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Remembering Golden Dawn Martyrs

Chrysi Avyi, Greece’s Golden Dawn, is a nationalist movement and party in Greece. They inspire nationalists throughout the world to act on our own behalf, as they have done. We owe them a great debt, in that Golden Dawn has showed us that what is possible in our own countries.

The Golden Dawn is a true force for the Greek people. Their offices double as relief centers, places where real Greeks can go for help.

On November 1st, at one of these offices, in a suburb of Athens, Marxist terrorists opened fire on a crowd of people, killing two members of the Golden Dawn and wounding a third.

Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis were killed, Alexandros Gerondas surviving with injuries.

The Golden Dawn has become a shining light to nationalists throughout the world. Their achievements are inspiring a generation.

While the darkest hour must come before morning, the Golden Dawn has provided a ray of hope, a distant glimmer of what is possible for each of our countries. Those who fight in Greece are heroes to the world. Achievements made in Greece are felt as victories by Europeans everywhere.

We honor the dead of the Golden Dawn!

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