hatfield, and 206 from Mitchell, when both plants shut down by October 9. As the Herald-Standard reported:
“Both plants produce up to 2,080 megawatts of electricity, which is about 10 percent of FirstEnergy’s total of production, but adding pollution controls would cost $278 million, or 30 percent, of the $925 million needed to make all the company’s plants comply with the regulations, the company said.”

Unable to comply with those “anti-pollution” controls, the livelihoods of almost 400 workers will be ruined. Most of those workers are White. They would not be laid off if it wasn’t for the EPA, which exists to make life miserable for White Americans and quite frankly for everyone else.
The Harris and Mitchell plants are just two of the 37 plants which will close as a result of the oppressive EPA regulations. Despite both plants meeting every previous quality standard, and despite the Hatfield plant putting down literally hundreds of millions on new equipment to reduce pollution, none of it is enough under the new MATS standard (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards).

As the protestors made their voices heard with signs and air horns, Bertram spent 90 minutes handing out 200 Nationalist Times encouraging others to subscribe to the Nationalist Times and join the party. He took the ten comrades out to Pizza Hut afterwards. It was a fun time despite the gloomy nature of the pending plant closures.

SPECIAL NOTE: While the American Freedom Party most certainly wants to protect our flora and fauna, we are against the EPA because it doesn’t exist to protect the environment any more than the Southern Poverty Law Center exists to fight poverty. It is possible to protect the environment and maintain a first world standard of living. The American Freedom Party supports that.

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  1. Heya i am for the primary time here. I came across this board and I in

    finding It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to provide something again and help others like you helped me.

  2. Harry Bertram says:

    The people in my area like my message and you are most welcomed to join us some time on the street William.

    When your electric bills get higher then you will cry that some one needs to do something.

    What have you done to help the cause today?

    • William says:

      Mr. Bertram, thanks for the reply.

      I would join you on the street, however I am far from your state. Since I am not there I do not understand all the complexities of the situation like you do, but please look closer into the background of FirstEnergy concerning energy costs, plant closures, and environmental regulations.

      To help the cause I am promoting a clean healthy environment for my people, creating art, working in law enforcement, and joining the American Freedom Party.

  3. Willaim says:

    While I am sad that these people are losing their jobs and I would hope efforts are made to help this business comply. Valid scientific evidence needs to be provided that the EPA is wrong in this case before rushing to judgement.

  4. Willaim says:

    "While the American Freedom Party most certainly wants to protect our flora and fauna, we are against the EPA because it doesn’t exist to protect the environment any more than the Southern Poverty Law Center exists to fight poverty."

    Please explain what the EPA exists for and please explain why regulating polluting businesses is a bad thing. Rather than attack the EPA we should be looking for ways to help this business comply. If we are going to defend this business on the grounds that it is being unfairly persecuted by the EPA then evidence needs to be provided, not knee-jerk reactions.

    • American3P says:


      Harry Bertram, gubernatorial candidate for WV, is concerned about the impact of the EPA regarding employment and jobs in WV. Also, the United States needs to become more energy independent. We should be concerned about our environment but we also need jobs. These issues present a difficult balancing act.

      Also, the United States has a history of innovation and technological know-how to develop safer methods of producing and tapping our energy resources to meet the challenges concerning our environment.

      • Willaim says:

        Thank you for posting my comments. I appreciate Bertram's efforts to help those who have lost their jobs and the issue required balance; however this short article casts all the blame on the EPA and I would suggest the research dig a little deeper.

        Unfortunately environmentalism is associated with the left. The left, in particular Marxist ideology, has hijacked environmentalism as a method to attack capitalism. Corporate interests have in turn used this association to discredit and malign environmentalism; in particular to attack governmental agencies such as the EPA in order to deregulate what they view as intrusive and economically crippling policies.

        Environmentalism is an ideology that has undergone tremendous change since it emerged from the concept of conservation. Unfortunately because of the excesses of modern environmentalism it is the old ideology of conservation that suffers; the will to preserve our natural heritage.

        Fish in a fishbowl have no concept that they need the bowl of clean water to survive; they merely search for shadows that precede the flakes of food that drops into their realm. White Nationalism needs an understanding of the greater natural forces at work to succeed in sustaining its people. If Robert Putman is correct in suggesting social capital declines with diversity it can be argued that diversity in turns leads to environmental degradation. Having a sense of identity, a sense of peoplehood, can give us a sense of place and time and the desire to protect and defend our land.

  5. Harry Bertram says:

    Just a side note I called Cumberland Township police a day a head of and told them I was coming and what the protest was about. I knew complaints would come in so I wanted law enforcement to have a heads up as to what was going to happen. Sure enough someone called in to complain and right when we where finishing up a officer showed up and wanted to make sure we where safe and did not get into traffic and get hit by a car. It would cause him to do a lot of paper work. I told him we where being safe and the rally was wrapping up.

    I had one paper left so I gave it to the officer and thanked him for looking out for our rights and safety. He thanked me and we all headed to Pizza Hut to call it a day and a Victory!

  6. Bryan says:

    Looking good. And that is one of the only American flags I would hold out any respect for.