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PNOS (Swiss Nationalist Party) Congress – Speech by William Johnson

The PNOS (Partei National Orientierter Schweizer, abbreviated to PNOS) organized its congress this year in Bellach in the canton of Solothurn. On the ground floor of the restaurant cold plates with cheese and meat were offered, and a band of peasants provided an atmospheric musical setting for this beautiful evening among friends and confederates. People flocked massively to this year’s party congress, which is probably due, among other things, to the choice of speakers.

After the aperitif we went up one floor, and so the chairs in the big hall, which had been prepared for 120 persons, were occupied almost to the last seat.

Raphael Rotzer took over the moderation and guided the guests through the evening. The first speaker was Dominic Lüthard, party president of PNOS on stage. He was able to enthuse the audience with his 20-minute speech and swore his party is on the upcoming spring’s major council elections in the canton of Bern.

Subsequently, Prof. Dr. Tomislav Sunic gave a one-hour talk, including talks on the “Alt-right” movement and what impact Donald Trump’s electoral victory had on Europe so far. Shortly before the end of the speech, the congress was interrupted by some 30 anti-fascist activists.

The attack of Antifa: At the beginning of the week, PNOS President Dominic Lüthard sought contact with the cantonal police in Solothurn and informed them, among other things, about the venue of the party congress. Especially with regard to the attack on the PNOS in eastern Switzerland, the party wanted to inform the local authorities, so as to prevent a second “bazenheid”. Remember, in this St. Gallen village, party members were attacked about three weeks ago holding a Stammtisch. Thus, the order to the Solothurn canton police would have been clear; namely to ensure peace and order surrounding our event. But unfortunately it happened differently:

During the presentation by Prof. dr. Tomislav Sunic the room suddenly heard Antifa calls around 30 meters from the restaurant, stones were flying, petards were detonated and cars were demolished, and windows were smashed at the restaurant. As a result, around 40 young confederates formed a heart to arrest the 30 anti-fascists. The Confederates have managed to follow the gang, it was finally missing only a few meters, so that the left-wing extremists could have been asked to then hand them over to the police. But just this police barred the way the Confederates and stopped the fortified patriots. And how could it be otherwise: once again let the left-wing extremists pull! Nonsense anyone who believes that the police would have made the anti-fascists arrested! One wonders seriously: Can that be that the police in Solothurn really so incompetent? Was not it negligent playing with people’s health? – These are questions which PNOS definitely wants to clarify. One thing is for sure: PNOS will certainly no longer rely on, let alone count on, the Solothurn canton police. At the next event in the canton of Solothurn, a private security service will be provided.

PNOS Tom Sunic

The party congress could then be continued with a delay of approximately one hour, but without further disturbances. The next speaker Tobias Steiger entered the podium, he was able to demonstrate it in an impressive way with his speech to the audience that the alienation of Europe definitely is not a coincidence, but long-planned. He received a warm round of applause for his open words. After that, William Daniel Johnson took the floor. He is president of the American Freedom Party and knew how to convince people with his friendly American style. His speech, animated by wit and charm, was applauded by the Swiss as well.

PNOS William Johnson

Finally, Lutz Urbanczyk of the AfD gave a 45-minute presentation and was thus able to mobilize all forces once again. He was able to enthuse the audience with his lively idiom, which probably also results from his rich background of experience, as well as his commitment to the upcoming election campaign in Switzerland and thus to the major council elections in the Canton of Bern. His speech was rousing and freely spoken from the heart.

Each speaker was given a large piece of mountain cheese as a gift by Jasmin Mäder, Chair of PNOS Zurich.

In the last few days a many pictures and audio material was created, which we will release soon; For example, an interview with Lutz Urbanczyk in front of the Bundeshaus in Bern or an interview with Eric Weber, formerly Grossrat in the canton of Basel. Also, all the speeches that were presented at yesterday’s party congress, held with the camera; the videos will be available soon.

It was an eventful weekend, which has enriched us with many positive impressions. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all speakers. Also a heartfelt thank you to all the helpers, to the camera team and to all those, who were involved in the organization of the congress. Finally, a big thank you goes to the numerous guests, who will certainly not be intimidated by a few left-wing extremists.

The PNOS is on the right track. The stronger we become, the more the other side will try to torpedo and attack us. But we will know how to defend ourselves in the future, we are prepared!

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