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Recapping Camp Comradery 2015

Dan Poole || This past weekend, June 26-28, the American Freedom Party was invited to speak at Camp Comradery 2015, an event featuring several pro-White speakers and lots of fun activities. Located at a remote but pristine camping site near Bakersfield, California, the event went pleasantly uninterrupted by “anti-facists” who are notorious for protesting any celebration of European American pride.

AFP Chairman Bill Johnson was in attendance, and he gave the first speech on Saturday morning. He encouraged the audience to consider running for political office and get the pro-White message, a message concerning our interests and policies, onto the public airwaves. But the final speaker, and with all due respect to William Johnson and others, no doubt the best one, was Matthew Heimbach. His speech wasn’t about any specific subject so much as it was a clarion call to keep fighting and don’t give up. Building more and more energy as he said things like, “in ten years, I expect Nuremberg trials for the anti-whites,” Heimbach received a standing ovation at the end. (The entire speech will soon be available on

William Johnson Chairman
Badersfield II
Matt Heimbach Crew
Badersfield III

The highlight of the weekend though was truly the camaraderie (alternately spelled “Comradery”) and the family atmosphere. The majority of the attendees were young men with wives and beautiful White children, which is something not seen at other pro-White conferences. There must have been thirty young European American children celebrating and having fun. The White Nationalist Movement could learn something from how this event was organized.

For the children, there was an axe throwing contest, a tug of war, face paintings, and all sorts of room around the mess house for them to run around and enjoy themselves in the woods surrounding the camping ground. The face paintings included white, blue, and purple colors from a “Frozen” painting set – the Disney hit movie that inadvertently takes place in an all-White Kingdom. The axe throwing and tug of war contests were also available to the adults, but it was mostly the kids who participated.

The children were all younger than 10, and they appeared joyful and content despite being raised by married, same-race moms and dads who would no doubt be deemed “unfit for parenting” by the authorities. It was an impressive display of what young men in the movement can do if they just have a little suave and a little game.

Then there were the evening festivities, which featured a live band, lots of barbequed food, and delicious Odin’s Meade. A mosh-pit formed in the mess hall as the bands played metal music, and for about two minutes, if only two minutes, Heimbach joined the pit, running around in the circle and thumping into the other guys in an awesome display of solidarity and entertainment.

In conclusion, “Camp Comradery 2015” was part conference with a set of speakers, and part youth group meetings with games, food, and fun. It might have been “uncouth” in the eyes of a bourgeoisie type, but tell that to the kids. The dream is a White ethnostate in North America, and that means a nation of White families with married men, women, and their children. Any event which features those kind of families is a good event indeed.

Special thanks to the organizers for their hospitality, solidarity, and unity! See you at “Camp Comradery 2016”

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