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Recapping the 2013 National Policy Institute Conference

Dan Poole | The second National Policy Institute conference took place last weekend on October 25-27 at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington D.C, where the first one was also held in September 2011. Here is part one of the recap of the events at the conference:

It started on Friday at 7:30 PM Eastern time with a delicious dinner at a Class A hotel. The dinner was a perk of signing up for the Louis Andrews Circle, which cost more money than the regular admission price that gained you access to the speeches on Saturday but not to the dinner on Friday night or the brunch on Sunday morning. (Louis Andrews was one of the founders of NPI. He passed away in 2011).

The dinner consisted of sliced lamb chops, salmon, spinach, salad, rolls, and pecan pie. Those lamb chops were the best meat I’ve ever had, and several attendees around me concurred. The hotel did an amazing job cooking that food. It was totally worth the extra cost. The dinner allowed us to congregate with each other in camaraderie and friendship.

NPI Conference 2013

Midway through the dinner, NPI President Richard Spencer stood up and welcomed us all to the conference. He jokingly said that the conference was full of “rootless cosmopolitans” – educated White people without a nation who seek to create a better world. (We American citizens at the NPI do not consider the United States “our” nation). Spencer also said that one of the goals of the NPI is to create a new intellectual elite that will replace the corrupted old one.

Saturday was when all the speeches were held at the Reagan building. We we’re provided with a free breakfast, lunch, and dinner as part of the NPI renting out the Polaris Suit, which was spacious enough to house all of us and still remain comfortable. The food was once again excellent, albeit not as good as the Louis Andrews dinner.

Breakfast kicked off the festivities at 8:30 AM, and after that it was a series of speeches with lunch, dinner, coffee breaks, and short panel discussions in between. It ended at about 7:00. Here’s a recap of what the speakers presented, in order of appearance:

Richard Spencer: This was the only time NPI’s fearless leader spoke at length all day. In answering the question of why we’re here, he said:

  • Community/networking
  • Change the world (replace the old paradigm with a new paradigm)

Spencer is quite ambitious about where he wants to take the NPI, and at the young age of 35, he’s probably got decades to make it happen. Unlike the first conference back in 2011, when Spencer presented “The Majority Strategy,” a plan for how the Republican Party can win the White vote, this 2013 conference didn’t have any speaker talking about stopping immigration or saving America. Every speaker shared Spencer’s vision of moving towards a future beyond the United States of America.

Piero San Giorgio: His entire speech was about economics as opposed to race, culture, or philosophy. A native of Switzerland, San Giorgio is concerned about peak oil and is convinced of its scarcity. His key concept was that oil will be harder and harder to get. This will have negative consequences for the world economy.

He predicts an economic collapse that rivals the fall of the Soviet Union, and he encouraged the audience to learn practical hands on skills such as growing their own garden that will help them weather the storm. As he pointed out, many Russians had their own gardens in 1990, and this greatly helped them survive the collapse of the Soviet regime.

Contrary to the rhetoric of Tea Partiers such as Ted Cruz, San Giorgio argued that “the religion of perpetual growth is going to die. There’s no way that everything is going to get better forever.” He thinks that growth is only possible through debt. About the global capitalist system, he said, “we’re not citizens anymore. We’re consumers…We care about no one but ourselves.”

As if economic collapse wasn’t bad enough, he also made this gloomy prediction: As global food production crashes thanks to the oil bubble bursting, third world countries will suffer to such an extent that the massive non-white immigration to first world countries will make today’s levels look like a moratorium in comparison.

However, San Giorgio isn’t all doom and gloom. He believes that “we can be masters of our destiny and be free once again. We are not free today.” He also believes that “we can remake the world in our image.”

Sam Dickson

Alex Kurtagic

Roman Bernard: Spencer’s co-host of the conference laid out a critique of the baby boom generation and their inability to move beyond liberal principles and save themselves as a race. While he was heavily critical of White liberal baby boomers, he also critiqued the Tea Partiers, who he described as right-wing baby boomers (indeed, most of the Tea Party is composed of baby boomers).

In particular, Bernard criticized the “leave us alone” mentality of Tea Partiers, arguing that such a mentality furthers White dispossession by encouraging Whites to run for Suburbia instead of fighting for their lands like Bernard is used to doing back home in France (Amren had a great story about this issue on July 31, 2013). He doesn’t think that White flight is sustainable in the long term, and he’s right about that.

Jack Donovan: You know, this conference may have been full of Nationalists and Socialists and some icky combination of the two, but by golly, our speakers sure know how to quote hip hop music. Or at least Jack Donovan does. No seriously, he quoted Eminem’s “I am whatever it is you say I am” in describing what he called the “new barbarians.” (Don’t worry, we carry Jolly Rogers, not swastikas).

Anyway, Donovan’s speech was about men acting like men and leading like men. Arguing that “America is not something for us anymore,” Donovan laid out a four-rule system for navigating this dangerous world:

  1. Separate us from them: “Never say ‘us’ when you mean ‘them.’ Stop pretending like we Americans have to be on the same team when we really don’t.”
  2. Stop getting angry just because things don’t make sense. As Donovan said, “you are not part of an ‘us’ that they (the politicians) care about. Don’t be outraged, be wise.”
  3. Dispense with the late-Western values. “You can’t play fair with people who don’t care,” he said. Be morally accountable only to the tribe (Donovan defines your tribe as an idea in your head until you become interdependent with a small community).
  4. Become independent but interdependent: “Do use the progressive state and whatever you can take from it.” He encouraged the audience to start businesses and to do things. He said barbarians don’t deal with changing the state. He encouraged us to start communities of 150 people, which I might note, resonates with the village culture of our ancestors.

This ends part one of the recap. Part two will be published tomorrow, with coverage of the final two speeches by Tom Sunic and Alain de Benoist, as well a first-hand account of the violent nature of the “anti-fascist” protesters.

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  1. AcrossThePond says:

    “He doesn’t think that White flight is sustainable in the long term, and he's right about that.”

    Remember when George W. Bush had his “Moon, Mars and Beyond” program?
    Did he mean space flight or white flight?

    If one group is in pursuit, and another group is in exodus, which group is an oppressor?

  2. Bryan says:

    Good. Good. Good. I would also remind everyone that; when the Founders & the Framers signed their name to the Declaration of Independence – it was an act of treason (punishable by death) against the British Empire of the day.