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Racial Double Standards

by Walter E. Williams (Source) | Back in 2009, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said we were “a nation of cowards” on matters of race. Permit me to be brave and run a few assertions by you just to see whether we’re on the same page. There should be two standards for civilized conduct: one for whites, which is higher, and another for blacks, which is lower. In other words, in the name of justice and fair play, blacks should not be held accountable to the same standards that whites are and should not be criticized for conduct that we’d deem disgusting and racist if said or done by whites.

You say, “Williams, what in the world are you talking about?” Mitt Romney hasn’t revealed all of his fall campaign strategy yet, but what if he launched a “White Americans for Romney” movement in an effort to get out the white vote? If the Romney campaign did that, there’d be a media-led outcry across the land, with charges ranging from racial insensitivity to outright racism. When President Barack Obama announced his 2012 launch of “African Americans for Obama” (, the silence was deafening. Should the same standards be applied to Obama as would be applied to Romney? The answer turns out to be no, because Obama is not held to the same standards as Romney.

Liberals won’t actually come out and say that criticism of Obama is in and of itself racist, but they come pretty close. Former President Jimmy Carter said that criticism of Obama shows that there is an “inherent feeling” in America that a black man should not be president. Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” said that critics of Obama are crackers. Morgan Freeman said that the campaign to see that Obama serves one term is a “racist thing.” Former Obama czar Van Jones said that Romney’s campaign sign “Obama Isn’t Working” implies Obama is a “lazy, incompetent affirmative action baby.”

Racial double standards also apply to how crime is reported. I’m betting that if mobs of white youths were going about severely beating and robbing blacks at random and preying on black businesses, it would be major news. News anchors might open, “Tonight we report on the most recent wave of racist whites organizing unprovoked attacks on innocent black people and their businesses.” If white thugs were actually doing that, politicians would be demanding answers. Such random attacks do happen, but it’s blacks preying on whites.

Hate WhiteyWalter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University.

The American Third Position Party represents the interests and values of European Americans. The American Third Position Party believes that government policy in the United States discriminates against white Americans, the majority population, and that white Americans need their own political party to fight this discrimination. Our government — and many institutions — no longer represents us.

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  1. Ron says:

    Why do we object to be calling a racist? I lived in Africa for four years. Ask a Zulu what trip is the best. He will tell you the Zulu and wont admit to being an African, but that he is a Zulu, better than any other in Africa or anywhere else. I am proud to be a White Anglo Saxon Protestant. It is time that our fighting spirit to be reborn. Let them call you what they may. All races can call the white man a racist. Which that is good. But most are not bigots. We must stand. But this battle will not be won with words, we do not control the media. It will be won with the spilling of blood, like all causes. Ever wonder why Jesus one of the most important commandments was to "love your neighbor as thy self"! Think about that. Man has been killing, enslaving and controlling the weaker race since time began. Why? Wars have killed millions. Is this loving thy neighbor? Can man even love his neighbor? So the battle of races will continue. If the white race do not put a stop to the various racial coalitions he will have to start his own.

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    The 'Double Standard' between Whites and other races is so apparent that even the dumbest liberal can't deny it!

    The difference between the liberal and or non-White view on this issue, is the 'racist' notion of 'Whiteness' or 'White Privilege', that has many European Americans buffaloed into thinking that our on discrimination by those on the Left is in some twisted way, justifiable!

    It's time that our people started using their common sense in such matters and follow their conscious in supporting not only the 'White view', but the 'Right' view ,when it comes to our own interest.

    Let's recognize the 'Double Standard' for what it really is, 'Racism' against our people!