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SPLC Lists White Lives Matter as Hate Group, But Not BLM

The Southern Poverty Law Center will be listing the White Lives Matter movement, but not the Black Lives Matter movement, as a hate group on its upcoming “Hate Map.”

BLM Not A Hate Group

Heidi Beirich, the director of the SPLC’s Intelligence Report, told White Lives Matter will be included on the new Hate Map because it’s a “flat-out white supremacist group.”

“The ideology behind it, the racist leaders, everything about it is racist,” Beirich explained. In fact any expression of heritage and identity by European peoples is racist. This is nothing new. Don’t expect fat Heidi or the SPLC to accept any concern by white people of issues affecting them to be accepted. The SPLC are cook book salesmen selling hate.

Despite the long history of Black Lives Matter protesters threatening whites, blocking highways, and destroying property, or shooting 11 police officers, the group has yet to be included on the list of hate groups.

In his laughable piece titled, “Black Lives Matter Is Not a Hate Group,” SPLC president Richard Cohen argues Black Lives matter is not a hate group.

Cohen claims Black Lives Matter isn’t a hate group because it some white people have also joined in on the marching and rioting.

While conceding that there is some violent rhetoric coming from Black Lives Matter members, Cohen argues the entire movement cannot be criticized because of a few bad apples.

However, SPLC’s condemnation of White Lives Matter comes because of the actions of a select few.

In her justification of why White Lives Matter will be included on the new Hate Map, Beirich cites one specific person: Rebecca Barnette. According to Beirich, Barnette is the leader of a supposed White Lives Matter chapter.

SPLC’s Intelligence Report writes, “Barnette says that Jews and Muslims have formed an alliance ‘to commit genocide of epic proportions’ of the white race. Now is the time, she adds in the same post, for “the blood of our enemies [to] soak our soil to form new mortar to rebuild our landmasses.”

Beirich also points to a handful of White Lives Matter supporters using white supremacist slogans and waving the Confederate flag (which is apparently also white supremacist).

So, while the entire White Lives Movement is considered a “hate group” because of the nonviolent actions of a few people, actual racially-motivated violence perpetrated by Black Lives Matter members isn’t enough to warrant the group being considered a hate group — because, well, some white people like to join in and sing “Kumbaya.” Or, rather, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon!”

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