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SPLC Apologizes To Dr. Ben Carson For Putting Him On Its ‘Extremist’ List

An article in Daily Caller reports that retired neurosurgeon and possible 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson isn’t an anti-gay extremist after all, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ben Carson at CPAC“Under intense scrutiny after it was revealed that the civil rights organization had lumped Carson in with the likes of KKK members and other zealots on its “extremist watch list,” the SPLC announced on Wednesday that it was scrubbing Carson’s name.

The group also issued Carson an apology.

The SPLC placed Carson on the list in October, but the designation was not widely noticed until last week when it was flagged by the blog Legal Insurrection

The Southern Poverty Law Center ceased long ago to be a neutral source of information.

As we have documented over the past years, SPLC has used the credibility it earned decades ago fighting the Klan to turn itself not only into a huge money-raising machine, but also to poison the political process:

SPLC’s “Extremist” watch lists are particularly notorious, and in some cases blatantly political.

Most of the people on the list are on it without much controversy, including Klan and neo-Nazi figures. But several critics of political Islam are on the list, as was Rand Paul in 2011 (accused of Electoral Extremism).

Landing on SPLC’s Extremist list can be politically deadly, and also deadly in the real sense. The Family Research Council made the list because of its position on same-sex marriage, inspiring Floyd Lee Corkins to go on a murderous shooting spree at FRC headquarters.

Yesterday I noticed a name I was surprised to see on the list: Ben Carson, listed as “anti-LGBT.”

Carson’s sin, according to the SPLC, were statements he’s made in public venues such as “Marriage is between a man and a woman; It’s a well-established pillar of society.”

He has also expressed concern that legalizing gay marriage will lead down a “slippery slope” in which polygamy will be allowed.

While some of Carson’s comments have attracted attention — including his comparison between the current U.S. regime to Nazi Germany — few onlookers have considered him an extremist.

In its statement announcing the reversal, the SPLC said that Carson’s positions did not meet the criteria necessary for its extremist designation.

“In October 2014, we posted an “Extremist File” of Dr. Ben Carson. This week, as we’ve come under intense criticism for doing so, we’ve reviewed our profile and have concluded that it did not meet our standards, so we have taken it down and apologize to Dr. Carson for having posted it,” SPLC’s statement reads. (RELATED: Southern Poverty Law Center Places Ben Carson On Its ‘Extremist Watch List’)

Though the group lauded Carson for his “contributions to medicine and philanthropic work” in its statement, the SPLC still included a list of comments Carson has made which it still maintains are extreme.

“We’ve also come to the conclusion that the question of whether a better-researched profile of Dr. Carson should or should not be included in our “Extremist Files” is taking attention from the fact that Dr. Carson has, in fact, made a number of statements that express views that we believe most people would conclude are extreme,” SPLC’s statement reads.”

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  1. “Extremism” is in the eye of the beholder. For example, the "'Southern Poverty Law Center" is dedicated to the genocide of the White race and to the destruction of the United States as an extension of European civilization. Genocide and ethnic cleansing are extremist, hateful policies; therefore, by its own criteria, the “Southern Poverty Law Center” is an extremist, hateful organization, and should put itself on its own watch-list. And notice how the very name of the SPLC conceals its real agenda:

    “Southern” – this is to create an association with the ‘evil’ Confederacy, along with Jim Crow, etc.;

    “Poverty” – this is to dupe the casual observer that the SPLC is fighting for the poor, particularly poor ‘southern’; non-Whites;

    “Law” – of course, this is to imply that the SPLC is a legal entity, with all the legitimacy this suggests. But in actuality, the “Southern Poverty Lie Center” is nothing but a Cultural Marxist club, part of a global ZOG network that works 24/7/365 against the best interests of Whites.

    • American3P says:

      The SPLC portrays any concern for White issues as a pathology that should be opposed.

      The former direct-mail Cookbook marketers have crafted a product to raise funds against.